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Based on a bogus post by a reader wanting to put out obvious lies about the BV, I checked to see who has been reading the BV today - DOJ reads BV Article of Federal Judge Hanen

"Potomac, Maryland, United States
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The Herald had an article about the jury questionnaire at its proposed stage. In the federal system the judge typically asks the jury pool the questions which eventually leads to a jury of 12. The judge, and attorneys will work on the questionnaire. One key question involves the parties and witnesses. The Herald reported a large number of possible witnesses. So I assumed this draft jury questionnaire was already posted on Pacer. It was not.

But exhibit lists are posted. You can learn a lot from exhibits lists.

On exhibit list 1 - item 26 - - Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a Private Warning to former Judge Abel Limas for his conduct. You get it now? - this is why judiciary sucks and is so corrupt. The Commission on Judicial Conduct makes our judges look honorable when in fact they are criminals. Until the state dumps the current Commission on Judicial Conduct and insures competent people are appointed to oversee judicial conduct, the corruption will never end.

As you read this list you will see a whose who of lawyers being record in conversations with former Judge Abel Limas. The mere desire of the US Attorney using these transcript calls does not mean the attorneys referenced have done anything wrong - in fact the transcript may show the attorney refusing to act on Judge Limas’ requests. For example item 279 has former Judge Limas speaking with Emma Perez Treviño

Items 199 and 200 should be interesting - phone records of Judge David S. Gonzales the III and David Mattingly

Items 257 and 258 should prove interesting - Transcript calls between Limas and DA Saenz

Item 271 Transcript call between former Judge Abel Limas and Trey Martinez

Items 287 and 288 - Transcript between Eddie Treviño and Limas

Here is exhibit list 2. I have to attend to Keaton so I have no time to review this.

To anyone making a comment, reference which list you are looking at and the item number - which supports your comment - otherwise your comment will not be approved. If it is a general comment on the process then you need not reference the item number or which witness list contains the information.


Anonymous said...

interesting to see some additional lawyers like Trey Martinez and Rick Canales (Ex # 223-226). Two who have not been mentioned previously.

BobbyWC said...

To anonny, thanks for how you wrote your comment

Two - remember the recording could actually show the attorney refusing to participate in corruption - so do not assume anything about anyone - other than they are on a recording.

There could be any number of reasons to call a judge - my biggest concern is some of the references appear to suggest exparte communnications which are unethical and should result in the sanction of the attorney

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

thats true. I think we are quick to think negatively based upon the headlines. As an attorney, it is unsettling to realize that all this stuff was going on while i was busting by rear end fighting for my clients. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mr. WC

The few times I read your blog because someone mentioned your blog it seems you ask and answer your own questions. It's like you are talking to a 3rd persons but it is only you back and forth. Then the few ones you let thru you tear up with no rebutal allowed. I know this is your blog but it is weired reading only your comments and no one else. Peace

PS. Why you always searching IP Address?

BobbyWC said...

This is how I and all of my readers know you are a bullshit artist

Today includes a post from a reader given special consideration and a separate headline.

I have never posted a comment to my blog as an annoy - I have no reason to - I go after the FBI, federal judges - etc - under my name - why in gods name would I need to hide behind an anony?

Also do you really believe all of the times I go back and forth with a reader will be ignored by my readers just because you say it does not happen.

How many times did I go back and forth with the reader over Margarita Ozuna's mug shot?

Further, my readers are not that stupid to believe a word you say - they know on a regular basis I post comments that a reader's comment is what makes the BV works.

On the IP addresses - I do not search them out - the program I have tells me in detail who my readers are - it also tells me their IP address.

If I see Homeland Security researching someone it tells me maybe I need to start asking questions.

So to end this - your comment is total bullshit which no one is buying

Bobby WC