Wednesday, May 15, 2013


When I make my sauce it normally lasts about a month or more - it all depends on how many people come for dinner off and on.  I freeze in individual bags enough for one meal.

I am tired.  Today an observer favorable to Villalobos came to me to say thank you for the coverage.  They said they appreciated the fairness and the work I am putting into allowing the community to see the entire picture.  Like I said - my goal is to give Brownsville the trial experience - not snippets.  If you cannot handle reading everything that is fine - but as a juror you have no choice.

Brownsville will form an opinion when it is done.  Thousands will form their opinion based on the BV's coverage.  I respect the limited space the print media provides its reporters. It is the nature of the beast.  I know it has to be frustrating for the reporters.  I feel sorry for the report at Valley Central - she types away like Emma endless tweets and then is given 60 seconds to summarize an entire day's testimony.  Emma to my amazement is tweeting and then taking hand written notes.

The BV's goal is to give the  community the courtroom experience.  The BV is doing that.  For people who just want the meaty stuff, I am doing a better job of highlighting in red.

But let me explain something, regardless of what I think of Mr. Villalobos, his freedom is on the line.  His mother is in court every day.  I am certain she is hurting.  The goal is justice - the jury will decide that. Justice does not  come from snippets of information, but the entire process of the trial.  the goal is justice and not to impress anyone.

As a community if all you know about this trial is what you read in the Herald then you cannot form a just opinion.  I do not fault Emma - it could be a NYT reporter and their print space would still be limited.  The problem is independent of any reporter.  The problem is the nature of the beast - limited space. 

I can assure everyone, Daisy with Valley Central, Emma with the Herald and myself - we are all working hard to keep up - there are times the testimony is very confusing.  The endless objections cause for the testimony to be missed. 

The BV's goal is to try and put its readers in the same position as the jurors.  This allows my readers to form a just opinion.  We are talking about a man's freedom here - not a need to sell papers or please anyone especially petty vindictive people who may have a score to settle with Villalobos, the DOJ or even me.

My readership is still growing - this is good.  I suspect fatigue will settle in by tomorrow and the number of people reading everything will begin to decrease.  Trust me the jury is already getting fatigued.  It is human. 

I suspect more and more people will just read my red highlights - which is good - I am trying to provide the entire story along with highlights for easy scanning.

Well off for the 10 laps and then dinner and then work.

Again a million thanks for all the new readers and all the phone calls from the community.

The BV will continue to do what it is doing because without a full picture - which includes the tedious moments, then the community cannot possibly understand the process.

Those who would prefer just snippets without an understanding of the process will remain ignorant - but ignorant is easier than getting through the tedious moments.  A trial is so much more than testimony - it is about process.  The process tells us if the result is just - not the testimony alone

I have said so many times - I never judge the result - I judge the process.  My readers are learning the process.


BobbyWC said...

Those 10 laps totally destressed me. Wow it was so so good. time for dinner and then work

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

very good work this week Bobby!

Chispas said...

Do not know if u are getting paid for the info you put out...but your style is not like a reporter, you make me feel like I am there, like a play by play at some sporting event...anyway, someone has to pay for the frozen there any address where I can mail in a couple of dollars for your your style of reporting?? Just trying to help.

Anonymous said...

After reading today's coverage it appears that the US Attorney has set up a scenario where any lawyer that Armando Villalobos calls as a rebuttal witness could easily be made to look corrupt.

BobbyWC said...

On the money - thanks but not thanks - the BV has a firm policy about money - never - although like I aready discussed there has been an offer to pay for the $800 this is costing me - when the trial is done I will make a decision.

I am still debating that offer

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the rebuttal question - it is a fair question so I approved it - but I am uncomfortable with it

ODLF gave his version - tomorrow he will be subject to cross examination - the bigger issue is - why would ODLF ask for a deal if he did nothing wrong? Androphy better be careful because by accusing ODLF of being corrupt he will be effectively implicating his client.

On any defense witnesses who are lawyers - I doubt any will be there unless it is to explain how things worked in his office - someone is going to call Mattingly -

mattingly always tried to make everyone believe the deal happened in chambers - what we now know is they discussed in chambers their intent of a deal, but there is a real transcript of the actual prove up - no one objected.

Also the Rule 11 agreement to settle for the money was filed the day before - so this deal was done early Monday - not Monday night

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was very skeptical Sunday night when I read that you were going to be posting information on the Villalobos trial. So when I got home from the trial on Monday, I looked it up. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the information and the experience of being there. Great job Bobby!