Thursday, April 25, 2013


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Judge Hanen has ordered that all prospective jurors who failed to appear be picked up and brought before the US Magistrate Judge.  Our system does not work without juries.  I am glad to see Judge Hanen is sending a strong message on the issue.

In Dallas I was picked twice for two different felony cases.  After we were sworn, we were asked to wait in the jury room, only to be later told the defendant took the plea bargain.  This is not unusual.

 I would love to serve on a jury.  I am the perfect juror because I am the guy who will follow the directions to the tee.  In fact during jury selection the first time the judge asked me why I refer to the defendant as Mr. So and So.  I said because that is his name.  Other jurors would refer to the defendant as the defendant.  I find that unfair.  Being accused does not make you guilty.  I personally believe a good jury views the parties as equals neither of whom have done anything wrong, until the evidence is in, and then you decide.  It does not matter whether it is a civil or criminal case.

Lawyers tend to like people like me on the jury because they know I will keep things tight during deliberations.  Just the evidence as permitted by the court - nothing else. 

For me, and I have said this many times, justice is about the process and not the result.  Yes, many times the result will be wrong - but if you review the record you will find the process was corrupted.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Sometimes it takes common sense and moral terpitude....ok always