Monday, April 22, 2013


I hate how the self-loathing Mexican Americans in this country think that by bad mouthing Mexico it makes them better. Mexico is making strides forward. While Texas and other border states ignored the dangers related to antibiotics and super-bugs, Mexico passed a law which effectively stopped US Americans from crossing over into Mexico to buy antibiotics without first having to see a Mexican doctor.

In 77' I made my first of many trips to Mexico city. I love Mexico city. I existed the airport and immediately went back in to find out what time the flight the next morning was to Managua, Nicargua - my game plan was to spend a month before going on to Managua. I could not breath. I caught a hotel for the night and left the next morning.

By 1980, I was able to spend 30 days in Mexico city studying its art, and anthropology. I stayed in a youth hostel. This was the time I was kicked out of Leo Trotsky's home for sitting in the chair he was in when he was killed.

Today Mexico city has done wonders with it air.

"Mexico City recorded only eight days with air quality considered "good" in 1992. That compares with 248 "good" air days in 2012, reflecting the success of initiatives to relocate industry, kick clunkers off the capital's streets, encourage cleaner technologies, and expand public transit and cycling options. "Mexico City is still perceived as one of the most contaminated [cities] in the world, but nowadays there are cities ... that have worse contamination," says Roberto Muñoz, a biologist teaching at the Ibero-American University."

If you cannot have fun in Mexico city, you cannot have fun.  A friend wants me to go with him by bus, but he has a Mexican passport and I do not.  I am not sure I an ready to trust the bus.

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Anonymous said...

Mexico City rocks! As a chilango once told me, it's like having Washington D.C., New York City and Hollywood in one place as it is the financial, political and entertainment center of the country. It is also the latin American hub to many companies. You can't beat the climate, or the history for that matter. Now, I want to go back!!