Wednesday, May 8, 2013


To remind my readers - I have a reliable source telling me a BISD employee is using BISD PO's to purchase items for resale to the community for his side business. I did an open records request for the PO's.  I am looking for specific items, which would then allow me to make the specific allegation of criminal conduct.  For now I am just reporting this as a claim.

BISD claims this employee does not use PO's.  The vendor has verified this employee in fact does  show up with PO's and buys items.  The vendor also claims the employee resells some of the items.

The former supervisor of the employee verified for me the employee uses PO's to purchase items at approved vendors for BISD. But, BISD claims they do not exist.

Now, a BISD employee has come forward to testify that the claims are true.

This latter comment I published yesterday caused Montoya to panic.  He called on BISD police to investigate. An investigator called me yesterday afternoon.  We could not  discuss the details of my  complaint because - according to the investigator he did not have the complaint with the details I provided Carl Montoya.  All he claimed to have was my number and the employee's name.  He did not know the name of the vendor nor the name of the employee at the vendor prepared to testify.

It occurred to me that, why would they send someone to this vendor if according to Carl Montoya there are no PO's with this vendor.  You see once the vendor verifies the PO's BISD has committed a crime by lying about them in the open records request.

Raise your hand if you think BISD police chief Oscar Garcia will ever allow for such a finding?  Okay, idiot you can now put down your hand.

The entire investigation is a con job - which is why Carl Montoya failed to turn over the key information.

BISD chief of police needs to remove himself and his organization from this matter and ask that DA Saenz and his investigators take  the lead.  Why did it take a BISD employee coming forward to testify before Carl Montoya would act.  It is about taking control of the situation - it is about damage control - not getting to the truth.  Once the investigator verifies the existence of the PO's, BISD  can and will be charged with a crime.  We all know Chief Garcia will never allow this to happen.  He will immediately be fired.

I have been busy getting ready for the Villalobos trial and hosting a friend for his brother's funeral. I am behind on everything. Late this morning my source will verify the spelling of the last name of the BISD employee willing to testify.  I will do my best to complete my request to DA Saenz to take the investigation.  Everything will be copied to the AG's office for Open Records. 

I have no idea what will come of this - the only thing I know for sure is - in order to prosecute this employee they have to confirm the existence of the PO's.  This they cannot do without exposing themselves to a  criminal complaint and forever destroying their reputation with the Open Records Section of the Office of the AG.

This is why DA Saenz needs to take the lead in the investigation.


Anonymous said...

What kind of items and how long has this been going on?

BobbyWC said...

I have not so much as disclosed the department of this employee - until I have confirmation I will not taint someones reputation at this level - I am working on it - today I was told more employees want to talk.

The other side is - one employee is now running scared - I spoke with him this morning and he now seems to be denying everything he told my source - my source then called me and told me everyone in the department is running scared.

I have no idea if the claims are true or false - I do not there are PO's because the vender has verified the PO's and so has this guys former boss.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Man what is with this "Chief of Police" stuff?? The deadbeat is a lead security guard plain and simple. I could care less what BISD calls him. Nevertheless, BISD's Oscar Garcia is a complete turd in my opinion - the master of losing cases, screwed up investigations, charging the wrong guy and on and on and on....and that BISD Investigator Patrick Gabbert - good grief what a numbnuts. Now you know why nothing is ever in order. And MonTOYa is nothing but the board puppet who are in and of themselves a degenerate band of incompetents. I hope the scores continue to suck in this district and TEA takes over. Bums. All of them. Fighting more about who has power than teaching students. I'm glad we have people like you in this place letting us know what the Herald doesn't. Thanks Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, word on the BISD Admin Block is that they are doing inventory checks at all Depts. I wonder if the BISD Internal Auditor is also doing his/her job of looking out for the District and making sure Departments are kept in check.

Dr. Montoya better set the example by getting to the bottom of the PO Mess, if true, and those involved need to turned in to law enforcement.

Bobby, is the employee using PO's for Personal Business a clerk/secretary?

Anonymous said...

Hey are we talking about thousands of dollars or just a few bucks this employee made on the side. Everyone sells crap in the BISD Price Building, so what, its for a few bucks. They even have employees collecting money all day. Where can I apply for that job to walk around collecting money.

Looks like the Superintendent lets all the employees run their own business and of course since there are no rules, doing PO's is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

(Looks like the Superintendent lets all the employees run their own business)

It's either that, or the boy is out. Sad but true. (First hand experience!)