Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Regardless of who wins this race, Brownsville is screwed. We have two very paranoid individuals running for this seat. We have all read about and seen John's own posts. His vacuous soul has gotten the better of him. Letty is just out there in far, far, far, left field in a new universe all to her own.

Her paranoia is almost all too surreal to be believable. My basic rule is, if a candidate is endorsed by BUC, they are bad for Brownsville. BUC cares about itself and is as corrupted as the worse of any politicians in Brownsville. They will support bankrupting the poorest of the poor to get what they want. They serve no one but their wallets - and shame on any one who seeks their endorsement. I do view their page and the following is from Letty Garzoria - her paranoia and nonsense is coming through very clear.

In November I called the police out to the Central Library because the moronic sign holders of the candidates were in the street and driveway.  I nearly hit one - obviously the "nurse" Letty Garzoria believes it is better to run over people than have the police monitor the situation.  She seems to think that by regulating these sign holders it is only her sign holders being impacted.  Proof - none - all sign holders are being kept in check.  But Letty would rather just have them run down by drivers - because that would make for a freer election.

From Letty:

"A little bullying? And a whole lot of cops and SURPRIZE! another inspector from a city department who stood watch over the crowd for about an hour protecting the green space? It would seem that this election is somewhat? Crucial to Tony? Why so manipulativ...e? Elections should be free of manipulations , harassments, and biases! I thought Mr. DAVIES was on the job? Or did he take an early vacation with pay? That protective blind eye , very popular in Cameron County!!!"

Letty is not being allowed to act like a lunatic so she attacks Chris Davis - you know what Letty if you find safety gets in the way of a fair election, then it is time you recommit yourself to Bedlam.

Letty appears to be actually accusing the elections office of engineering a conspiracy to insure her supporters cannot vote.  How the elections office knows who her supporters are - well maybe the voices in her head can tell us that one. 

This poor district having to choose between two very disturbed people.

From Letty:

"Wow! The first day of early voting filled with hostilty , snide remarks, three dissatisfied candidates, an objection why I would not take a picture with a candidate's mother, interrogating the photographer/ no pix and wanting specifics and details about the photograher and all of that drama because she was a friend of mine years ago @ the hospital, police cars showing up to harrass one of my suppo...rters and threaten him with a little jail time? The air thick with hostility and disappointment/with a trickel of voters! The cherry on top of the cake: I went to vote and they could not find my correct add. in the system and deemed that I would have to vote provisional? I have only lived in that house for the past 35 years! Silly me I had to put that to rest , I have my voter card number memorized! Another voter friend came up to me with a paper from the elections service and stated to me that they could not find his address in the system and he had to vote provisional also! Coincidence/Or engineered bias?"

What is really sad is, the idiots at BUC are not smart enough to see just how paranoid Letty is coming across.  If they were smart they would have deleted her comments.

Yes, Letty, Chris Davis called everyone in the  district to find out how they would vote and then rigged the computers to make sure your voters could not vote.  God save Brownsville from either Villarreal or Garzoria.

This is well beyond too surreal to be real.


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