Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Editor's Note: I am working on several stories, but because I am document driven - it takes time. So today will be a tale.

I was five when I learned the word stunned. This is when I first met George. Oh sure, I do not know his real name, and only suspect he is an apparition.  My family says when I came out of the trance (note originally "trans" because I was channeling through my state as a 5 year old)  I had appeared stunned.  I asked what stunned meant - and this is why I remember with clarity the day I learned the word stunned.

I remember my brother in law always doubting my stories about my pet ghost George - well until  that day in his house he saw George standing next  to me in his kitchen - and then that night my sister and he heard George up and down the stairs all night with a crying baby.  I can go on endlessly with the names of people who went from skeptics to believers.  All I know is there is a very visible presence.

Keaton allowed me 8 hours sleep - right now she is out back sniffing around as dogs do. With being well rested I should be able to finish my research on the pending stories.

 Last night when I got home from bingo George was at my breakfast table waiting for me.  He recounted the tale of a Llorona and asked that I publish her story.

She began by expressing her anger with the groundskeeper at the cemetery. The grass around her stone grows fast which requires the groundskeepers cut the grass daily.  La Llorona stated that the groundskeepers say mean things about her when they mow the grass daily.  George asked her why the grass grows so fast.  La Llorona replied that her heart is heavy with pain and she cries with such intensity for her son that her tears flood the area around her plot thereby causing the grass to grow so fast.

George asked why she cries for her son.  La Llorona stated he is a lost soul who suffers extreme pain from psychosis.  She stated that she lived her life crying for his soul and praying hourly to the Virgin Guadalupe that God would relieve her son of his pain.

She said that she was powerless against the demon muse who guides him.   When she asked the Virgin Guadalupe why she failed to answer her prayers the Virgin is reputed to have said "he loves his demon muse more than he loves you." 

George reminded la Llorona that God has not abandoned her son, but that he has blocked God from his soul. George reminded la Llorona that her son has chosen his path and rejected the path God offered him.

La Llorona responded with "and this is why I carry a heavy heart and cry."  "What did I do to cause my son to love his demon muse more than me?"  George responded "La Llorona, God gave us free will to choose our own path, and your son chose his path through his own free will and not based on your actions."

As la Llorona began to leave George, George asked la Llorona, "who is your son?"  With tears in her eyes she said "he calls himself Duardo, refusing the name I gave him." 


Anonymous said...

Uuuffffff! Great writing, you had me going, really, all the way to the end, you should write more stories like that.

Anonymous said...

Great, Bobby. Although, you should have labeled Dordy El LLORON.

Anonymous said...

That guy REALLY needs to get a life other than copying the stories of other bloggers and then claiming as his own. Give it a rest already.
Concur with other anom that comments in his blog seem to be made by one person .

Keep informing us with facts as only you do, Bobby.

Your story is too funny....my ribs hurt from laughing.

Just watch this story will be stolen too. Yikes!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well written, Bobby!