Friday, April 5, 2013



I was actually at CVS picking up some medicine for Keaton when a friend text me about Duardy's latest meltdown. I might suggest an MRI on Duardy's brain and then his family put him down once it is confirmed he suffers from a tumor.  I have posted nothing which remotely suggests Keaton is suffering.  Yes, she has a sleep problem.  Well not today, last night I said screw it an allowed her and her sister to go in and out all night while I slept - they then slept all day.  Her sleep problems could be caused by the tumor or the need to pee all of the time from the amount of water she drinks - side effect of prednisone.

I really did not want to respond because as I have noted to my readers the longer you ignore him the more he melts down.  If I were to wait a few more days he could reach the point of suicidal ideation.  But this CVS deal is too important.  I really wanted to say thank you to CVS and let all other pet owners know about the discount.

Keaton is under the care of a well qualified neurologist.  I owe her so much.  Without additional costs she is following Keaton's care through emails.  Keaton is actually doing so well on the Prednisone (reduces inflammation around brain) she has now put Keaton on a medicine which can actually reduce the size of the tumor.  There are no guarantees - but it has been known to work.  That is why I was at CVS.  With the CVS Vet Script card the cost for reducing the size of the tumor went from $38 for the month to $24.  The Prednisone went from $18 to $11.  This is a great program CVS has.

Tonight will be her  second night on Xanax.  Last night she took 1mg - it obviously did not work.  The vet told me to up her to 2 mg.

The only down side to the medicine for reducing the size of the tumor is Keaton over the next 30 days will need to have a basic CBC done to check  for anemia.  Every two weeks, and then once a month from there forward.  Keaton loves the vet so this is no big deal.

Keaton is so mischievous right now that she is back to stealing my glasses and dropping them in the pool, and tricking me to get up so she can grab my dinner.  She did that the other night and finished off my spaghetti and meatballs. 

So Keaton is as happy as can be.

But I do agree that when miserable imps like Duardy are reduced to mocking sick dogs and hoping they are in pain and suffering, it may be time to put down such imps.

Duardy attacks Melissa Zamora for leaving off an "ed" on a word - I noted Duardy is no better because he left off an "s" of a word and rather than man up about it he attacks a sick dog, wishers pain and suffering on the dog, and then demands she be put to death. 

Yea Duardy the only one suffering a terrible death from brain problems is you - I actually feel sorry for you because your post indicates a magnitude of emotional suffering which is unimaginable. 

And for the record, Dr. Sessums, (neurologist) has detailed for my regular vet the moment when humane euthanasia is recommended.

As someone not born brain dead, I will go with the opinion of a highly respected neurologist instead of that of a deranged imp.


How many editors did they have at the Post review your work (NY's equivalent of the National Enquirer) before your messy articles got through?

Is it a question of you being gender confused as an imp, or just a sloppy editor?

"and I hear that it is a female dog by the name of Keaton"

"Keaton is up, then he's down. Keaton couldn't sleep all night, then he just slept all day."  Make up your mind, is she a she or he. 

Here is an anatomy lesson  to help you along.

A general translation for those who do not know Spanish - "Our genitalia are different"  - "Yea, yours has a wifi antenna and mine has a CD player." 


Run by real doctors and not some psychotic imp.


Diego lee rot said...

People who are kind to animals are kind people indeed

BobbyWC said...

Jake while I appreciate your support on the issue the comment is a bit gross altough Duardy used similar language- well actually identical language - but not on the BV - water sports comments are not allowed.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

10-4 my man. Will try to come up with something presentable to your blog. I love your dogs, though.

BobbyWC said...

I think people know the substance of your comment without me having to post it -

and to be clear - the day Keaton starts to walk in circles again I know and the vet knows the medicine is no longer working - a peaceful ending will be scheduled with me in the corner of the exam room on the floor with Keaton in my lap - Buster will be with us - the vet will do what needs to be done and Keaton will be a peace

But for now she is very much enjoying life - she runs around the pool barking when I am doing my laps - that is Keaton - I am doing laps twice a day - during the day and at night - she is having her fun - if you ask her to get in the pool she turns and runs like a rabbit - she is not a pool dog- but tell her to get in the open shower for her bath and she is there - in fact because it is an open shower some mornings I have to stop her from getting in it while I shower - she loves the shower - funny as they go

another quirk which tells me she is doing fine - she is back to whining if her bowl is not 100% full - this is Keaton - it is not a question of enough food - she just wants the bowl full - the container which holds the extra food is right not to her bowel - she can stick her head in that and eat - but she will not - she wants her bowl 100% full

all of these little quirks tells me she is doing fine.

Bobby WC