Thursday, April 18, 2013


There was no formal hearing. Some of what I am about to say is based on experience. It seems Judge Leal had already set bond before the parties appeared in court. (I say this based on experience)  Carlos Masso, and the AG Johnathan White appeared before Judge Leal's coordinator and where given a trial setting of June 10, 2013. Motions will be heard on May 30, with a pretrial hearing on June 7, 2013. It is standard practice each side will be given one continuance so do not expect the trial to go forward on June 10, 2013.

Rather than being taken to Carrizales by the sheriff's department Masso was granted permission to take her to Carrizales for processing.  I  asked some attorneys in the courtroom if this was normal, and they said no, but that in some cases based on assurances from the defense counsel the court will allow the defendant to be turned in by defense counsel.

At no time did Judge Janet Leal appear in court.  It is the right of the accused to waive the arraignment.  This is common in public cases to limit how much information gets out to the public.

 Herminia Becerra was seated behind Ozuna in the courtroom.  I am late in posting because there were a lot of people in the court house interested in the case.  Behind me were federal agents.  One investigator stated they believed Norma Hernandez to be the chief among the politiqueras.  An investigator told me they were fully aware of Masso's connection to the politiqueras.

Apparently campaign reports have been reviewed to determine who has and who has not paid the politiqueras for services.  Judges and other elected officials could  find themselves on the receiving end of an interrogation.

I fully expect DA Saenz office to cooperate.  He cares about his legacy.  Having the FBI. Homeland Security and the Texas AG trusting you goes a long way with the voters.

Numerous sources have told me the FBI  and Saenz are all over the Cadriel case.  Indictments are expected.


Anonymous said...

Nobody responds to these posts anymore. What the heck is going on? Has Carlos Cascos finally silenced his "minnie me" Chris Valadez? Are the usual commenters afraid of their own shadow?

BobbyWC said...

First I do not think Cris has ever posted on the BV - my memory is not so good - Cris knows the MaClavio thing will not fly here - It may be entertaining but it does not fit with the BV.

The BV rejects a lot of comments for language or accusations of criminal conduct by third parties - no proof - no post is my rule.

Language or nasty comments about women also get rejected.

This is what I think is happening average joe who reads the BV comes for information and not to necessarily comment. If you review the blogs most comments are not very informative or helpful - the comments are more about proving the poster is vulgar or stupid.

I am happy with my readership - in fact 2 days ago I reached an all time high.

Bobby WC