Sunday, April 28, 2013

I have not decided yet if I am going to tell the story told to me by la llorana - but I can say Keaton is happy. Above is Keaton watching patiently as Bela opens her Christmas gifts. This particular gift was a crayola desk which she uses to learn her letters, numbers, and colors. I love this picture because it shows just how close Keaton and Bela were. You can see how Keaton is right there just watching Bela.  We have yet to tell Bela about Keaton - although I had been preparing her for a few weeks.  She knew Keaton was sick and taking lots of medicines. 
Bela loved to take the cinnamon sticks I have in my kitchen and rub them on Keaton and then smell her.  Keaton would sit there patient and allow Bela to make her smell like cinnamon. 
You see Buster in the background in my chair.  A chair I never use because Buster owns it.  Most people do not know, but short hair dogs shed more than long haired dogs.  Short haired dogs are genetically programmed to lose their hair so as to keep it short.  It may be terrible to say, but I can now remove the furniture covers.  Buster rarely sheds.
The box you see is Keaton's cremains.  As you can see they do a nice job.   The picture with Bela, Keaton and Buster, and the one of Keaton in front of the pool will go in the box.  Bogie's has the same thing - pictures of him and Missy in his box.  They are just beautiful boxes.  Most people have no idea what is in them. 
In time they will all go with me when I am cremated.  Together we all will be buried at sea during a 21 gun salute.  Of course the ceremony will involve a large number of veterans - but how many dogs get to be part of a 21 gun salute from a navy ship?
Buster and I are adjusting - I just have to get through telling Bela.  Once I am done with that, the worst will be behind me.

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