Thursday, May 9, 2013


The response to my headline will be one of the same old meaningless cliches - "you must vote to have a voice" "if you don't vote you cannot complain."

If we keep on voting for the same old recycled trash, then we will end up with trash.It just blows my mind that we may be on the verge of losing our airport, or having to raise taxes to fund it, and not a candidate sees the airport an issue.

These recycled trash see as the big issues the smoking ban, and plastic bag ban.  Every smoker I know still goes to the bars and do not complain about the smoking ban.  In fact one person I know says he smokes less because he is no longer in a room filled with smoke which only makes you want to smoke more.

Here is a piece of information you will never read in the Herald about the plastic bag ban.  The city dump was regularly having to pay fines for all of the blowing bags.  The city dump actually makes money for the city.  It supplies revenue to the city without taxation.  While it is true the city accepts trash from other surrounding cities, hence its profit, the plastic bag problem and fines is still a problem, but much smaller. 

How a city is to grow when all it can do is produce recycled trash as candidates without one single idea for growth or understand the importance of the airport to our community is beyond me.

So here is the scoop - if you do vote - you are sending a message - you accept failure - you accept recycled trash as your only option.

Send a real message of democracy - either stay home - or vote a blank ballot.


Anonymous said...

Staying home keeps the same "trash", in office, I do not get it, and by the same token, if you do not vote, then you should not complain so i miss your point completely since this blog exposes the wrongs of the people we elect.

BobbyWC said...

With every election the quality of candidates gets worse - until we as a community send a message to the community at large that we will no longer participate in this mess, no highly qualified candidates will run.

Highly qualified candidates need to know we will support them - we do this by rejecting the recycled trash.

No matter how this election turns out Brownsville will not be the better

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Anonymous said...

i disagree. the problem is that no one votes. our overall numbers are always dismal. so when you tell everyone to stay makes me think that they already are staying home, and have been for decades. the change will come from more participation, not less.

Anonymous said...

How can uneducated people make an informed vote. CC residents vote for a free chicken plate or for corrupt politicians that will fix tickets, fix cases, etc, etc. I agree that the choices over the last 12 years have been dismal at best. Remember when......Brownsville was the "bomb" people would drive down to go to Amigoland and then even Sunrise Mall. They would come party at Genesis, Cowboys, Studio IV. McAllen got Othal Brand and we got idiots that have relegated to having a lower early voting total than the only more backwards city in the valley than Brownsville....Harlingen.
Hopefully the federal clean up will be the first step to clean elctions with a fair justice system. However, if people still follow candidates with no vision (this is all we have) we shall go nowhere. Try carrying on an intelligent conversation that stays on point about an issue with any of these simpletons and even a layman will be shocked.
Geographically we should be a little San Diego. But....we're the armpit of the U.S

BobbyWC said...

You are correct - after the Villalobos trial - assuming I survive two weeks sitting in court, I will be moving in the direction of why McAllen and Hidalgo county are moving foward and Cameron county is going nowhere

Bobby WC