Sunday, April 7, 2013


It was about 10:15 and I was reading Sunday's Herald stories which had just been posted when I noticed Keaton had grabbed her ball and gone outside. The routine is she will sit on her bed, not rug, and wait for me to follow. We played ball in the dark for about 15 minutes, before I tired. She was sufficiently worked out that it made it easier for her to fall asleep - the Xanax is working along these lines also.

So lets recap - Duardy tells the world a competent veterinarian who has never observed Keaton, examined Keaton, reviewed her medical records, or reviewed her MRI is stating Keaton is not getting competent medical care. Duardy actually believes so that he can settle a personal score with me that even morons will believe that such a quack exists. Only in the voices in your head chump.  Duardy's writing is so bad he cannot even create a credible narrative.  Why? - is he driven by some form of psychosis which makes creating a credible narrative impossible.

Duardy after printing the following expects people to be believe his concern is Keaton and not his obsessive need to discredit me for exposing him as a false writer (self published books sold at 3x the rate for a book published by a real publisher), his failure at Bad Chili and publishing the email from his partner raising serious questions about Duardy's mental health and unprofessional conduct.

Duardy's comment:

"Well, let's hope Keaton suffers (oops!. My bad), I mean...doesn't suffer. Ha ha. Sometimes I lose it. Sorry, folks. Ha ha ha."

He also loves to refer to her as a bitch - considering the above we all know his use of the word bitch is not in its technical sense.  For the record, when I got to the Sarita check point and the agent asked me if I was a US citizen after saying yes I said "the bitch too."  He laughed.  I had been holding her by the collar because I was not sure how she was going to react the agent's dog.  But my use of the word bitch was in a loving way, not a mean spirited way.

Duardy truly suffers from some form of obsessive disorder to settle scores.  Remember this entire exchange started with my crime of pointing out he left an "s" off a word after he attacked Melissa Zamora for leaving an "ed" off of a word.  If you cannot see his response as being that of a psychotic person you are blind.


I write about Keaton's medical condition because people do Internet research and these type posts help people get the proper care. Misleading people with false hope to settle a personal score with someone is just downright cruel.  My posts informes my readers of their options - in the event they are ever faced with the same problem.

 When in the matter of a day Keaton went from being mischievous to appearing to have had a stroke (I believe in October) the  first possible diagnosis based on labs was possible hepatic encephalopathy.  She responded to the antibiotics.  We now know that she responded because that antibiotic can also reduce the size of the tumor.  When the problem came back the doctor recommended a teeth cleaning because gum bacteria could also be the cause.  I paid for the  cleaning.  This is also when the doctor learned prednisone was effective in the treatment.  This is when I was told to see a specialist.  Within hours I was on the phone with the staff of a neurologist in Sugarland.  The staff said I had to wait to hear from the actual neurologist before getting an appointment. 

He called me on Saturday.  He told me Dr. Sessums  was the better option since the clinic where she works has an MRI in the clinic and that she has the ability to do other advance testing he could not do.

On Monday, I was on the phone with Dr. Sessums staff.  They immediately contacted my vet and got Keaton's medical records.  Dr. Sessums called me and told me her initial impression and asked if I could be there Thursday morning.  Thursday was chosen because she could reserve the MRI  for Keaton and she would also have more time to spend with Keaton, including observation.   When the MRI confirmed the tumor Dr. Sessums injected Keaton with her first prednisone treatment.  Keaton had been on prednisone 2x a day every since.

Dr. Sessums' Diagnosis: "Keaton has a brain tumor in the back part of her brain and on the bottom.  It is relatively large and taking up most of her brainstem.  This is the part of the brain where her sleep/awake cycles are regulated, her balance and motor strength comes from and all the nerves that go to her head." 
"You should see some improvement within 3-5 days on the steroids.  The mass is unfortunately inoperable"

So there we are - I go with the opinion of a neurologist who has examined Keaton, observed Keaton, performed an MRI on Keaton or with the fictitious veterinarian who now appears to be claiming without so much as ever seeing Keaton an operation is possible.

Dr. Sessums Notes on Treatment:

"Steroids will reduce the swelling around the tumor and decrease the spinal fluid production (to treat the secondary hydrocephalus). " "Dr. Sessums will talk to Dr. Head about the oral chemotherapy drug and/or antibiotics to put Keaton on if she does well and stabilizes with the steroids."

In treating animals we must remember they cannot speak.  You cannot just fill them up with medication all at once.  We first had to see how Keaton would do on the prednisone.  When stabilized with the only side effect being thirst, I emailed Dr. Sessums with the update.  This is when Dr. Sessums put Keaton on the hydroxyurea.  Hydroxyurea is a chemotherapy drug which can be used to reduce cancer cells or in this case the size of a tumor whether benign or cancerous. 

To sum up the medication regiment Keaton is on, the prednisone reduces the swelling and the hydoxyurea can reduce the size of the tumor or at least slow it down.  The Xanax helps her sleep.  The sleep issue is really simple - she is in a pattern where she would rather be outside all night in the cool air and sleep all day.  It is really a matter of just putting her back on a sleep pattern which has her sleeping at night, and sleeping and playing during the day.  11 year old dogs with a life expectancy of 13 years, tend to sleep a lot one way or the other.

Duardy because he cannot refute the science calls my listing of her medications gobbledygook. This is the level of his critical thinking skills.

As is always with the case of a Teabagger imp, Duardy denounces the science because it does not serve his agenda - in this case - settling a personal score with me.

Only a coward or an extremely mentally derange imp would use a dying dog as a vehicle to settle a personal score. Duardy because he must to rationalize his behavior posts he has received many negative comments for his actions, but that he stands by his posts and the opinion of the imaginary veterinarian. All the while, while refusing to publish any of the negative comments - which in Duardy's case - he never publishes anything but the comments which agree with him or praise him - narcissism

Dr. Sessums, is a highly qualified neurologist.  She has Keaton back to being mischievous.  She plays ball, runs around the pool while I do my laps, eats my spaghetti and meatballs when I turn my back.  A friend noted that everyone now has to go back to putting things high enough so Keaton cannot get them.  I am wearing two different sandals because I have yet to discover where Keaton hid the other pair of each sandal.  This is Keaton.

From post one since the diagnosis I stated Dr. Sessums mentioned radiation therapy.  The idea that this is the idea of Duardy's  fictitious veterinarian only exists in Duardy's head.  It is really not complex.  I put Keaton through the hell of driving back and forth to Sugarland for the 3-4 months while she receives the treatment.  Dr. Sessum is estimating based on the size and location of the tumor radiation therapy would take 3-4 months.  Right not Keaton wants to play and be active.  Why would I imprison her in a car for a 12 hour round trip on a regular basis for three - four months.  This does not include the possible side effects of the therapy.  Also it will only shrink the tumor not destroy it - which means it come back.  The other choice is to take Keaton and Buster away from their home and yard for 4 months and put them in an apartment in Sugarland.  My work is done on the Internet - I can be in China and still do what I do. 

The other option is to do what I am doing - with the full support of Dr. Sessums.  Keaton is active and enjoying life right now.  Her last months will be filled with running, hiding my things, dropping my glasses in the pool, and eating my dinner when I turn my back.  I am not going to have her suffer months of travelling and side effects from radiation therapy when her passing is inevitable. 

One morning I will wake up and see she is disoriented again.  She will suffer a day or two at most as I wait for my vet to get me in to put her down.  I will sit on the floor of the exam room with Keaton cuddled in my lap.  The vet will do what he needs to do as  I  will cuddle Keaton so she knows she is loved. She will not die alone on an exam table.  Buster and I will watch as she fades into peace.  Such is life - a beginning and an end.

There are very few people, even when they have the money, who would spend $3,000 to keep their dog comfortable.  Keaton is comfortable.  Her life will end when it ends.  But for now she will be that mischievous Keaton everyone I know loves and hates - they love her - but tend to get upset when their shoes go missing while they are in the pool.


BobbyWC said...

It's official - Duardy has now compared my alleged hurt feelings -of which there are none - to his hurt feelings caused by people making fun of his car. He actually compared his car to Keaton of being of equal value - at an emotional level. He is actually whining - why are people defending Bobby and Keaton while no one is defending my car?

He then claims I am the only one posting negative comments to his blog so they will never get through - this of course must be true because - well because its Duardy - I obviously have no ability through the longest running blog by name in Brownsville to communicate with my readers - so I would have to post as an anony on his blog.

I do not parse my words - I say what needs to be said - so why would I ever post as an anony

Duardy be careful - calling Dr. Sessums not qualified is defamation per se - accusing someone of being a pornographer is defamation per se.

On Friday Google's lawyer told me to just seek an order that the statement is false, without seeking damages and they will bar you from google for life.

Duardy knows full well I did not create the picture of him getting boinked by Cris Valadez - what I did was publish it in defense of free speech after Duardy black mailed McHale to take down the submission by my Cris -

But then given Duardy's aversion to facts - why would he print the truth.

Apparently all of the negative comments he is getting is sending deeper and deeper into his psychotic state - I fear no law suit on this - he would nonsuit before complying with a court order to produce his mental health records or allowing himself to be subjected to full projective examination by a qualified psychiatrist.

But really - comparing a love for a car to that of a love for a dog - now that is going off the deep end into an empty pool.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Duardy, as everyone knows, and probably many of your former editors know - facts do not matter to you - but here is a fact

The last time I sued you you ran from service like a pussy - in the end the insurance company demanded I release you as part of the $60,000 settlement - their concern was after I had you served through publication you would just counter sue sanchez and Montoya for accusing you of beig the publisher of the defamatory statements. I never thanked you for that $60,000.

And it should shock no one that you side with those who sought to protect the child molesting priests and judge me for telling the State Bar to shove it before I stopped going after their Chief Pro Bono lawyer in the IOLTA litigation against the State Bar for his role in the attempt to void the $119 million dollar judgment in the Dallas Diocese case.

My legal skills are well known -

In the following link the Mandamus I won is what opened the door to my client being allowed to sue Darryl Jordon - Pro Bono Counsel to the state bar. the federal case was filed by John Wall - who has won cases before the US Supreme Court - the state was so determined to stop John they had him arrested in his own office for public intoxication - yea those charges were dropped

So Duardy - do tell why are you defending those who sought to cover up the molestation of children by priests - do tell Duardy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Cute dog!

Anonymous said...

And he calls us pornographers. Say Dordy, you got anything of the Puddle Jumper on vid? I'll look for it on YouTube.