Monday, May 20, 2013


I just checked my numbers - they are through the roof - I completely blew away the last record read.

What so called "journalist" do not understand is - we do not care about anything they have to say.  We the people who buy the papers want the facts - all of the facts - not edited to protect friends of the paper.   We want everything.  We want to  decide for ourselves. We are not stupid.  The only stupid ones are the journalist continuing with the patterns which but the industry into bankruptcy and gaining a national reputation of not being trustworthy.

For the endless new readers when you read the truth about BISD, your only question will be, why was none of this in the Brownsville Herald?  Answer  - the Herald runs  cover for every  criminal act of every elected official they like.

You know about the federal tax problems of County Commissioner Ernie Hernandez, but the Herald declared a news black out on the story of the city attorney with the same problem and endless personal lawsuit against him.  Why?  Tony Martinez is off limits - you will never read the truth about how Tony Martinez's law partner represented the seller of a building to the city, while Tony Martinez failed to disclose his conflict of interest.

You did not read in the Herald how municipal Judge Ben Neece converted a felony DWI for a friend into a misdemeanor.  The man had one DWI conviction before getting three more charges in one year.  Ben Neece kept on allowing him to walk out of jail for free.  Why?  He was printing lies to help Ben Neece defraud BISD and in support of the convicted felon out of Dallas and Healthsmart.

Ben Neece needed him free to continue the criminal conspiracy through the publication of endless lies to keep the community confused.  Why is Tony Martinez running cover for Ben Neece and  Marc Sossi?  They are reliable.

Trey Martinez is on tape in the Villalobos trial helping Limas run cover for himself.  Tony Martinez taught his son well.

Where is mayor Tony Martinez. city attorney Marc Sossi, and City Manager Charlie Cabler - all running cover for Ben Neece even after he was sanctioned by the commission on judicial conduct.

Okay laps in the pool, then ironing clothes for tomorrow.

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