Monday, April 15, 2013


So long as we celebrate our ignorance as a birth right corruption will exist.



The DA and County Judge had no lead in the raid or say so over the raid.  Some 18 months ago Homeland Security started the investigation based on concerns of money laundering and public corruption.  Homeland Security has no interest in the basic problem of gambling.  Homeland Security, and not the DA decided on which businesses would be targeted and the date and  time of the raids.  DA Saenz and County Judge Cascos had zero say in the timing of the raid or which businesses would be targeted,  The targeted businesses were chosen based on a belief the gathered intelligence will lead to evidence of money laundering and public corruption.

The first stupid comments were posted to Cheezemeh.  So many of Erasmos some 250 readers are so lazy they cannot do something as simple as google the time of day.  You can give his readers a link with the full story and they are too lazy to even click on the link to get the facts,  They then post their ignorant comments based on ignorance.

The ignorance and lack of interest in the facts then spread to other blogs and the comments by the various readers of these blogs.   DA Saenz will prosecute everyone arrested to the fullest extent of the law.  The targets were not his - they were Homeland Security's.  No one would be dumb enough to give back door deals to defendants targeted by Homeland Security.  It is not about the gambling - Homeland Security's concern is money laundering and public corruption.

It blows my mind all of this information was out there but simply ignored so as to be able to create false stories or commentaries.


The Herald has the chance to cover a trial which when done will make national headlines and its publisher does not have the sense to hire someone with legal experience to do the coverage.  Emma and Laura have repeatedly made mistakes in their coverage of legal matters.  Their lack of understanding of the legal process makes it impossible for them to ask the right questions or understand the significance of any particular testimony.

Apparently part of Villalobos' case will involve allegations of good plea bargains in exchange for money.  Villalobos' lawyer in a state of complete panic after last weeks hearing claims he withheld his best stuff until trial and that the trial will be a blood bath for the US Attorney.   This was not very professional and reflected the fact he knows his client is screwed.

The problem with the Herald's coverage is their reporters are not qualified to cover legal matters.  They fail to understand the process.

In each file there will be a recommendation as to the proposed plea bargain made by the assigned DA to the case.  All the US attorney has to do is call the assigned DA to the case and ask, "who told you to change the original plea bargain offered to the defendant?"  Laura's and Emma's lack of knowledge of the system leave them at a major disadvantage when dealing with lawyers.  An experienced law reporter would have hit back with would not the file show the original plea bargain offered was changed?


Nearly every candidate is running from this issue.  This is sad.  There is an economic issue to the ban.  The business owners to a person are liars when they say they care about their employees.  When these people end up with lung cancer who do you think will pay the bill - the bar owners? - hardly - they will cut and run faster than in a blink of an eye.

People with health insurance or who actually pay cash for their healthcare will pay for the care of these bar employees when they develop illnesses related to smoking.  Built into every hospital or doctors bill is recovery of the money lost on those who do not pay.  This means those who pay for insurance pay more to cover the uninsured.

If people want to smoke - so be it - but for a community to not protect minimum wage employees from such a work hazard speaks of the community's ignorance of the true economic impact second hand smoke has on the over all economy.  This includes your personal pocket.



Anonymous said...

With regard to the 8-liner raid story, your coverage of this matter is probably the best of any other source.

what is missing from the press release is the names fo the actual targets of the Federal investigation. DA Saenz clearly was given the misdeameanor cases to prosecute against the employees (AKA small fish) of the game room. What about the owners and money people behind the game rooms? They are not really discused in the DA's press release.

Typically indictments follow after these types of raids, not necessarily right away, but somewhere down the line.

BobbyWC said...

there were no small time employees arrested - just management and owners

Homeland Security is interested in something bigger - they way it works is - the managers looking for a deal will give up the information Homeland Security is really looking for

They are not going to give out names ahead of arrests - this is an ongoing investigation - time will give us the true targets

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Homeland is looking for foreigners that are bribing public officials.To allow them to do so is dangerous ,If these public officials are already on the take they can willingly choose to commit more heinous crimes and or they open themselves up to being blackmailed into doing so.If you have ever been to some of the game rooms in La feria you would see that there are some very shady Middle Eastern looking types.Should we allow them to launder their money here ? And/ or make money to buy weapons that can be used against us here and/or our military overseas?Or pretend they are only smuggling in dope when it could be a dirty bomb.? To allow foreigners to bribe our public officials can open up a very big can of worms...