Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Understanding that the Herald sometimes has to clear stories through their legal department, I decided to not mention this until today.  I gave them until Monday to collect the facts in hopes by Tuesday the story would be in the paper.

I do not get a hard copy of the paper - has the Margarita Ozuna indictment been in the Herald?

The BV  will cover the BISD Meeting blow by blow

If not why?  Anything tied to Ernie Hernandez is normally front page headlines?


Anonymous said...

Yes, very strange that our local media have kept this hush, hush. Of course this is the same paper that buries N. Korea on the back page and talks about nice, but BS front page stories

BobbyWC said...

Go back to when the Herald ran cover for Escobedo and his back door deals when Escobedo was running against Ruben Cortez - But then Escobedo decides to run for County Commissioner and all of a sudden information that they refused to print during the BISD election became newsworthy.

This is not journalism -

we all know when it comes to Ernie Hernandez it is front page news - but this time - as my second post today shows - the Herald is now outright lying about what they know and actually running cover for Ernie Hernandez (for the record it will take documented evidence from Ozuna to nail Ernie in this case) Why?

The answer lies in which candidate for city commission are they trying to protect? The Herald wants to make sure Tony Martinez has his majority and to get there they are now willing to lie for Ernie Hernandez

Again the fact a politiquera is indicted for acts related to Ernie's election does not mean he authorized the conduct. We are a long way from that being the case.

Bobby WC