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No matter what I say or how I say it I will be misquoted.  The verdict is good - basically.  I would not be surprised if Judge Hanen throws out one or two of the guilty counts.  What I am about to say does not make okay or excuse anything Villalobos did.  Nothing excuses his conduct.

When you take a naive kid and put him into the real world things happen.  In Dallas he worked for a very unethical lawyer.  He saw how the State Bar protected the lawyer.  He saw how the rules meant nothing.  When a young lawyer sees how the State Bar protects millionaire lawyers - what are they to think?  The rules do not matter.

In this mandamus which I won the plaintiff's lawyer is Windle Turley.  He is the one who tried to steal the whistle blowers documents through deception to use as a bargaining chip in getting the Dallas Diocese to settle the case after a $119 million judgment.

I  do not know if Villalobos was with Windle Turley at this time, or how long he was with Windle Turley. 

People seem  to think you graduate law school and get hired right away for $100,000.  This is a myth.  The majority of law school graduates never find jobs or work only for a while with a low paying firm to eventually go out on their own.  Those earning the big bucks are really not earning big bucks.  They must work 80 hours a week.  Getting $150,000 a year for 80 hours is really working two jobs for $75,000 each.

Hustling clients is no easy task.  Most new lawyers hang out in the court house looking for court appointments. In time friends and family might find you some cases.  It is a slow difficult process.


His association with Limas certainly  did not send him in the right direction. Limas has no remorse whatsoever.  He really needs to go to jail for a very, very long time.

Again Villalobos sees how little the rules matter.


I want to be clear - when Villalobos took over the county could have had his staff working out of out houses in the parking lot, and his conduct still would have been bad and justified his conviction.  To be clear people, I  do expect one or two counts to be dismissed by Judge Hanen.  His conviction is anything but final.


Ronald Reagan got the American people, and rightfully so, to agree to fiscal conservatism.  But it has reached the point that fiscal conservatism in some cases is doing more harm than good.

When I see Letty Garzoria and Robert Uresti before the city commission complaining there are not enough city services and the taxes are too high - I  see the problem with our community - people with no knowledge of reality speaking.

Government costs money - to pay for government you must tax.  It is that simple.  You cannot have a functioning DA's office with 60 people using one bathroom and ADA's sharing computers and  desks.  This situation was an indictment on Commissioners Court.

Cameron county did not have the money in their budget to fund the DA's office in a proper fashion.  They could have raised taxes, but that is a death nail to any political career and our Commissioners Court was not going to raise taxes to fund the DA's office.

Villalobos learned early on he could use forfeiture money to fund his office.  He actually used the money to make many very important changes.   When the DA's moved over to the Administration building he was able to use forfeiture money to remodel the space and provide for a better and more effective DA's office.

But then came the reality of some bad forfeiture cases.  He needed the money for his office.  He knew Oscar de la Fuente would turn a blind eye to bad cases if he could make money on it.  Villalobos saw giving up some of the money to keep the majority as better than losing it all on a bad search warrant.  So he cut deals.  It is the greater good argument.  I never buy it.

It became easy for Villalobos to cut deals.  Oscar de la Fuente presented an interesting problem for Villalobos.  By Villalobos own testimony - without Oscar de la Fuente he could not win election.  It was simple - do your best to please Oscar de la Fuente if you want to win election.

To be frank with my readers I think the thin evidence Judge Hanen was talking about is the money orders.  The DOJ never really found the money, to the extent Villalobos took any.  The money could be in a safe deposit box or safe - who knows. 

So now we have a situation wherein Villalobos is using bad forfeiture cases and a corrupt lawyer to raise money for his office.  He begins to cut deals. 

I am not sure which direction his career would have gone in had his office been properly  funded.  I do think Oscar de la Fuente still would have gotten special deals - but because he controlled so much of the vote in San Benito.


It was common knowledge around the court house that Villalobos had become addicted to the forfeiture money.  Androphy and Colvin knew this when they were hired by James Dannebaum.  A million dollars for his office was big money.  Dannenbaum's attorneys in a legal fashion negotiated a settlement which Villalobos could not resist.  He needed the money for his office.  He had Carlos Masso on the Brownsville Navigation District to run cover for him.

No one disputes the forfeiture action was improperly filed.  The BND was not properly notified.  Masso along with Martin  Arambula turned a blind eye to this and allowed Villalobos to keep a million dollars which should have been used to pay down the bonds.  The only reason we still pay property taxes to the BND is to pay off the bonds.  Without those bonds, there would be no taxes.

The BV documented in the past that at the same time the DOJ did a forfeiture action and returned the money to the victim.  Villalobos kept the money.  Forfeiture money was his addiction.

His former law partner Eddie Lucio needed to make money.  He needed a second lawyer to help with the bad forfeiture cases.  He needed someone reliable.


If the agreement was done to defraud the people it is void.  There is nothing legally to prevent DA Saenz from reopening the Dannenbaum investigation


I will give you my bias up front about Korina - she is unethical and has no business in public service.  My long term readers remember the domestic abuse case which Saenz inherited from Villalobos.  It was actually only a couple of days old.  Korina made multiple mistakes in the case.  The domestic abuse office was so poorly organized that the AG intervened at my request and took over on that issue.  The victim asked for counselling and got nothing.

She was not kept informed about the case.  We would go to court and all Korina would do is say come back another time.

The week before the trial the victim was served with a subpoena to appear for trial.  This was a felony case because it was the second  time she was abused by the same man.  The victim was distraught all weekend because she did not want to testify, but knew she had to for herself and her daughter.  She suffered all weekend.  We got to court on Monday to learn there was no court.  Korina without consulting the victim did a plea bargain and never had the professional ethics to call the victim and tell her there was no need for her to appear in court.  She suffered all weekend long for nothing.

According to court documents Korina signed off on the plea bargain in the Livingston case.  She is the last person tied to the Livingston case still working for DA Saenz.  Given she was referenced in at least one  domestic abuse case which was dismissed under Villalobos, her part in the Livingston matter, and how she treated the above domestic abuse witness, why  does she have a job with DA Saenz?

Until DA Saenz fires her, he cannot claim to be serious about cleaning house.  It is that simple


I am proud on this issue because the AUSA told me they did not see this argument until they read my blog that night.  The next day they argued it.  The jury  considered it significant enough to ask for a special explanation as to its meaning.

They use to call me the mandamus king.  This in my mind is why I have always believed and still believe the deal was dirty.  ADA Rabb was there to handle appellate issues.  Any good appellate attorney knows the second Judge Limas ordered Livingston released he was to go on the record and ask for a stay of his ruling for 24 hours in order to file a mandamus.  Texas law is clear - anyone sentenced to more than 10 years in jail cannot self report.  Livingston received 23 years.

Rabb the appellate attorney never asked for the stay pending the mandamus or filed the mandamus.  The testimony that it can take months is a lie.  I have routinely gotten my stays the same day of filing - I have gotten stays in less than 30 minutes.  A mandamus is short- Legal argument is rarely more than a page an a half.  Within an hour of leaving Limas's  courtroom I could have had the mandamus electronically filed with the court of appeals.

I do not know about any kick backs to Villalobos, but the phone logs and the mandamus issue tells me Villalobos wanted that money released immediately to Eddie Lucio  hell or high water.  Mattingly in his original testimony never said an agreement was reached on the 12th - which is when the civil case was settled.  Only later did he say later that night he was told they had a plea agreement and he completed the paperwork on the evening of the 12th.  This was only after he had to explain how he wrote the agreement when in fact he was not even in the courtroom on the 13th when the proceedings began.  It was an "oh I forgot moment."

According to ADA Rabb DA Saenz' current Chief ADA Rene Gonzalez told him to not file the mandamus.  DA Saenz needs to call in Rene Gonzalez and ask him if this is true.  If it is - his firing should forthwith.

DA Saenz cannot say he is cleaning house so long as anyone tied to the Livingston case works in his office.  It is that simple.


Again, Commissioners Court could have had the DA's working out of out houses in the parking lot and Villalobos' conduct would still not have been justified. 

But we cannot fix the problem until we face up to the reality that Commissioner Court failed to properly fund the DA's office because they cared more about reelection than doing the right thing - in this case raising taxes.

Numbers are deceptive.  I do not care if Commissoners' Court increased  funding for the DA's office every year  for the last 20 years.  It is relative - when it is not enough it is still not enough.

We need to learn from this.  You do not underfund an office like the DA's office because you fear raising taxes.

In Villalobos case it was like allowing a drug addict into a pharmacy without supervision.  In this case Villalobos' addiction was the forfeiture money.

DA Saenz needs to review what is currently happening in these cases to insure this nonsense has ended.


Based on all of the testimony in the trial DA Saenz needs to open an immediate criminal investigation into County Court at Law 3 David Gonzalez.


If Commissioners Court will not pay for the trial transcript in the Villalobos case, then DA Saenz needs to use forfeiture money to pay  for it and then humiliate Commissioners court on the issue.


The US Supreme Court has actually stepped into this issue.

"We turn to the influence at issue in this case. Not every campaign contribution by a litigant or attorney creates a probability of bias that requires a judge’s recusal, but this is an exceptional case"

"We conclude that there is a serious risk of actual bias—based on objective and reasonable perceptions—when a person with a personal stake in a particular case had a significant and disproportionate influence in placing the judge on the case by raising funds or directing the judge’s election campaign when the case was pending or imminent. The inquiry centers on the contribution’s relative size in comparison to the total amount of money contributed to the campaign, the total amount spent in the election, and the apparent effect such contribution had on the outcome of the election."

Villalobos own testimony was he needed to keep Oscar de la Fuente happy if he wanted to get elected and reelected. 


Anonymous said...

Great story! Thanks for keeping us abreast of this important trial. I hope the other bloggers are ok in their trailers with all this rain and tornados we have been having.

Anonymous said...

Please. Tell us your thoughts on the hostage taking of livingston's father and 1 or 2 others. What law of this country allows this- ? The entire DA office and sheriff and judges went along.,he is an elderly physician. They Grabbed him at his work, he works in operation rooms in Chicago I think. Stayed in jail for days, eventually got bond.

It was so "third world ." It's an example of a legal,system that we call The Northern District Of Mexico.

Giving Livingston 60 days was perfectly normal to me, and explained as allowed by "valley law.."

Joel is an expensive and well known lawyer.

Do you have evidence that Dannenbaum paid Berg & Androphy firm for Villalobos defense ? Hush money? The firm had made some big money for Dannenbaum, and Androphy has no other connection to Villalobos.Good money, too. Berg & Androphy touted this case on their website before the trial even started.

BobbyWC said...

The question of who paid for his defense was being asked all of the time - no one knows - there is no proof Dannenbaum paid for it. But like the jury my readers can draw reasonable inferences.

DA Saenz needs to reopen the Dannenbaum investigation - but I am telling you - the Dannebaum deal was not included in the indictment accounts because of a decision made by FBI Director Mueller - this was a favor to a high profile Republican donor -

Remember Mueller was originally appointed for a 6 year term by George W. Bush

Bobby WC

Trey Garza said...

You are wrong about Korina Barraza. She is anything but corrupt. I have had my fights with her over the years in the courtroom, and I believe her to be nothing less than honorable.

Just because she was the third chair lawyer in the Livingston matter does not mean she did anything wrong. At that time she was a young, new and inexperienced attorney.

I feel for her that you have chosen to attack her in your article, you are wrong in that attack.

BobbyWC said...

So Trey am I lying about how she treated this victim of domestic abuse? - am I wrong that she failed to review the victim for problems which may have existed in her background - there was a problem and the defense was going to use it - that is how I found out about it - the problem was based 100% on the incompetence of the DA's under Villalobos and was easy the fix - there was a capias against her for something she never did - fixing it was easy.

The record proved she never did it and the DA had that record.

Obviously Trey you want to keep these type DA's around

I grew up in a world where you report wrongdoing - Korina did not - to be in felony court she was not that young - she had a duty to report the events to law enforcement

You obviously also believe the line DA's should remain quiet when they see wrong doing by the elected DA's

Brownsville now knows your standard - it is okay for ADA's to abuse victims of domestic abuse and remain silent when they see corruption within their office.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Trey, you did not help yourself with your post - but here is another issue - I never said Korina was corrupt - making up lies about what I said does not help Korina - incompetence and being unethical does not make you corrupt - it just makes you unfit to be an ADA

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If another party is paying Villalobo's legal bills there are tax consequences. When you have a third party paying a public officials legal bills, it is an outright conflict of interest at the least, if not worse.

Villalobos should of had a public defender. Just another example of how corrupt the system is.

BobbyWC said...

First of all there is no evidence anyone paid for his defense. Two at least since Jan. 1, 2013 - he has been a private citizen.

This is the next side of the story. Next week I will begin the process of checking with people who may know how I cannot find this information out.

In terms of any financial help given to him while still in office, that he would have to dislose - I will look into those reports and how long he has to amend them.

Bobby WC

Trey Garza said...


Let me amend my previous comment to change the word "corrupt" to "unethical". Korina is not unethical, i stand corrected. I would also strongly assert that she is not corrupt either.

Living and working in the trenches of the Cameron County courthouse is certainly not easy, especially the past eight years. If you are as experienced as you appear to be, then you would know that it is impossible for ADA's to please everyone. The defense lawyers and defendants hate them, the victims hate them, and if LJ Rabb is to be believed their own superiors and investigators hate them. Sounds like Korina is surviving in a pretty thankless job.

Korina has stuck it out for many years. she knows what she is doing as a prosecutor. I know from personal experience as she has made many of my "guilty" clients pay a steep price in jail time for domestic abuse.

I believe that Cameron County is among the lowest paying counties for assistant prosecutors in the state. We have a hard time attracting and keeping "good" prosecutors. The ones we do have are over worked. Luis Saenz has flat out told police forces that he does not want to prosecute class B misdemeanors that do not involve DWI or violence because he simply does not have the resources.

I believe that you are mistaking Korina's being overworked with what you have characterized as a lack of concern for a particular case. She is occasionally to aggressive against family violence offenders to a fault, but that does not mean she is unethical.

I am very impressed an pleased with your coverage of the trial, only pointing out this particular point because, you have always tried to be fair and in this case I strongly disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

Investigator Joe Lopez' name came up quite a bit and he's still with the DAs office. He's supposed to be Saenz' eyes and ears. He was also Villalobos' eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

(He really needs to go to jail for a very, very long time.) How much time do you think Limas will get, Bobby?

Anonymous said...

I still disagree with placing part of the blame on the CC commissioners court. If I take over a position that doesn't have enough funding, I go to the court and ask for more money. If that doesn't work, I let people go and figure out how to work with what I have available. Villalobos bloated the office by hiring buddies like when Abel Gomez lost his election. Villalobos office made at least $1,000,000 a year by selling 8 liner machines back to the owners. This is on top of the funding he already had. He was in it for the money and had no idea how to balance the DA check book. Gomez was hired when their wasn't even a position available.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know Trey, he represented me one occasion. He was not privy to the inside deals dealt out by Villalobos. Masso got all the 8 liner cases and had deals already cut with the DA. This pissed most of the other attorneys off. He would direct cases to his buddies including Eddie Lucio. It makes it hard to make a living when the DA is soft on certain cases with a specific lawyer as counsel. The word gets around and clients knew which attorneys to use for specific infraction. Trey was not one of those lawyers. I felt bad for him because he had to really fight when other attorneys already had deals worked out. Trey lost future clients because of this. I don't know about Korina, but I respect both your side and his.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and more lawyers suffered by Villalobos allowing bail bondsmen to work out MANY DWI cases. Very well known that when you retained one of these bondsmen they would blatently tell you that you didn't need a lawyer. For 5k they would make it disappear. I still cannot believe this didn't come up at trial.. It would be very easy to go through the DWI arrests, see how bonded them and if they retained a lawyer as well as if the case disappeared.

BobbyWC said...

Trey, you will note, in this post I made Commissioners court a big part of the problem over a lack of proper funding - I get that

But you were not in the few meeting which were had - she was rude and unprofessional every time.

This was not a question of a bad day - it is who she is

there are two type people - those who remain silent when they see game playing and those who speak - she remained silent - she wanted to keep her job.

I do not doubt finding highly qualified prosecutors is a challenge - this in part is on Commissioners court

When I was given the choice of remaining silent, about the Chief Pro Bono Attorney Darryl Jordon for the State Bar in the IOLTA litigation and his role in the attempt to void the $119 million dollar judgment against the Diocese, or going public I knew what they would do to me - I was fine with that

Korina would have remained quiet - go along to get along - that is how this happened. If this is who Saenz wants in his office that is his choice - but it tells the people he will keep a known ADA who remained silent and just went along.

She knew all of the lies made by Mattingly in the paper - she remained silent - an honorable person - an ethical person would have blown the whistle - not Korina - she kept silent and took her paychecks.

Not acceptable

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think everyone kept quiet! The fear of speaking up and loosing your job was a real factor under AV administration. I've never been in a position where I had to become a whistle-blower, so I don't know if how she felt. I've heard she is very difficult to deal with as well.
I think this is where the lack of using common sense and judgment, is the issue. Most ADAs don't give a rats ass about innocence or guilt. They are more concerned with their scorecard. This is another huge problem.

Anonymous said...

I use to work under the De leon adimistration and she did not resort to all these illegal activities to fund her office and she did fund it somehow. She did not have, unlike Villalobos, a load of high paid first assistants , administrator and investigator friends that inflated the costs.They did not do anything. I did not get along with Deleon but I always gave her kudos for being very ethical and she had less money to play with. So lack of money is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Bobby,thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and making it easy for us to understand.
You seem to understand the law because of your profession.

My question is: How come all these practicing attorneys make so many legal mistakes?

Some people criticize you but if I ever need a lawyer I will certainly ask for your imput.

I don't like the idea of you accepting money because I know that deep down you are chastising yourself. That is not like you.

Remember!!!!! No sacred cows!!!!

Have a blessed day and God love you.

Anonymous said...

You gained readership and some credibility by sticking to the facts of the trial and conviction of a bad attorney. You will lose both by falsely convicting a good attorney based upon a single experience with her.

BobbyWC said...

on the money issue, the BV is not free - the blogspot is free, but the mobile internet device is not free - I just got my Pacer bill for the quarter = I pay to access federal court filings - trust me it is anything but free - I pay to do research through the Secretary of State web page - I pay for the copies when I do an open records request.

I do not have a corporation paying for all of these things so I can do my work.

I still have to pay my bills - taking $800 to buy the Internet device when I have bills is not easy. I just spent about $3,000 on Keaton -

There are no sacred cows

In fact the attorney how gave some of the money - another person was a private company - the attorney has been on the bad receiving end of the BV. Montoya ran cover for him, while I asked the honest questions. When I heard this person was offering to help with the $800 in costs - I said yes because he knows I will not be influenced. I also think he learned his lesson

Sometimes it is not that anyone is doing anything wrong - quite often it is the appearance which gets people in trouble.

I think he knows this and learned his lesson.

The private company I never heard of. I have no idea who they are. I do know businesses all over Brownsville read the BV - I guess this person just wanted to help.

Trust me, $300 does nothing to defray the cost to the BV for this trial coverage.

So to be clear I was not paid one penny for my work - it was a donation to help pay for the mobile internet device

And for the record - all the other reporters were paid by corporations who have an interest in putting a spin on the story so as to get more readers or more viewers - it is the nature of the beast - no fault on the reporters.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Masso was given the Bridge to nowhere case by AV and had file in hand yet he did nothing with it and then through some miracle a few months later he got the job at BND ..what a coincidence ....I don't think so. He looked the other way and did what was best for himself .Also it is no secret his nephew Rick had more game rooms then any other in fact his nephew in addition to his own game rooms rented out his vast collection of 8 liners to others.He got robbed .he got charged and yet his tio Carlos knew nothing about it,( please...he is not mentally challenged he was running for DA ,and btw got a check from the nephew) how do you think AV got the idea to start selling the machines back?So here is a guy who did nothing with the evidence on the bridge which was his job ( unethical to say the least) and.Knew nothing about his nephew and the 8 liner money laundering scandal and he's at the port of entry ..somebody call homeland cuz this is a disaster waiting to happen,It's obvious we can not trust him to do the right thing so why in the hell would we leave at the port so Al Quada can make him a better deal and he can just look the other way again?

Anonymous said...

Korina has to go .you can not look the other way they are officers of the court they have a legal obligation.

BobbyWC said...

Masso never got a job at the port - you are mixing facts and painting a picture which may not be accurate

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

One I am not driven by a need for readers - it motivates me not - that would be a trapping -

Two it is not one experience - it is also what came out in trial.

She remained silent - yes Villalobos would have fired her for speaking - but I can assure you she would have had no problem finding an attorney to represented her against Villalobos

She took the easy path - not acceptable

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Another thing on Korina - it is always the same with you people - you demand accountability for everyone but the people you like

Life does not work that way - with so many people demanding their friends and family be exempt from accountability we end up with no one ever being held accountable.

This is how we got to where we are.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby,a google search of the port will show Masso as an administrator .It will also show that the port authority is BND.

BobbyWC said...

First and foremost - thanks for you how phrased your information - nice job

Until just now I did not know they use the word administrator to refer to the elected members of the board - he is an elected member of the board - just like a city commissioner or school board trustee

I think it is fair to say he will not win reelection.

This is not a job - he did not run for BND to help Villalobos conspire to get the Dannenbaum money

But I do believe Villalobos used his influence over Masso to get the BND to drop the lawsuit so that Villalobos could do the forfeiture - if there as nothing to the lawsuit such as Masso says - why then did Dannenbaum pay a million dollars from an unknown source?


Stupid we be not

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I cannot accept all of your comment - the end contains allegations of criminal conduct for which I have no proof - sorry - those kind of posts do not get through

you can leave it at this or repost this part of your comment

"Its a good question that the AUSA should look into because Androphly and Colvin did run interference for Dannebaum on the so-called Armando Villalobos truck-rail investigation? Dannebaum, Port board, certain elected officials and past port employees have to worry some with Armando Villalobos being convicted? AV has got to save his butt from doing over twenty years in prison? The question is, did Armando Villalobos use some of the kickback money to pay for Androhpyl and Colvin? How much money will AV have to pay in fines? What is going to be forfeited from AV?"

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I Wonder who asked him to run?

BobbyWC said...

If you are talking about Masso, it could be as simple as he wanted it on his resume in anticipation of some day running for DA.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I wasn't. I was referring DA Saenz

Anonymous said...

First off, you're openig the eyes of many people and the Judas'of the county will continue to wring their hands and pass the bowl. A content night of sleep is a welcomed commodity in certain professions.

Everyone knew where all of this was heading. Only a matter of time before the parasites bleed the host.

God Willing, this will all end and we can ALL move on. Our children and our future depend on our community to move forward.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Robret,

Hopefully we're only at the choirboy level. Many pupetmasters pulling the strings.

Everyone knows that to get to the root of a weed you have to dig a little deeper.

This didn't happen over night.

Who in the world would ever want to get into politics when the weight of the system deals the cards and you play them as best as you can?

Anonymous said...



no one in the county has ever even heard of him. If you want votes, you have to court......hmmm,

BobbyWC said...

Are you saying all of the pepole who voted for him as a San Benito ISD Trustee never heard of him?

Just asking

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby why you always protecting Masso? it seems he was the one that has paid you and in now paying your coverage to slam DA Saenz. You get offensive and protective of anyone questioning Masso. you should a little less protective of him so that people don't see how you are. I seriously doubt you will post this comment since you are very selective and insecure person and you only allow posts that praise you or don't question your intentions. Did Masso promise you a job?

BobbyWC said...

reality check = to say I am protecting Masso makes you look incredibly stupid - I worked against he election. I came up with the term "No Mas Masso"

Even in these posts - I said Masso ran cover for Villalobos on the Dannenbaum deal

Do you really think my readers are so stupid Zeke that you can post your nonsense and no one is going to realize it is all lies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Does Gilberto Hinojosa figure in on any of this?

Bobby has no sacred cows for those that are accusing him of running for cover for this one or that one!

You must be newbies because the loyal readers know he covers for on one and will call them out when they ---- up.

Have a blessed Memorial Day.

BobbyWC said...

In past proceedings and in trial when Gilberts name would come up - DOJ would move right over it - something is just not right there - I mean every time - you hear Gilbert and they move on as if nothing was said.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Of course they do.He is the head of the Democratic Party.Obama administration already has their hands full with scandals.I just can't figure out why the Republicans aren't all over this.......

BobbyWC said...

All I can think is the Republicans made sure Dannenbaum got a walk - so they decided to give a democrat a walk - namely Gilbert -

reality check - the show is run by Republican FBI Director Mueller, and Republican US Attorney Pittman - blame Obama all you want but the two key decision makers are Republicans

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I guess they need to scratch each others backs once in a while.Politics ....