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The original story stands, Margarita Ozun'as mugshot never appeared on the jail link, such as everyone else who is booked.  I got the mugshot through a source.  I never said a mugshot was not taken, I said, it was never posted.

Further, in Judge Janet Leal's court attorneys were ready to do pleas.  The courtroom was packed with clients and attorneys.  I am being told that at 11:00 am Judge Leal was spotted at Tony Oliviera's funeral.  This does not mean she was not in the court in the morning to do quick pleas.  Further, if she knew she was not going to be there, then a visiting judge should have been there.  At no time were the attorneys told that pleas would not be taken because of her unavailability.  The courtroom was packed with attorneys and their clients.  In fact I heard attorneys asking their clients if they wanted the judge to read the charges on the record or if they wanted to just waive the reading.  Never did I hear an attorney say to their client the judge was not available.

Original Post:

Every defendant processed through the jail on a bond even if released the same day has their mugshot and charges posted here.

I will give you an example.  On Wednesday I walked a young lady through the process.  She unlike Ozuna had to wait in a holding cell for a sheriff's transport to Carrizales.  It took about 6 hours to process her on a PR bond.  About 6:30 p.m. after I got home, and she had been out for some time already - maybe 45 minutes, her picture was still posted to the above link with the charges.

Today every 30 minutes I checked the link - Margarita Ozuna mugshot was never posted.  Why?


In 2008, Lucio told me while at Coyote Canyon that he gets tickets dismissed for the politiqueras in exchange for their work.  He also says he buys tamales from them.  The only people who can dismiss a county ticket is a JP. 

We all remember Linda Salazar who had no opponent in the March primaries had a ton of mail ballots.

No one in Cameron  county should be allowed anywhere near  this case.  DA Saenz in the interest of the appearance of justice needs to formally remove his office from this case and ask Jonathan White of the AG's office to take total control.  Mr. White successfully prosecuted the Medrano case in Dallas.  Medrano was removed from office as a JP after his conviction.

Judge Leal today made a  mockery of the court.  She allowed everything that happened to happen without her even being in the courtroom.  FBI agents were there to observe the proceedings and Janet Leal allowed everything to be done in quiet voices with her staff while she cowered in her office.

This is a case of public trust.  Everything should have been done on the record.  Nothing was done on the record.  The privilege being afforded Margarita Ozuna makes a mockery of our courts and county.  The AG needs to move to remove the case from Cameron county.

Janet Leal cowered in her office and allowed for quiet deals to be done outside the hearing range of the public, including FBI agents.  She then allowed Margarita Ozuna to be transported to Carrizales by her attorney while every other person in her court this morning also going to Carrizales had to wait in a holding cell for a sheriff's transport.

Then to add insult to injury someone in Sheriff Lucio's office insured Margarita's Ozuna's mug shot was kept off the sheriff's link of inmates. 

The AG is a fool if he thinks anyone in Cameron county will follow the law.  This case is done - if it stays in Cameron county Ozuna will be treated as a queen - given sheriff Lucio's history of doing business with the politiqueras did he have a choice but to do as he was told?

Who is running the jail Margarita Ozuna or Omar Lucio?


Anonymous said...

Did the Herald even have a reporter in the courtroom? Why do they have none of this story? Thanks for being Brownsville's only realiable source. I hope Judge Hanen allows you to cover Armando Villalobos trial. If he says no live coverage Brownsville will have no way of knowing what is really happening.

BobbyWC said...

The BH has no one on staff to report on legal issues. Their reporters' lack of knowledge of the process allows things like what happened in this case to go unnoticed.

Emma's tweets on the Villalobos trial will me limited to 144 characters each. The BV will be updating every 10 minutes the testimony as it happens. I plan on having a lot of background information on the case and key witnesses ready to go in advance so I can include links with additional information if people are interested in that additional information.

I will not be covering the jury selection. The process may provide light on how each side intends to proceed, but in the end only the testimony will matter. That is what I intend to cover.

I am working on the technology side before committing myself to the court.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Wqithout seeing and publishing the last mail ballot returns on Janel Leal I cannot publish the statement - but on Lucio you are dead on

I can tell you the FBI, AG, and Homeland Security all read yesterday's post about the mugshot protection - and of course the FBI and AG first hand saw the special privileges afforded Ozuna in court

Bobby WC

Diego lee rot said...

Great reporting!

Anonymous said...

You are misinformed about the mugshots. Of course they take a picture of the person being booked for identification purposes. However, the mugshot won't appear on the sheriff's inmate website unless they are being held in custody. Thus the term "inmate" in Let's get that straight!

BobbyWC said...

You are dead wrong - or covering for Lucio - i have the printout of the person I took through the system the day before. She was booked on a PR bond and released all in one day - just like Ozuna - her picture was posted - so you are either misinformed or a liar

Nice try

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I just ran the name of the person I took through the system on the 17th and google shows the original entry - processed and released on the 17th - if you run the same search for margarita Ozuna - nothing

So who is paying you to post lies to the internet

Do you think the FBI is so stupid that they cannot trace this stuff and see I an correct?

Bobby WC