Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, let's finish the story.  I agree - this guys performance in the federal case was so bad, I cannot image any reason why BISD would rehire him, unless ------------ quid pro quo.

We all know what is happening - the BV has been reporting it for months.  The new majority needs a lawyer willing to back the refiling of the Healthsmart lawsuit.  Baltazar gave his word he would back the move - so he got the job.  It is that simple.  Thompson Horton got the job by agreeing to do all of the dirty work for the previous majority - including supporting the decision to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.  This is BISD politics.

When BISD gets sued, and it will, the insurance company will be hiring outside  counsel, not Salazar.

What Montoya does not tell his readers is that in the Juarez and Rendon cases, Judge Hanen gave their lawyers all of the same warnings about doing their job and pointing out their neglect.  It is one thing for a judge to grant a continuance to help a lawyer overcome a mistake, but yet another to constantly be doing their job for them, which is what Hanen does.

Now, when Healthsmart pays BISD some $6-8 million dollars will the decision to hire Salazar still be bad - oh yes - why? because Montoya will point out the case was worth $14.3 million.

Nothing will change at BISD until the state rids itself of school boards.  School boards are a major part of the failure in our education system.  Further, until the regional office of the TEA has the sole authority to hire and fire the superintendent and all department heads, nothing will change at BISD - every hire and fire will be political. 


Montoya  complains the new majority failed to do due diligence in terms of investigating Salazar.  They knew who he was - the argument is total BS - BUT WHY DID CATA not do due diligence? - had she pointed out at the meeting Salazar's neglect in the Aiken case, he never would have had the votes.  SO why is Montoya not questioning Cata's lack of due diligence?  Oh, yea - she is his employer.


You did good, you took my advice and got Cata censured - good boy - now listen  very closely, the indictments are coming.  They have to finish Villalobos  first.  Pay attention, Eddie Lucio's trial was set to go second because they offered him a deal - testify against Armando and we will go easy on you.  Armando's trial is going to be a shocker to Cameron county, unless he settles before trial.

If you fail to vote to reinstate the Healthsmart lawsuit, they are only going to go harder on you.  Your no vote only furthers your part in the conspiracy.  Do you really think Luci Goosey's visits with DA Saenz are anyone but herself?

Now be a good boy Enrique and tell Odie you are finally on board.


Anonymous said...

Censuring doesn't shit. Caty can't be removed until 2017 elections so suck it up Bobby & Escobedo. Lol

BobbyWC said...

You are so mistaken - a federal indictment will end her career on the board very fast.

There is already a lawsuit ready to go to remove her - the question is the fee the attorney is seeking and whether or not it can be raised.

If not she will sit there until 2016 not 17 btw, and get nothing - someone like Cata cannot fester that long - she will resign before she allows herself to sit there powerless.

She has to keep Longoria and Saavedra's seat while unelecting Escobedo to get a new majority - not in a million years

Bobby WC