Friday, May 3, 2013



This is evolving fast.  The second photo is the actual arrest tonight of Pat Ahumada.  Valley Central is reporting both facilities raided, one in Brownville and one in Port Isabel are owned by Pat Ahumada.  I guess he was expecting a heads up from someone - he guessed wrong.

To say the least I am not happy with the lack of advance warning on this story.  I just got the press release for the press conference.  It will be at the courthouse tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Another source just contacted me and confirmed that  Pat Ahumada is in fact in jail.  I am getting a lot of emails right now.  The official story has to wait until the formal press conference.

Everything here is credited to the Herald.  Unlike Cheezemeh and other blogs, I do not take other people's stories without giving them credit.  The picture above is from an old Herald - all confirmed information is from the Herald. (Except above I just received a separate confirmation)  My initial info was from an anony post - but as my readers know I need to confirm.

The Herald is confirming more 8-Liner Raids this evening.  Someone I would have expected to be present during the raids was at a funeral with me at least until 7:30 - 8 p.m. - They kept it quiet.  We spoke briefly in a social setting and not a clue was let out.

More  tomorrow - I will try and attend the 9 am press conference.

The Herald is now  confirming the following:

"Law enforcement authorities tell the Herald Ahumada has been charged with keeping a gambling place. The Cameron County District Attorney's Office said it will release information on the raids on Saturday."

The Herald owns this story.  This was my original statement - Valley Central is reporting more.  I am sure the Herald will be reporting the shortly


Diego lee rot said...

this is crazy! i thought for sure he was protected. someone sure missed the boat on this one arresting our beloved ex mayor. i hope the mayor is ok ok and all this is straightened out asap.

Anonymous said...

Litigating sweepstake cases is not easy. There is actually a Texas sweepstakes law/provision. Cameron County has already lost in one such case involving sweepstakes. I am going to be busy for a few days but will forward the case BV for review on Sunday or Monday.

Anonymous said...

(i hope the mayor is ok ok and all this is straightened out asap.)

Dude, Ahumada was arrested by the Police Department he should have been in total/complete charge of. For DWI. Couldn't they (his own PD) have escorted him home? I mean, LOLOLOL!!!

BobbyWC said...

It blows my mind he held his own press conference - he seems to think by playing the people he can influence a jury to find him not guilty - it will not work this time - people can say what they want but reality and facts matter

Homeland Security is all over this - this is not some small town DA looking for headlines - this is Homeland Security trying to stop the influence of the drug cartels.

Pat is just stupid - he needs to shut up an allow the process to play out. But he will hang himself long before the trial

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(But he will hang himself long before the trial) He already had. Way before this latest incident,Bobby.

Anonymous said...

The cartel involvement is a media propaganda tool. The big boys don't want these places here anymore so that is what their mouthpiece (Saenz) is saying. If there was solid evidence involving cartels Saenz wouldn't be involved. The feds will get their way and all illegal 8 liners will be closed. Nobody wants problems with the feds!

jelly andrews said...

This is interesting. Thanks for sharing this information. But does this mean that we should expect more and more 8-liners are at risk for raids?

BobbyWC said...

When I drive around Brownsville they are all shut down - but if one tries to run it illegally they will be shut down.

Bobby WC