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The Texas legislature is run by lawyers. So it should be no surprise they are endlessly creating systems which benefit lawyers without any regard for the inherent conflicts of interests within the systems they are creating.


I have not forgotten PINK APE and all of the BISD mess.  I am working on it.  It is turning into a blood bath.  I am getting information from all sides.  Several trustees have expressed their outrage that Carl Montoya allowed this to happen.  I know for a fact there are three trustees ready to terminate his contract. Negotiations to get a fourth are underway.

The DOJ just approved the TEA's take over of El Paso ISD.  The smart trustees know they better clean this mess up and find a fall guy, before it reaches the point of a TEA take over.  Once that happens, contract rigging comes to an end for everyone.   Someone might remember that as they debate whether or not it is time to terminate Montoya for cause.

I can tell you High level administrators are at their limits with Montoya.  They are done being slaves to Presas-Garcia and Longoria.  One source has informed me a complaint has been filed over allowing Rodrigo Moreno to make money as a consultant while escorting one of clients through BISD to look at BISD's technology operations.  A lot of BISD man power was misused to allow a private friend of Presas-Garcia and Longoria to make money while forcing BISD employees to act as the escorts.


Nothing can be said - it is all a joke.  People - all Tony has to do is win 2 of the three seats and he continues his majority.  The odds are on his side, given 2 are incumbents.  Gowen such as Portillo have the blind Latina advantage in terms of votes.   But the reality is, after watching the opening statements of all the candidates who showed up at the UTB forum, can anyone honestly say there is a hope in hell any of these people will bring meaningful change to Brownsville?  Some are better than others, but none of them showed a capacity to lead or bring forth issues and ideas which equate to change.

Letty took the Presas-Garcia approach - ignore the rules, be rude, and interrupt.   I get people dislike Tony Martinez - It was the BV which broke the story of Tony's law partner representing the owner of the building the COB bought.  I am no supporter of Tony's.  But that is not enough.  Letty by her own words is paranoid.  She seems to think rules do not matter.  Can anyone honestly say she will serve Brownsville?  No

I am glad I voted a blank ballot.

Finally, anyone saying there are jobs coming through a VA hospital is a Sara Palin twin.  They fail to read the papers or live in reality.  There is no money.  It is not even being discussed at any serious level at the federal level. 

The VA Harlingen is tight on money.  Doctors are being forced to change the patient's medicine because the VA is taking their medicine off the list of approved medicines.  Procedures are not getting done because the VA clinic cannot hold specialists.  The clinic is understaffed and  run by the most incompetent administrators the VA could find. 

My doctor has recommended I start walking with a cane.  I fall almost every day.  I have been seen by a specialist.  The injections did not work.  The specialist is so overwhelmed he cannot respond to my secure messaging that the injections did not work, or to provide me the results of the latest x-rays.  He needs to refer me for measuring for a cane.  I will only use the VA issued cane until the one I want is received in the mail.  If I am going to have to use a cane it is going to be classy.  My point is, if the current clinic is so underfunded and the doctors are so overworked that a veteran just has to keep on falling down until they break their hip before treatment is provided, where in hell do they expect to get the money for a hospital?

Spending millions to build a hospital when there is no money for treatment or medicines, is a sin.  But political candidates like Sara Palin and her twins running for the Brownsville City Commission do not  read papers or understand budgets - they just promise things which will never happen.

Best case scenario for a VA hospital is 10 years.  First, Texas has to create a medical school.  Then the VA needs to negotiate a deal with the medical school.  Congress has to approve the funding.  Studies  have to be done on the land where they intend to build the hospital - and all of this has to happen before one job is seen.  The worse part is, at the VA level it is not even under consideration.


Above is a partial list of Bonds guaranteed by attorneys.

Here are the names of the Cameron County Bail Bond Board; County Clerk Joe Rivera, County Judge Carlos Cascos, JP Benito Ochoa, District Judges McDonald and Cornejo Lopez, DA Saenz, Municipal Judge John Williamson; District Clerk Aurora de la Garza, County Treasurer David Betancourt, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Bail Bond Rep., and Cameron county Sheriff Lucio.

You will note most are elected and dependent on money from attorneys to stay in office.

The Board has knowingly turned a blind eye to attorneys not paying up on the bonds when their client skips out.  You will notice when you read the list attorneys have guaranteed bonds as high as $250,000.  This means the alleged criminal walks out of jail on the guarantee of their attorney without having to hire a bonding company.  How much is paid to the attorney is unknown.

If all of these elected officials were to sue the attorneys to pay up on the bonds for clients who have skipped out, the elected officials would see campaign donations dry up.  The published list does not separate out defendants who have skipped out.


The mere fact someone has posted bond does not mean they are guilty of a crime.  It merely means they were accused.  Also, I have learned that under Villalobos his staff routinely provided the  courts wrong addresses on defendants so that the defendants without an attorney never received their notice to appear for the first setting.  The judges, too busy playing golf or other things, would never bother to check to see if the defendant actually received notice to appear.  The judges would simply issue arrest warrants even when the  documents in the file clearly showed the defendant was never noticed to appear.  The bond would be forfeited even though the mistake was made by the DA.  How many times this happened is any one's guess - but I suspect any good attorney could get a possible class action going on this one.  Trust me court appointed attorneys, judges, and DA's are all just winging it and innocent people are being arrested for the mistakes of the past DA.

It is my understanding DA Saenz is trying to clean up this mess left by Villalobos.  I am not a defender of DA Saenz, but I cannot ignore the fact he inherited a mess.  He needs time to clean that mess.  He also needs to time to pick his battles.  I do not  expect DA Saenz to clean up every dirty act in Cameron county.  He simply does not have the staff for such a clean up.  I can only hope he picks his battles wisely.

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