Sunday, April 21, 2013


Keaton passed this morning.  Her last couple of weeks were good - she played - destroyed my glasses, hid sneakers - everything she would normally do.  After her blood work showed she had no side effects from the medication, the vet asked that I give it a few more days before putting her down.  By Friday she was already back to the same problems of being disoriented.  I agreed to wait and see if a new medication to help her sleep would make a difference.  We did not know if her actions were the tumor or fatigue.  She was sleeping all day, so I did not see it as fatigue.

The new medicine is normally used to calm dogs during storms.  Keaton got a good solid 9 hour sleep her two last nights.  But she simply could not walk.  I would carry her outside to do her business.  She would walk a couple of feet and fall.  I knew come Monday morning it was time.

A few hours ago she closed her eyes and passed.  I am relieved.  It was hard knowing she was going to have to wait until Monday while being powerless to relieve her suffering.

I am also glad it happened in the home.  I knew something was wrong because Buster became very sad and was just looking at me in a weird way.  I went to check on Keaton in the bedroom and she was gone.  Buster and I sat with her for a while.  I have Keaton wrapped in a sheet in another part of the house.  Buster is just sleeping.  The cremation process has already been arranged.  I will handle this in the morning.  To be cautious I have the AC at 65. 

Keaton was nearly 11 and led a good life.  I am glad I spent the money to make her last few weeks more like the good times when she was mischievous.  She is now at peace.  While I am sad, I am happy she is finally at peace.  It was a formality when this would happen.  We k new the medicine was to make her comfortable and not to  cure her.  I will always keep the glasses she scratched big time the other day when she stole them and dropped them in the pool.  She loved putting my glasses in the pool.

The first signs came about Tuesday last.  But I was not sure if it was the fatigue or the tumor - but the reality is she slept all day during the heat of the day - her sleep patterns were just reversed.   The signs were small.  There was nothing anyone could do - we were at maximum dosage on the medications.

On Friday after her blood work showed no side effects, the neurologist put her on the new medication to help her sleep.  I am happy she got two good nights of sleep.

You know - dogs sometimes just know it is time.  This morning I noted to a friend that it was weird how Buster was trying to cuddle with Keaton and rubbing her nose and caressing her face with her face.  I guess both Buster and Keaton knew - it was time.

Anyway - I am grateful Keaton is at peace.  Her remains will be placed next to Bogie's in my closet, along with her collar and some pictures.  Bogie' sister disappeared 6 months shy of 18 years old.  She was a rat terrier mix.  She was nearly blind and could barely walk - but boy she knew to go out and do her business and still knew how to play.  I keep her pictures with Bogie's.  If I outlive Buster her remains will go next to Keaton's and Bogie's.  In the end their remains will be cremated with mine and we shall all be buried at sea during a Navy ceremony.

Click here for Navy program

Because I do not believe in death, I am  certain Keaton is somewhere playing in field.  I believe the soul is eternal.  I know she is at peace and happy.  She was loyal and a joy.  She like her sister Buster made my life so much more fulfilling. 

Dogs are the best - but I tell people - unless you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on their healthcare - do not get a dog.  I had Keaton for like 2-3 days when I spent $1,800 for parvo.  She was 8 weeks old.

I guess in the end, I can say I am happy for Keaton - she is at peace and her soul is in a better place.


Anonymous said...

(Keaton passed this morning.) Sorry, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

My sincere condolences, Bobby. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I feel your loss. We have lost beloved companions also. Here is something a friend sent me when I lost my beloved pet of 11 years.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks, tonight is spegets and meatballs - I guess it was a couple of weeks ago when the medicine had her at her best and she tricked me into getting up so she could steal my dinner.

I always make enough sauce, meatballs, and sauage to last about 2 months - I then freeze them for individual servings - I will eat spegets with meatballs for dinner and think about how she stole that meal from me a week or so ago

I was never one to take the spirit out of a dog - I had simple rules - no going in the house, no biting, and no chewing - other than those three rules my dogs were free to be dogs.

I was lucky Keaton turned out to be so much fun - we had a good run - she is at peace-

My focus is now on Buster - she is clearly very sad - but she will be okay

No more dogs for me - I have done 4 pound dogs - nothing but joy in all 4 - when Missy died, I said no more dogs - it lasted a couple of weeks and I came home from the pound with Buster and Keaton and John was mad - it did not take long for John to teach Buster and Keaton all of their commands in Spanish - I did the English

Yes, Keaton was a bilingual dog - shake or Dame tu patita got you a paw shake.

But now it is time I give lots of love to Buster - we will be a good team for the next 2 years or so - she has always been the healthy one - so I expect her to make it to 13+

I think we will start long morning walks after she does her business out back - yes people - you have your dogs do their business before you allow them on my front lawn - I have a neighbor how has her dog do its business on everyone's lawn but hers.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hope you are right about souls being eternal. Means I'll see RenI and Candy again.

Anonymous said...

Awe I am so sorry----I lost my loyal cocker spaniel in 2008 and I still cry when I think about all the love and companionship that he gave me. There are no words to describe the loss of a being that gave so much and didn't ask for anything in return.

A friend gave him to me when he was 6 weeks old. I had just lost my husband. He was my baby and brought me so much consolation and took away a lot of the bitterness that I had.

I had him for 15 years. He was never sick. We went to sleep and he just never woke up. He died at my feet. The ever loyal perfect gentleman that he was.
He earned his place in heaven and someday we will all be re-united.

Thank you for letting me share this. GBY and Buster.

BobbyWC said...

A lot of non dog owners do not get it - dogs are far smarter than humans - Buster and Keaton knew it was time and they cuddled and said goodbye as sisters - they are so so smart.

Oh, Jake your dogs will be there waiting to go on a run - in this I truly believe,.

Some 15 years ago a family friend died at a young leaving his wife to raise a daughter and 2 five year old twins boys-

at his funeral his wife said - "The one thing I know for sure is, when he gets to heaven Alicia will have a plate of rice and beans ready for him. Alicia was my mom - died in 77' - you see everyone knew when you came to my home there was always gallo pinto ready to go - refried rice and beans (little red beans from Central America)

Until she died, on Christmas eve our friends would show at her house expecting a plate of gallo pinto - it is just how things were

Yes, I believe your dogs will be waiting for you - Missy, Bogie, Keaton and Buster will be waiting for me expecting a treat and to play ball - I look forward to that day.

Maybe with any luck my pet ghost George will visit to let me know all is well. I am certain for now Keaton is bring comfort to someone who needed a friend.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about Keaton but you did all you could for her without causing her more misery. I think that is the correct thing to do. I have spent a lot of money on some of my dogs but when they indicated that the time was right I was able to follow thier wishes. I am glad you still have Buster she will be great company alone and both of you will adjust. I have only had one dog now for 6 years after having two for many years.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your loss Bobby, keep the faith.

BobbyWC said...

Keaton as teh alpha and alway being sick with something demanded more of my time - I always felt bad about giving Keaton more time - so now Buster will get a lot of time

Things will be good -

It is Buster time - I loved Keaton. She brought me laughter every day - some days I thought I would go crazy with her antics - but that was Keaton.

Whether it is pets or parents we only get so much time - I will remember the best times - time to fix dinner and hope Keaton's ghost does not get my spegets and meatballs

Bobby WC

Michael Cowen said...

I am sorry for your loss. I pray that she is in a better place.

BobbyWC said...

At this point what is harder on me is the reaction from friends and family who knew her - so many are breaking down on the phone - it's kind of hard - she was just one of those dogs who you could not be mad at when your sneakers went missing - she greeted everyone at the door - never jumped on you.

Bela adored Keaton always hugged her and gave her treats. She would tell people when then came in the house to not worry because Buster and Keaton do not bite. Her mother and I are trying to decide the best way to explain Keaton's death.

I am grateful that so many of my friends and family are feeling the loss the same as I am - it tells me people knew her the way I did - a pure joy.

But I have Buster - Buster and I will now spend a lot more time together - she is also a joy - Buster I can take to the beach without fear of her running off into the dunes - I am now looking forward to lots of fishing trips with Buster. Buster is also a better camper than Keaton was - so I will be doing a lot more camping on Boca Chica.

Life is what it is, and my faith tells me she is very happy in a beautiful field somewhere.

To everyone who has called or emailed - thanks - it means so much to me how many people knew Keaton for the complete and total joy she was.

But I am also grateful she has passed. Yesterday and today was bad. In 24 hour she went from functioning to not being able to stand or walk - she could stand just long enough to do her business.

Again thanks to everyone - especially to those who cried with me on the phone.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss, I know how much it must hurt. My pup has had two close calls and I could not bear the thought of losing him. So I can sympathize with you, take care.

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Having gone through this with our beloved black lab, I understand the feelings. Rest assured Keaton is running and jumping in that better place and waiting to greet you one day.

BobbyWC said...

thank you - it turns out a vet in Brownsville does the cremations and places the cremains in a rose wood box. They knew I was coming - as I entered the door they say I was not going to be able to speak.

They let me write everything down. The fee of about $300 was very reasonable. They sent someone to my car to remove Keaton - I could not go back in - I just kissed her goodby and left.

I will get her cremains on Thursday. The box, her picture and collar will go next to Bogie's

Buster is depressed - but did eat a little today.

Things will get better every day - The one thing I know for sure is Keaton is happy and no longer suffering.

It is sad dogs have more rights than humans. Humans are put on machines and given morphine until they pass - the amount of pain they are suffering means nothing to the religious right in this country. While I am glad Keaton died at home - I would have had her put down today one way or the other. When will we learn to be humane with our fellow humans?

Bobby WC