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DA Saenz recognizes a problem exists. He and staff are diligently working on this.
In just three months, $150,000 has been collected.
For year 2012, about $17,000 was collected in total."
As I noted, this is an inherited mess not created by DA Saenz.  I also  noted we cannot expect this to be cleaned up over night.  I will add part of the problem is the Cameron County Bond Board - they are not doing their job.  DA Saenz does not have control over part of this mess.  The Cameron County Bond Board needs to do their job, and the judges need to do their job.  But also the ADA's need to start filing motions to revoke PR bonds when people get subsequent arrests.  The DA also needs to institute a policy imposing conditions on these PR bonds.  Montoya's multiple PR bonds for multiple DWI's over the course of 12 months did not include a bar on drinking, for example. 
It is good to see DA Saenz is collecting money - but he needs to be going after the big money  - the judgment list provided below raises questions about who is and who is not getting sued.  But again, it has only been three months.  And again, these lawyers will retaliate against DA Saenz - I can tell you in my research on this story I was told lies - lies I did not print against DA Saenz because I knew the person I was talking to was angry over any action being taken.
Also, and finally, isn't it great Sheriff Lucio is paying Ruben Cortez through the commissary contract, while Ruben Cortez refuses to pay the bond money he owes Cameron county?  It is good to have a sheriff and judge mother to run protection for you.
DA Saenz is in an impossible situation. DA Villalobos made a mess of everything he touched. No reasonable person can expect DA Saenz to clean up the mess overnight. His secondary problem is, once he is done cleaning up the mess, attorneys and elected officials alike are going to want him gone from office. It is up to DA Saenz to trust the people to reward him with reelection for doing the people's business. DA Saenz next stop needs to be cleaning up the mess made with the unpaid bonds.

The below link shows every attorney and bondsman who owes money to the county.  Why is there 1.324 million dollars owed to the county with no one taking meaningful action?

You will note former Judge Abel C. Limas owes $30,746.00 to Cameron county in forfeited bonds.  Was this another favor given to Judge Limas by Villalobos

Ruben Cortez, DBA Discount Bail Bonds owes $1,123.00.

Martin and Juan Andrade owe a small fortune.

It does not end there.  PR Bonds are not being revoked by Municipal Judge Ben Neece.  My long term readers remember the case of Juan Montoya wherein Ben Neece gave him PR bonds three times in one year for DWI's while failing to properly charge Montoya with felony DWI.  With each subsequent arrest the previous PR bond was to be revoked and paid before a new one issued.  But this is Ben Neece where personal favors go a long way under his form of justice.

What is the point of PR bonds if they are never revoked and drunks can get as many as they want without any fear of having them revoked?

A major part of the problem occurred under Villalobos.  But it is now time DA Saenz have his staff review every PR bond to see is there is a basis to revoke same.  We need a  firm rule, until you pay a revoked PR bond, you are not entitled to another PR bond.

The entire bail process in Cameron county is a joke.  Its sole purpose is to get criminals out or jail for free.

Each of the attorneys listed above need to have their surety rights revoked until they pay up.  The same for the bonding companies.

As of the same date of the above report here is a list of judgments.

Click full screen for better view

You will note they did not go after the high dollar debtors.  You will note they  did not go after the politically protected - Ruben Cortez, Andrade Bonds, Abel Limas and many others.

This is a complete and total joke.  With budgets as tight as they are Cameron county  can use the million plus dollars owed on these bonds. 

I am being told that the pretrial release program bonds are in even worse shape.

My sources are telling me the following attorneys have been  suspended from the attorney surety program.

The following attorneys are currently suspended:
Juan Mendiola
Alfredo Montano
Douglas McMaster
Reynaldo Cisneros
This is not acceptable.  If an attorney fails to pay up in 30 days, their privileges need to be suspended.  The same rule needs to be applied to the bond companies.
In larger measure the problem belongs to the judges and DA's.  I get under Villalobos nothing got done.  But it is  time DA Saenz begin the clean up.  I personally saw a case in Judge David Gonzalez court wherein he revoked the PR bond of a young lady for failure to appear.  His court then did nothing, along with the DA, to take action on the forfeited bond.  In this case it was a good  thing because the revocation was wrongful.  The court records showed that Judge Gonzalez ruling to revoke her bond was based on no evidence - zilch - nada.  The file clearly showed the defendant never received notice to appear.  The file clearly showed that the defendant provided her correct address.  The file clearly showed Judge Gonzalez knew the young lady never received notice to appear.  The file clearly showed the DA, under Villalobos, provided the wrong address to the court. 
This is how bad it is.  Even after all of this was verified for Judge Gonzalez he still revoked her bond and forced her to post a new bond.  The ADA stood there along with her court appointed attorney and said nothing.  For the conduct of the ADA, Judge Gonzalez, and the numbnuts court appointed attorney the charges were eventually dropped.  All three knew she never received notice to appear and the mistake was on the DA, but yet the young woman still had her bond revoked.
So you know how the court found out about the outstanding arrest warrant for this woman, she  voluntarily walked into court to fix the problem after Judge Gonzalez court coordinator assured her she would not be arrested or detained.  She was assured the court was made aware of the wrongful warrant for failure to appear.
My point here is we have a two  fold problem - we have numbnut judges issuing wrongful arrest warrants on improperly revoked bonds, while at the same time doing nothing to collect on the forfeited bonds.
The system is beyond broken.  It got this way under the endless incompetence of Villalobos.  But now the burden in is DA Saenz.  Yes, I get it - every lawyer and bond company forced to pay will seek to punish DA Saenz by running a candidate against him in 3 years.  But that is politics.
What the people expect is accountability - not a concern about reelection.

I am convinced that if DA Saenz becomes known as the DA who cleaned up Cameron county, he will sail into a second term with no problem.  No political machine will be able to stop the will of the people.


Anonymous said...

Each bond company is required to have a $50,000 cash surety bond somewhere in the county accounts if I recall correctly. It would be a start.

Anonymous said...

How do you know the pre-trial dept is not collecting on their bonds? Did you check with them? Check your facts.

BobbyWC said...

My source has been pretty reliable so far - but I am working on an open records request for the pretrial release and county courts.

Also, look at my wording -

"I am being told that the pretrial release program bonds are in even worse shape."

I did not report it as a stated fact.

But here is the deal - you obviously have seen the summary and have access to it -so save me the challenge of the Open Records Request and just email me the summary - I will post what ever you send

Bobby WC