Friday, May 24, 2013


The people of Cameron county owe a big thank you to the FBI agents and DOJ lawyers for bringing justice to Cameron county. The people of Cameron county owe a big thank you to the 12 jurors for their honest and studious service. The people of Cameron county owe a big thank you to Judge Andrew Hanen for allowing me to blog. It brought transparency to the process.

I will not say which, but an AUSA attorney got a text message on his phone from his parents as the verdict was being read congratulating him on the win. He asked them how they knew and they said the BV. The attorneys on both sides thanked me for my service and blogging. Both sides claimed to have used it for insights and how to proceed. Both sides were incredibly nice to me. Norton Colvin has a wonderful wife who was very supportive of my work. Her support got me through that really bad day.  My health is not good and I was shutting down that one bad day.  In fact tonight when they told us we had a verdict every ounce of energy left my body -

I told Villalobos family on my way out, I was sorry for their pain.  While I am happy with the verdict, I cannot wish pain on anyone.  They are human and were hurting.  As a student of Joshua aka Jesus it is what we do.   I do my best to live by the words and teachings of Joshua.

My readership today is way over the top - well beyond the last record.

Guys, without your support I would never have held up.  I learned today that a specialist in SA is finally reviewing my medical records so I can get treatment for three respiratory diseases.  There are days breathing is so, so hard.

Cameron county - we are moving forward - - an indicted politiquera stopped the harvesting of mail ballots. After today I am certain 4 BISD trustees are in fear for their freedom.  I will not let the corruption at BISD go unnoticed. There will be indictments. I spent years working on the Limas Villalobos case - BISD I am ready to handle.

Laps and then bed.


The BV takes pride in never accepting ads or paid for pieces.  Some lawyers have offered $300.00 to help defer the $800.00 this project cost me.  It was the cost of the device and the required 2 year contract.  I decided to take it.  Running the BV has gotten very expensive.  None of the lawyers have ever been mentioned for any wrongdoing related to this case.  If they were I would not take the money. 

This is the first time the BV has ever taken a penny from anyone.  Actually I do not have it yet.  I was just told about it.

My readers have a right to know I will accept this $300.00.

I know I will be attacked, but I defy the attackers to name anyone mentioned in the trial I did not mention and then link it to these lawyers. 

Norton Colvin and his wife knew I was pushing for a conviction, but they were nice to me evey day such as the DOJ lawyers and FBI Agents - and the US Marshals.  Mr. Colvin is a professional.  He knew I understood he had a job to do, and I will always respect him for that.  But he is old guard - it is not personal to him.  I miss those days when after a trial lawyers could have a drink together.  Those days are long done.

It was my pleasure to watch all five lawyers and Judge Hanen.  Justice is not easy, and all 5 men and one woman, did their best and  to bring justice to our system.  Our courts are our salvation. 

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