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"Inmate Lehmberg refused pat search. Inmate Lehmberg refused several directives to stop kicking the cell," an Isolation Cell Record said. "In an attempt to protect Inmate Lehmberg from harming herself, deputies placed Lehmberg in the Emergency Restraint Chair." Deputies kept her restrained for almost two hours while they obtained a search warrant to draw her blood. A separate test result also released Friday showed her blood alcohol level was .239, almost four times the legal limit. "

Source:  My San Antonio

People like to say Cameron County is the cesspool of Texas when it comes to the legal system.  They are wrong.  While Austin can mask itself in bars for drunks,  and lots of mobile food vans and street festivals the truth remains the truth.  Its school district is a disaster - no right minded person would enroll their child in Austin ISD.  Yes, their dropout rate is improving - but the problems persist.

Former Travis county district attorney Ronnie Earle, gave new meaning to corrupt.  He had very little use for the law.  The old Houston Post ran a series of articles wherein Earle asked Lloyd Williams' lawyer to have Williams sign an affidavit implicating Clayton Williams in drug related money laundering.  This is the cause behind the famous scene of Clayton Williams refusal to shake hands with Ann Richards.

"The Republican nominee for governor, upset that his opponent linked him with a Federal investigation into drug-money laundering, called her a liar to her face today and refused to shake hands"

Source: NYT

My inside knowledge of the events and the meeting Ronnie Earle had with William's lawyer, Van McFarland, comes from the fact I worked at McFarland and Associates at the time.

When a little misunderstanding over the misuse of $100,000 by Travis county to help Ann Richards beat Clayton Williams became known to Kay Baily Hutchison's husband Ronnie Earle forced Judge Onion to order a jury to acquit KBH.

Now remember KBH was indicted for actions taken as an elected official for Texas. On the day of trial the elected DA Ronnie Earle took the case away from the assigned DA, he announced ready and picked a jury - after the jury was seated Judge Onion ordered Ronnie Earle to call his first witness - Ronnie Earle refused to call any witnesses at which point Judge Onion ordered the jury to find KBH not guilty - he (Judge Onion) later stated that in his entire career he had never seen anything like it. The Quorum Report provided KBH husband documents which showed Earle's office had used some 100k to help Ann Richards in her campaign against Clayton Williams - KBH husband took these documents to Earle and as they say the rest is history.

I have in my home the documents which KBH husband faxed to my home. He was seeking my advice as to their meaning. I had previously contacted KBH over previous unethical conduct by Earle in the case against Lloyd Williams

The story was never investigated because as a woman KBH was an untouchable

Anyone can go to the archives of the Austin American Statesman and see the real story -

From the AP

"After the judge seated a jury, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle refused to open his case. The jurors were instructed to find Hutchison innocent and the panel acquitted her less than an hour after they were sworn in."

This is the real Austin - Austin is the seat of corruption in Texas.  It has nothing to do with Mexico.  It has to do with the arrogance which comes from living in Austin.  Austin will always be Austin - they can think they are better than everyone else, but the reality is - everything nice is a facade for an underbelly of stench and disease infected whores.

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How can you possibly downgrade the capital of IT and all those Dell millionaires and cheap ass hipsters? I lived in Austin in the 70's and it was just as corrupt as now, or maybe even more so. But, it did not have that all prevailing hypocritical stench of today. And, Dolph Briscoe was not as stupid as cowlick Rick Perry.