Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today is jury selection day in the Villalobos.  Court  documents show the attorneys submitted their proposed questions to Judge Hanen.  Judge Hanen will make a final list and conduct the questioning.

If I am going to spend 2 weeks in court covering the trial I have to get a lot of work done before May 13th when the trial begins.  I decided to not cover jury selection.  The direction of the trial will be defined during opening statements.  I hope Judge Hanen limits the attorneys to 30 minutes each - opening statements tend to bore juries and tie attorneys to arguments which they may end up not using.  Attorneys think they are impressing the jury with their opening statements, but they are not - they are boring the jury and in fact forming impressions with select jury members which in the end could hurt their client.


This morning I will vote.  I only get to vote in the At Large election.  I will vote a blank ballot.  Uresti may be very effective in helping his community but he has zero understanding of taxes, budgets, and revenues.  His presence of the commission would actually obstruct Brownsville moving forward.  A strong dislike for Gowen is not a basis for voting for someone who could actually cause further damage to Brownsville.  Uresti fails to understand he can get more done for his immediate community by doing what he is already doing than being a commissioner.  He seems to think the city's bank account is endless and that taxes are not needed to run the city.  This is a very dangerous combinations of beliefs.

Gowen is just a  failure at  every level.


None of the candidates are talking about a water policy or, creating an economic engine to move Brownsville forward.  The FAA just declared our airport unimportant and was prepared to shut it down and not one candidate has raised the issue.  Our city commission is a joke and will remain a joke for at least another two years.   By then money might not be so cheap to raise money through bonds.  This morning it is being reported Apple is borrowing billions even though it has billions - why?  - money is cheap to borrow.  It blows my mind just how poorly educated Tony Martinez really is - he cannot see how close we came to losing our airport.  With a major crisis declared as to water Tony Martinez cannot see we need a water policy.  It is beyond surreal.

When I read the names of the donors to the Portillo campaign I was mad.  Many of the donors have met with me asking - how do we get rid of Tony Martinez?  We have discussed moving the city forward without the city commission.  The people are cowards - they then  turn around and donate to Tony's puppet.  The Brownsville business community gets what it deserves - nothing.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you say recently you would vote for Uresti as a protest vote?

BobbyWC said...

You are correct, but I really thought about it, and then heard his ideas about Brownsville's Space Needled and just could not do it.

Interesting though - other than a Portillo sign holder there were no sign holders at the Central Library at 9:30 am

Also I always love the look on the workers faces when I vote a blank ballot.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

speaking of issues, is anyone thinking about that accident that happened last friday on the expressway? one crash, and the northbound expressway is completley shut down, frontage roads and all. hopefully something like this doesn't happen during a hurricane evacuation. from alton gloor to fm 511, there are no thru side streets. even beyond fm511, there is only one other way out of this place on fm803. we need more roads out of here.