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Montoya has been basically  forced to retract his claims, but then adds the following:  "After we published the post above we were contacted by DA Saenz who said he had been accosted by Wightman."  Yes, with federal agents and a host of police officers standing around DA Saenz, I was allowed to accost DA Saenz.  Montoya is so stupid it blows my mind.  Because I understand the security issues I actually asked for permission to approach Judge Cascos and DA Saenz.  DA Saenz and I had met I think two days earlier over the phone to discuss some of my concerns with his staff.  It was a professional discussion.  I simply went up to thank him in person for having called me to discuss my concerns.  I did not call him.  Zeke must be having a melt down for Montoya to reach this level of lies. 

Juan Montoya's rant this morning about not knowing about the press conference on Saturday related to the 8-Liners tells me Zeke Silva was kept in the dark about the press conference and raid. As the BV has noted, DA employees have complained about Zeke Silva leaking things to Montoya.

I posted the following to Montoya's page - who knows if he will post it.

"Juan - you need to learn to get out of bed before 9 - Jerry Deal was there - various news stations were there - the fact about Rigoberto Gonzalez was raised by the Brownsville Herald reporter during questioning - and in fact reported by the Brownsville Herald.

So apparently Zeke Silva was kept out of the loop and you were not told about the press conference - what does that say about Zeke's place at the table?

I received multiple emails from people asking me about the press conference and if I knew what it was about? I wasn't going to go, but decided - hey why not - It seems like half of Brownsville knew about the press conference.

Your entire story is fabricated - why?   You learned your mole Zeke Silva was kept out of the loop.

And for the record, I stand by all my reporting on Saenz - some days people actually do things right and you report on them - some days people do things wrong and you report on them.

It is called no sacred cows.

Bobby WC"  

On the press release a veteran's group posted the entire press release with letter head on Cheezemeh.  All of this was in the public domain.   The question is, so why post such a bogus story?  Answer Zeke Silva wants Melissa Zamora fired.  Let me tell you something  - Melissa did her job at the press conference.  She greeted all of the press and bloggers present.  She informed everyone equally that pictures of the raid would be issued within an hour or so after the press conference.  If some reporter did not care enough to ask for them, that is not Melissa's  fault.   What Zeke Silva is going to learn very soon is, his nonsense is going to become too embarrassing to DA Saenz.  I get the loyalty issue - Silva worked his butt off for DA Saenz.  But loyalty only goes so far.   I suspect his time at the DA's office will be short - Saenz is not going to tolerate Silva going to Montoya with bogus claims against his fellow employees.   Let's not forget Silva's false claims that Masso was stalking him by driving by his house, while leaving out the fact Masso's relative lived just several houses down from Silva.


People tend to be too busy in their own delusions to listen sometimes.  I spent the morning watching a criminal trial - the attorneys were so busy forming their next question they failed to listen to the testimony.  Even the high school dropout who was with me caught some of the obvious lies.  But people do not listen or pay attention.

I do not know if there was a leak.  But I do know someone lied about something and the timing of a certain event unrelated to the raid - at least directly - smells. I know where to search for documents which will tell me if there is real evidence of a leak.

I am  certain if there was it was not from DA Saenz - he is very excited over working with the feds.  He is not going to blow his chance to work with the  feds. If I find credible proof I will report it.


Anonymous said...

"But I do know someone lied about something and the timing of a certain event unrelated to the raid - at least directly - smells."

I just love loaded statements . . . .

BobbyWC said...

You got to keep the readers coming back - but someone did in fact lie about a key fact - the question is why? The answer may be mere stupidity.

I always tell people to shock them that I believe their was a conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination. But not like you might think - sometimes people panic and lie when they do not have to. I believe people tied to the investigation lied about things thinking they had to because they feared there was a conspiracy when there was not.

The conspiracy theory people keep the Kennedy story going based on the lies of people who lied for no apparent reason other than they thought they had to even thought they did not have to - so at most there was a constructive conspiracy - but not to kill Kennedy - but to cover up evidence or make it appear evidence was being covered up when in fact the evidence pointed to nothing.

People lie for no apparent reason sometimes or out of panic - the lie I have verified may have been just that - a lie out of panic and no other reason.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I always tell people to shock them that I believe their was a conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination."

I always tell people THERE is a difference between THERE and THEIR.

Anonymous said...

Oh nooooooo!!!!!!!!!
A grammar nazi amongst us.
Become picky when you run out of basic understanding of the message...attack the messenger.

Bobby,thank you for providing us with the facts. I also think Casimiro's....I mean Zeke's days are numbered because of his child boy antics.

I hope this lady Josefina follows through and gets justice from all those thugs.

Have a great day! :))