Thursday, May 2, 2013


Since the Republicans started their constructive coup d'etat against President Bill Clinton, meaningful change has come to an end.  There are a few examples of cities moving forward.  In these  cities you have strong leaders willing to look the obstructionists in the face and push them aside.  We've seen this in NYC, San Antonio, and in fact in the state of New Jersey.  Chris Christie may be a Republican, but his reputation for getting things done could make him the best Republican choice for the White House come 2016.  In each case we sort of have a Peter the Great mentality.  If they will not follow voluntarily, you pull them forward by their beards.

Brownsville or Cameron County cannot seem to find a Peter the Great leader.  We just move along on a slow a path to no where.  It boggles my mind the FAA was just prepared to shut down our airport as a shack in the middle on nowhere fronted by a bombed out road, and not a city commissioner, the mayor, or any candidate sees the airport as an issue.

The only people claiming the election of Letty, Uresti, and Sarkis will bring change have been paid or are devoid of any understanding of how government works.  Support for Sarkis is so bizarre I cannot imagine how it is possible.  He has been sued for not paying his taxes and has filed for bankruptcy.  It's like the residents of Bedlam are endorsing  candidates.  In a way I want all three to lose because it will send a message - and endorsement by the BUC is a death nail for any political candidate.  This would be good for Brownsville.  Even small victories are victories.

But regardless, it takes money to run a city.  Villarreal and Gowen both lack any insight in how to raise revenue or run a government - so their continued presence on the city commission will fix nothing, but that fact does not mean Letty, Uresti and Sarkis who all suffer from extreme ignorance and personal mismanagement of their own finances are going to be any better.  In fact all three may turn Brownsville into a new reality series of "The Three Stooges of Brownsville."  Now the title is a bit unfair to Uresti - he does have a good reputation in terms of bringing to light and fixing some problems in his immediate community.  But he has zero competency when it comes to government management.

Highly qualified people do not want to taint their names by being part of any elective body. Sometimes I would watch Troiani at the COB meetings and you could see in his face - "Why am I doing this to myself?"  At the time he may have been the only intelligent person in the room.  Think about this, you are an intelligent person who can move the city forward, do you really want to kill yourself trying to work with Letty, Uresti, Sarkis, Tetreau, Vasquez, Villarreal, Gowen, or Longoria.

It may be time to limit the power of city  commissions to the hiring of a professional staff and nothing more.  We would then need strong laws which making firing these staff members without cause.  We would also need strong state laws which spell out in clear terms the minimum requirements for the job.

One only need to look to Washington to see Democracy as we know it has outlived its usefulness.  Yes, with a real leader in the White House we could fix the filibuster problem in the Senate, and a majority of the majority in the House, but Obama will go down in history of being weak in terms of dealing with Congress.  They walk all over him every day and he remains a  feckless leader.  You know I could vote for  Chris Christie because he would take no prisoners.  Congress would not know what hit them.


We do not have the money to send another manned mission to the moon - our government is broke - Without  financing $16 trillion dollars in debt to be paid by our great grandchildren, where would the US be today?  We would be a failed State.  Corporate welfare is all the proof anyone needs to understand capitalism no longer works.  Our economy collapsed a long time ago.

I would love to say Bill Clinton not only balanced the budget, but also ran a surplus - but that statement would be out of context of the real picture.  The real picture is during the Clinton years the American people did not advance - the people went on a credit card buying spree.  They refinanced their mortgages over and over again until they could no longer make the payments. 

Our economy failed a long time ago.  Everything is artificial or on credit.  We are not some great consumer economy based on the greatness of capitalism.  We are a nation of extreme debt.  The concept of debt being okay has made us selfish and given us a sense of entitlement.  If the US and its people had to live within their means, we would be a second world country - even possibly a third world country.


We have to rethink capitalism and democracy.  Every socio-economic-political system has come to an end to be replaced with something better.  The problem we have is, even if the US had the great minds to debate these issues, the dumb down news organizations would never allow for such a discussion.  They prefer journalist too stupid to be able to even google the true population of a city.

As of July 2011, Brownsville's population was just shy of 180,000

When Gilberto Hinojosa was running for State Chair of the Democratic Party I spoke with the State editor at the Austin American Statesman.  She was unaware Hinojosa was thrown out of office in Cameron county to be replaced by a Republican.  When I asked why no research was done on Gilberto Hinojosa she was indignant - research?  It is sad, with a plethora of information on the Internet to help reporters, journalist are actually reporting less based on facts and research. 

The Fourth Estate has failed this country.  I do not care if it is the Brownsville Herald or the Austin American Statesman - competence is not an option and real journalist have no place at the table.


Anonymous said...

Very well said with the exception of blaming Clinton for the credit debacle. He did leave "Larry the cable guy Bush" a surplus. I wish we could use common sense in regards to not only our constitution but politics in general. Ever since FDR and not allowing a president to run more than twice; along with the filibuster we as a country became doomed to partisan politics. It's sooo partisan now because we have a black president. I'd vote for Christie as well, just because Republicans will not work with any person that is not a republican. As a country we should be ashamed of our elected officials for not passing background checks when they had the opportunity. Assault weapons belong with the military.
Here's the 2nd amendment for those who have never read it
"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
The 2nd amendment was written for a citizen militia against an invading force in the case that they had to take up arms for self preservation. We have the strongest military in the world! This amendment is at the very least partially obsolete. However, because we do not know how to use common sense, nobody has the gumption to touch it.
The "mordida" (bribe) mentality we have in Brownsville is IMO our largest problem right behind an unbelievable lack of qualified leadership

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the long post. I had to vent and feel much better now!

BobbyWC said...

Venting is what I do - it is good - vent all you want - I am not blaming Clinton for the decision of the American people to go into unmanageable personal debt - I am saying it started under him and that out of control spending by the people helped in the end to balance the budget

the people are responsible for their own bad decisions

Bobby wc