Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The lunch break is a rush for me because I want to eat, but I also still have to conduct business. I continue conducting business when I get home.

Welcome to the tons of new readers of the BV.  The BV is more than just the Villalobos trial.  Once the Villalobos trial is  done, the BV will be detailing for its new readers all of the contract rigging and corruption at BISD, along with new stories.  The BV's readership has more than doubled.

I want to say thank you to all of the attorneys and elected officials who have called or texted me to say thank you for the coverage. 

Those of you who care little for facts or reality or have petty scores to settle love to say blogging is free.  It has never been free for the BV.  My bill for federal records is a bill.  My bill for the Secretary of State searches is a bill.  My bill for open records requests or court files are bills.  This trial is costing me $800 out of pocket.  TMobile wanted a two year contract - plus the device. 

The BV takes pride in never taking money or allowing anyone to so much as leave my part of the tip.  Elected officials or their staff who have been to lunch with me know just how serious I am about the money issue.

 I have not yet decided if I will take it, but some attorneys have offered to defer the BV's cost of covering the trial.  The problem is, people will say I am rejecting their anony comments because attorney so and so helped to pay for the Internet cost.  This is false.  I reject all defamatory statements which lack evidence.  I would just be continuing my same policy.

The BV is not a contrived story to fit a specific amount of space in a newspaper.  Journalists write stories to meet editor expectations.  I do not care if it is the Herald or the NYT's true journalism died a long time ago.  There are a lot of reporters if given a free hand would act like true journalists - but they are bound by editors who know nothing about journalism.  I am certain the Herald has reporters who could deliver kick your ass stories if allowed. 

The BV's intent is not to write a simple story to give a rise to those who look for shock value like you would see in the National Enquirer of New York Post.  The BV is after giving the people of Brownsville the courtroom experience.

Trust me when you are feeling like it is being too drawn out, that is what I and the jury are experiencing.  But the verdict comes from this.  The people should be able to trust the verdict because they are experiencing the same highs and lows as the jury.  Trust me a root canal without numbing medicine would have been less painful than watching Androphy cross examine Livingston's attorney.  His goal was to make Gladden look incompetent and then blame him for Villalobos' mistakes.  The jury did not buy it.  It was painful to watch. 

My readers will have the full experience.  People do not trust the courts because they watch TV and only get snippets from the print media.  At the BV they are reading the full process. 

I am not giving two weeks of my life to report snippets and quick phrases to catch any one's attention.

A woman was in court today and asked me if I was the one reporting.  I said yes.  She said she loved it and had to be in court today to watch part of it.  She watched until lunch and then went home to read it on line.

Some people need quick fixes of incomplete information.  This is American journalism today.  This is why so many papers have failed and more fail all of the time.  Real people in search of facts want all the details - the good stuff and the boring stuff.

I cannot get into what I have learned in court about the impact of the BV - but I am pleased.  My words are being trusted.

A review of my readers is showing hotels all over the state, country and in different countries.  This tells me people from the area are reading the trial from their hotel rooms.

The number of federal and state agencies signing on is amazing.

Knowing what I learned in court today made the $800 investment well worth it.

I am pleased. 

Tomorrow we start we Oscar de la Fuente - that should be good.  I will try and highlight in red again things I think will interest the readers who want it on the short.  I am trying to please all of my readers while sticking to my goal - giving Brownsville the live courtroom experience just like the jury is experiencing it.


Anonymous said...

Great job! You should write a novel about the goings on of this intriging story......It would certainly be a best seller.

Thank you.

BobbyWC said...

I am beyond exhausted - I am working - I am remodelling my livingroom for a friend to rent as a studio apartment - I have a huge family room - I never use the living room. I need to finish reorganize the garage so he can use part of it as storage.

Poor Buster was stuck in the house for 12 hours - not an accident in the house - but boy was she ready to get out.

But based on the phone calls and what I heard in court today it is all worth it.

I could not be happier - thanks for the positive feedback

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! You're blogging has more detail than the twitter feeds. Not to knock the reporters, who I'm also following, but they're missing stuff that you're catching.

BobbyWC said...

I want to assure my readers Emma with the Herald and Daisy with ValleyCentral are tweeting away like nuts - I have not read their tweets but I am sitting there watching them type none stop - in Emmas' case she is also taking handwritten notes - it is a lot of work - all three of us are working equally hard - serving different audiences.

On the print issue - any newspaper - not just the Herald has a space limitation - I am certain if Emma could write three full pages she would - but the nature of the beast does not allow for that - this is not her fault - same with TV news - the reporters are given 30-60 seconds - neither format allows for what I am doing.

Tweets are good for people who want a general sense - they work well for those readers.

My goal is to put you in the courtroom with the exciting and the boring just like the jury. I am also giving you the process

I loved I could comment on the court reporter and how she is keeping the attorneys in line - I have a lot of respect for Judge Hanen in giving her such power and great respect for the court reporter for not being afraid to use her power - in a respectful way

My readers are getting the full picture

This is my goal -

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I did it, I broke yesterday's record readership. At this rate I could easily triple my readership by weeks end.

Thanks guys

Please email everyone you know and tell them to check it out - if nothing else have them read the parts highlighed in red

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I hate to redundant, but GREEEAAAT JOB

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Amit is following? May not want to post and tell one of the agents that are probably already following far away readers