Monday, May 20, 2013


From the BISD Agenda for Tuesday:

"76. Consultation with attorney regarding confidential and privileged matters. a. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding individual Board Member(s) directing Board Counsel to contact outside attorney to review Healthsmart Insurance legal documents without Board action as per Policy BBE (Local) & (Legal). (Board Member Request – LL)

For my new readers, after the Villalobos trial I will be getting into this. But Luci Longoria, Cristina Saavedra. Presas-Garcia and Enrique Escobedo all voted to non-suit a $14.3 million dollar lawsuit against Ted Parker and Healthsmart.

All 4 have been tied financially to Ted Parker and Healthsmart. When they voted to dismiss the lawsuit, law firms were lined up to represent BISD for free unless they recovered the money. All four trustees are tied to a convicted felon out of Dallas by the name of Carlos Quintanilla.

He worked with Ted Parker to do the same thing in Lubbock by controlling the city commission. Because the Lubbock newspaper did not declare a news black out like the Brownsville Herald the city of Lubbock got nearly $5 million dollars. After the Villalobos trial is over I will revisit all of this for my new readers.

I will also be visiting with DA Saenz on the evidence.  It is my understanding the FBI has already interviewed numerous BISD employees and maybe one trustee.

The indictment of these trustees will be the next big Villalobos type trial.

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You are making serious allegations, you better watch yor mouth.