Monday, April 29, 2013



The owner of Lui Lui Moving Services reads the BV.  By chance someone knew his secretary and asked if he would move a young lady who was the victim of domestic abuse.  Based on my personal guarantee, Mr. Cabrera agreed to move this young lady and to wait for payment from the state through the Crime Victims Assistance Program.  I will tell you they are slow to pay. I ended up paying $100 a month until the other day when the state finally paid.  Mr. Cabrera was very generous about the situation.  He was very happy with my two payments as evidence of good faith.  He has now been paid in full.

There are good people out there and Luis Cabrera is one of them.  Now, I do not know if he would wait  again now that he knows it takes a long time to get paid.  But his deed was good.  He knew I would honor my personal guarantee.

My thanks to Mr. Cabrera for his good deed. Oh, and the family said his service was very professional.  They were very happy with his entire moving crew

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