Friday, April 12, 2013


For those who did not see it, Arge Miller who has never written a sentence in the English language which is comprehensible, wrote a letter to the editor denouncing the loan program in which BISD enrolled. [The question is, who wrote the letter for her?]  True to form Arge fails to tell the people that BISD had the employees vote on the matter - just a trivial fact which matters not to Arge Miller.  Arge Miller also  fails to explain exactly how a volunteer loan program is not in the best interests of BISD employees.  Would a mandatory loan program be better?  All BISD employees are free to go to the payday loan companies or their bank. 

Today's Herald basically defends the program while keeping Presas-Garcia and all of her nonsense out of the article.  In fact, as written the article goes out of its way to completely discredit her.

"The loan program is only available through employers. By the end of January the CLC had enrolled 22 employers representing a total of 3,135 employees, Mitchell-Bennett said. In the 16 months leading up to Jan. 31 the program provided more than $1 million in loans to 1,109 people, with the vast majority of borrowers paying back their loans on time."

"Caty Presas-Garcia, one of the trustees who voted against the contract, characterized the CLC as a payday loan operation in an interview with a local TV reporter, who reported it as such.

“We’re not a payday lender and it’s not a payday loan,” Mitchell-Bennett said. “The rates are not usury like a credit card. It’s a good thing and it’s a choice. If people need it and they want to use it, great. If not, that’s better for them. It’s just important that folks know that if they do need it that it’s there and that it’s not a bad thing.”

Mitchell-Bennett said the misinformation had caused “a little bit of heartache” and that he felt compelled to set the record straight — especially with the Small Dollar Loan Program about to go statewide"

Source:  The Herald


Presas-Garcia would have you believe that in a matter of weeks after she leaves the budget committee BISD goes broke and is now forced to layoff billions of employees.  First of all the proposed budget was in the making while she was on the budget  committee.  Second, all the budget is doing is bringing BISD within state guidelines.  Presas-Garcia who has declared bankruptcy in the past, and spends many days a week at the county offices begging for a job, claims to know more about how to manage a half billion dollar budget than all of the professionals at the state level.

I'm curious why are LVN's qualified to see disabled veterans at the VA clinic in a non-stop all day long barrage of sick veterans, but they are not qualified to see a handful of children on a daily basis.  The idea the RN's who could be laid off will not find jobs is laughable - every hospital in the country has a shortage of RN's.

For years Texas has told BISD it is heavy on personnel - BISD finally decides to pay attention to the state and Presas-Garcia yells foul - "If I were still on the budget committee no one would be laid off."  Keeping dead wood is not smart policy.  Spending money you do not have is also not smart policy - but then this is how she ended up in bankruptcy.

This mornings Herald article makes clear Presas-Garcia has become a persona non grata at the Herald.  Comments in response to her paid for nonsense on Montoya's blog show no one is buying. 

Oh, she will not go away - she will keep it going with the only result being pushing Enrique Escobedo further away.  Luci Longoria is too stupid to see that continuing to read scripts written by Patty Wagon Laidman which support Cata will only cost her reelection.  I am interested to see how Saavedra handles herself at the next meeting.  After the 2014 election, Presas-Garcia could see herself alone without one vote to support anything she wants.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, they have employees that no one knows what they do.

Some are old and won't let go of the tit for whatever reason.

Sorry but everyone's primo is hired.

Just check the HR department....all their relatives are in while others struggle to even apply.

I know of a young lady who has been passed over for years. She has no issues that are preventing her from getting hired. She just doesn't know the right people.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

BTW saw Cata-Rata at Forever21 and she shuffled clothes on the racks the whole time we were mas rascandosela!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, it's not just Cata, the rest of the board do not want to look at cutting unnecessary positions. Why are unions against supporting the recommendations in the report?

Anonymous said...

Because the report wants to cut Teachers, Librarians, Counselors. It does not say anything about administrators being cut!