Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In 2009, there were 4808 votes in the at large race.  Gowen and Ayala made it to the run-offs.  In the past early voting accounted for 60% of the vote.  If this holds this election will see fewer voters than in 2009.

People just do not see hope in voting.  Also, I am quite amazed by how many people noticed that Judge Hanen set the Villalobos trial for the Monday after the election.  Who knows, it is probably 100% coincidental.  We shall see what testimony comes out at trial. 


I got in just as they were adjourning the meeting - can anyone give me a run down on Healthsmart.


BobbyWC said...

Healthsmart looking for future at the BV

"Irving, Texas, United StatesIP Address:Healthsmart Holdings ("

It does not matter whether Ted Parker currently owns Healthsmart - there are two components - the money side and the criminal side.

Also, when companies are bought and sold the contracts includes provisions for who is liable for lawsuits which originated before the purchase.

Ted Parker is anything but out of this - he will be ponying up a chunk of change one way or the other

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I turned back to it as they were finnishing and I am sure they said no action on both Montoya and Health Smart. They did change back to the old way of putting items on the agenda. They did not even discuss adding more time. CPG kept talking when the people she had added to the agenda were presenting limiting their time. Then she would ask for more time which EE gave her sometimes. She was really trying to look good but as usual she just looked stupid.

Anonymous said...

Okay, idiot you can now put down your hand.