Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have always been cautious about commenting on John Villarreal. I cannot complain about people always promoting their accomplishments as being con artists, and then complain when an elected official never speaks of his accomplishments. Yes George W. Bush was a disaster as president, but until the other day when praised by both former presidents Carter and Clinton for his works in African in the past and ongoing, I had no idea he was so involved in these important issues.

But what really has bothered me about John Villarreal is his vacuous soul.   His eyes are empty.  I have no idea what his problem is, but when he does speak he sounds like a fool.  Maybe this is why he never answers emails, or answers questions.

I never take as true what I read about anyone on the other blogs.  I know better.  But this latest event concerning the EMS workers from PI was John's own words.  His post on Cheezemeh only reaffirmed for me his soul is empty.  And for the record, Erasmos lies when he says he never deletes posts by his candidates.  He regularly deleted Linda Gill's nonsense. 


No matter what happens on election day Brownsville will not be better off.  I know a man who is a big Tony Martinez fan voting for Belleperche because in a Herald article Bellepercher clearly stated he favors the smoking ban.  I  told this man - "you know Tony wants you to vote for Portillo."  He said "Portillo is wrong about the smoking ban and he will not vote for her."  Women tend to be more in tune with healthcare issues - it is possible Portillo's position on the smoking ban may have cost her a lot of the blind Latina votes.

Gowen/Uresti or Villarreal/Garzoria are a disaster no matter how you look at it.  But a lot of people will vote for Uresti and Garzoria on a single issue - to stop Tony Martinez.  Both also have an army of walkers to help get out the message. 

You know I could have ignored Gowen's ties to Martinez had she just done more to use her position to educate the people of Brownsville about, HIV, Hep C, overuse of antibiotics and other important healthcare issues.  Uresti will be no better than Gowen, but at least Tony Martinez will have one less guaranteed vote if Uresti wins.

Leo Rosales owns the ad war in the race between Portillo, Rosales,  Belleperche, and Sarkis.  No one is even close to Rosales when it comes to ad time.  As far as I can tell only Sarkis has gone negative.  This no longer works.  Anti Obama  forces spent millions in negative ads in two separate elections - what did they get for their money?   Nothing.

To be honest I have no idea where this election is headed.  You have  three variables driving this election - the anti Tony Martinez message - the smoking ban - those for and those against, and the  blind female Latina vote - to the extent the Latina vote is aware of the anti Tony Martinez message and the views of Portillo on the smoking ban, Portillo may not benefit from the blind Latina vote.  It may not be blind enough for Portillo to gain that advantage.

The good news is  early voting will include some 60-65% of the votes.  Chris Davis has promised to publish the results of early voting and the mail ballots at 7:01 p.m election night.  If the early voter turn out is as expected, by 7:02 we may be able to call all three races.

People lets avoid election day confusion.  If you intend to vote, vote early.  Also, encourage your friends and family to vote early.

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