Saturday, April 13, 2013


Cameron County Judge Cascos and DA Saenz joined forces this morning with a host of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to announce the raid on several 8 Liners last night and arrests of owners and high level and mid-level employees.  Low level employees were not subject to arrest.  On the decision to not arrest what they called floor walkers - my hats off to law enforcement - in many ways these people are also victims - they need the jobs and arresting them will not stop the crime.

Among those arrested were Rigoberto Gonzalez, son in law to Cameron County Tax Collector Tony Yzaguirre.  Judge Cascos on questioning noted that Cameron county through the tax office issues registration stickers to be placed on the 8 Liners.  Remember people, correlation does not prove causation.  There is no evidence or even allegation that the tax office has been doing anything wrong. I note the relationship because it shows that all politicians are now on notice - no sacred cows.

Rigoberto Gonzalez - Jail records show booked on
"GAMB/PROM ***PA*** Agency(CCSD)

UPDATE:  The Herald is reporting that Tony Yzaguirre claims Rigoberto Gonzalez is no longer his son in law.  However a quick  check of court filings shows the divorce between Jennifer Yzaguirre and Rigoberto Gonzalez remains pending.  A final prove up is scheduled for Tuesday.  Maybe Jennifer just mislead her dad as to the status of the divorce, or Tony figured no one would check.

Homeland Security began the investigation some 18 months ago.  They did not bring the DA's office into it until Villalobos left office.  DA Saenz, along with sheriff Lucio, the FBI Homeland security, Texas Rangers and a host of local law enforcement offices worked the case.  The decision to bring DA Saenz office into the investigation is a clear signal of trust in DA Saenz.  With Villalobos gone and the feds working with the DA, we can hopefully begin to see more crackdowns on public corruption.

A decision was made to target various 8 Liners throughout the county as a way to send a message county wide.  During the press conference it was noted the 8 Liners taken will be subjected to a civil forfeiture suit and then destroyed.  The old policy of reselling the 8 Liners back into the community is now part of the past.  It is hoped that once the owners of the 8 Liners realize the machines will be destroyed and not sold back, they will move out of Cameron county.  It is sad there is a burn ban - an 8 Liner barn fire would be a nice community event.

The property owners of the buildings where the 8-Liners are operating are also being put on notice that under the right facts they could find their buildings being forfeited or profits from rent being subject to a forfeiture action.  This is another good change in how things are being done. 


They are tweeting and posting the story as fast as the BV - normally they wait several hours.


Homeland Security's initial interest was money-laundering and public corruption. But Sheriff Lucio noted that with an estimated $350 million exchanging hands in Cameron county alone the 8-Liners are ripe for take over by the cartels. This would be a major law enforcement problem for Cameron county.


Apparently for some time adult children have been complaining to law enforcement that their senior citizen parents have been losing their social security checks at these places. Allegations include seniors sleeping in their cars during breaks from gambling.
This  story is still developing.  Later in the day the DA may release pictures of the operation.  The BV will post those pictures.


BROWNSVILLE – Cameron County, state and federal law enforcement agencies began a shutdown of all eight-liner establishments in the County Saturday upon the culmination of an 18-month criminal investigation known as Operation Bishop.

Five eight-liner establishments were raided: Pink Suite in La Feria; Lucky Place Arcade in Harlingen; Golden Arcade in Harlingen; M77 Game Room in Olmito; and Sahara Inn in Brownsville. Eight arrests were made with owners and managers charged with various gambling violations and at least one arrestee charged with organized crime. The 456 seized machines will be forfeited and destroyed.

Operation Bishop will continue through December until all eight-liner establishments in the County are closed. Two hundred eight-liner establishments currently operate in the County. Property owners will also be placed on notice that they may face losing their properties if they continue to allow eight-liners in their buildings.

“The average eight-liner business generates thousands of dollars in revenue daily,” said District Attorney Luis V. Saenz.

“This is revenue known to benefit organized crime. This is revenue that doesn’t benefit our community, because it’s not being spent in our community.”

It is estimated that the eight-liner industry generates at least $300 million annually. The money is known to leave the County and even Texas.

“When money stays in the community, sales tax revenue goes to your local governments and allows them to provide resources for you – better streets, more libraries, more services, etc. Let’s not forget job creation and sustainability,”

Saenz added. “I look forward to the day I can run a steam roller over them.”

Operation Bishop is the first operation of its kind in terms of number of agencies working together to curtail what is  known as a criminal epidemic in Cameron County.

Agencies and entities participating in Operation Bishop are: Cameron County Judge’s Office and Cameron County Emergency Management; Cameron County District Attorney’s Office; Cameron Sheriff’s Department; Constables

Offices; DEA; FBI; the Department of Homeland Security; Willacy County EMS; Brownsville PD; Harlingen PD; and San Benito PD.


Anonymous said...

Why don't they raid Las Vegas? What is legal in one state should be legal in all states. If not, what is the purpose of the US constitution?

Oh, I know states' rights, like legal racial discrimination for over a hundred years after the Civil War. And, Meskins were included along with the Irish and dogs. There's your states' rights.

BobbyWC said...

The problem with your comment is - you clearly have zero knowledge of the constitution - it expressly provides for state governments to make their own laws.

This issue of states rights is a debate and not an established legal concept - they clearly have authority under the US constitution - but the concept of State Rights is just stupid - the people have the rights and create governments which have authority as conferred upon them by the people

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This is what happens when ignorant people go to Cheezemeh for their news - they come across as ignorant - if you consider Cheezemeh a news source you are not bright at any level.

These comments represent a total lack of knowledge of the facts and the nature of the problem - but then her source was Erasmos - meaning she had no source just ignorance

"Vennett Canul They should be doing drug raids not machine raids. That's so stupid. I guess it's easier then doing there real job . Even if it's illegal the city gives them permits. The bingo gives money for playing and there still open. The computer arcades give money. Oh but they donate for coffee and donuts. Whatever
Like · 15 · 4 hours ago via mobile..Vennett Canul Ok its illegal go arrest little old grandmas instead of criminal on the street. Let's get our priorities straight. I'd rather be safe on the street with my children like when I go to Wal-Mart late at night to get milk or pampers, but oh no there to busy raiding the old ladys. Whatever makes it seem like a jobs getting done whatever. Still stupid."

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

No patrons were arrested.

BobbyWC said...

No - just owners and management

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Of course states can make their own laws. AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT VIOLATE THE US CONSTITUTION. The issue is that by merely crossing a state line an act becomes ilegal in that particular state, which represents UNEQUAL justice before the courts. Laws should be the same regardless of which state one is physically present when the physical presence has no bearing on the equal treatment before the law. Obviously, this not the case if you have a different speed limit in a neighborhood from a freeway. But you CANNOT prohibit all citizens from driving a car. However, the right to gamble is a right that has no issue with physical location. If it is a legal and a right in Nevada then it is legal in all states. The states may modify gambling, such as age but they cannot prohibit a RIGHT. That is the essence of the US Constitution under the Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

For example, Cameron County taxes citizens to use their bridge to cross into Mexico. It is NOT a use fee as this bridge has been paid for a thousand times over. It is a substantial tax that is used in the county budget. It is clearly a violation of the Interstate Commerce clause Article I, Section 8, Clause 3. Please file a case in Federal District Court on Monday.

BobbyWC said...

You have clearly never read the 14th Amendment

"Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

It applies to the individual state - meaning the state cannot have a law for group a but not group b without violating the equal protection clause unless in some cases it has a rational basis and in other cases a compelling state interest

Under your bizarre theory if Montana were to legalize sex with cows then Texas would have to allow for sex with cows.

Your post is just too bizarre for anyone to believe

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Of course beastiality is constitutional in ALL states under the 14th Amendment. See below. Counselor, I think you are the one that needs to bone up on the constituion. I do hope you follow through with my suggestion on the County Bridge constitutional issue. I am sure County Judge Nacos will be helpful.

"Lawyers representing a Marion County man accused of sexual activity with a miniature donkey have filed a motion asking a judge to declare the Florida statute banning sexual activities with animals unconstitutional.
Carlos R. Romero, 32, declared last week that he wanted to take his case to trial. He is accused of sexual activities involving animals, a first-degree misdemeanor, after he allegedly was found in a compromising position in August with a female miniature donkey named Doodle.
In the motion filed in Marion County court on Dec. 6, the assistant public defenders handling Romero's case — Joshua Wyatt, Scott Schmidt and Joshua Lukman — wrote that the statute infringes upon Romero's due process rights and violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution."

BobbyWC said...

Due, you cannot run from your own argument - you said if gambling is legal in Nevada (for the record casinos exist in many states) then under the 14th Amendment Equal protection clause it is therefore legal in Texas. The Amendment only applies to how Texas treats other Texans - it has nothing to do with laws in other states.

Due Process is both procedural and substantative - under the latter the federal bill of rights and common law rights have been incorporated against the States under the 14th Amendment.

So if there is a constitutional right to gamble, which the US Supreme Court has never found, then Texas could not ban it - until the US Supreme court finds the right it is not a right.

Just because many states have found a constitutional right for gays to marry does not mean Texas must allow gays to marry.

Now that is separate from whether Texas must recognize a gay marriage performed in another state.

Now if under either of the gay marriage cases pending before the US Supreme court the court finds a federal constitutional right for gays to marry then under substantive due process of the 14th Amendment the right would apply to Texas.

For now Texas gay couples can sue claiming the ban on gay marriage violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment based on a belief of a federal right. Any such lawsuit at this time would be stayed by the trial court pending a ruling from the Supreme Court in the other cases.

Your argument is just plain stupid - if it were the law, then liberal states would be able to make laws which go against the values of the conservative states thereby making the will of the people of the conservative states meaningless.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Not that it will matter, but from Wikipedea - which I do not trust - but they put it in simple language - note the language "within its jurisdiction" no reference to laws in other states

"Its Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction. This clause was the basis for Brown v. Board of Education (1954),"

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Further, you comment reflects an extreme ignorance in how debate occurs. I am not suggesting sex with animals is legal or ever would be legal - I was only pointing out how stupid things would be if a law in one state must be enforced in another under the Equal Protection clause - I can assure you go to court and argue your right to smoke pot because it is legal in Colorado and the judge will piss his pants laughing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

First of all, all marriages, gay or otherwise, are unconstitutional. Marriage is an illegal contract, which violates any number of laws. Such as freedom of association, as in extra-marital sex. A marriage contract, and it is only a contract, precludes the right to marry more than one party, which is clearly against the Mormon and Muslim religions, violating the constitutional right to religious freedom.

If my arguments are spurious, why did THREE public defenders in Florida use my argument in the beastiality case, which is still on appeal as far as I know? You do not address the County Bridge issue? Why not? If you win you save tax payers millons a year in bridge tolls that people who do not use the bridge pay. Why should Brownsville and Mexican nationals pay Harlingens taxes? Go for it, this case could make you famous.

BobbyWC said...

First of all this post is about the 8-liners - not bridge fees - I have no interest in the issue and really do not care to spend my time researching it - especially when the discussion is coming from someone who has zero knowledge of the law

Your arguments are just stupid - Bob Hedrick argued it is his constitutional right to view child pornography so it must be so. Do you really think it is that simple?

It is defense counsel's job to create arguments no matter how stupid - each year about 8,000 apply to the Supreme Court for help - about 80 will get heard - good luck getting any judge taking your argument on sex with animals serious

The courts have ruled the states have an interest against animal cruelty - also there is the issue of consent - no court in my life time will ever find a right to have sex with animals - period - no court in my life time will ever find a right to view child pornography -= period - it is really that simple

I get why the public defenders are arguing it - I get why Bob Hedricks lawyer argued he had a right to view child pornography - but I also get these tactics are used to create appeals - appeals which go no where - which keep people paying the attorney or the taxpayers having to pay a public defender

You know nothing about the law or how the legal system works.

If you have the money I can find you a million lawyers to argue God owes you a trillion dollars for making you stupid. Legal arguments are driven by money, not the law.

You know nothing about the legal system.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. If the state, county and city give and charge a fee to affix their stickers to these machines then the machines MUST be deemed legal. It is a misdemeanor to pay over $5.00 in cash or offer anything of value worth $5.00 or more for any particular prize.
If you want to stand up for the constitution,here's your chance! If they are trying to charge people with a felony here it is a miscarriage of the judicial system. If myself, the editor of this blog and another person say....hmmm let's just cross the street here by Neto Gamez' instead of waiting to get to the cross walk. Then, you get hammered with conspiring to jaywalk and RICO. This is the states problem. The state has never put any teeth into the law. If they don't want these type of adult amusement games, then do what Florida just did and make all of these typese of games prohibited from lic. Fees etc.

Anonymous said...

The guy above is delusional..I don't think it is about misdemeanors....this is about money laundering huge amounts of maney and hiding that fact. That is what they will get theses places for. If the arcades would operate legally, no one would go to them. Might as well go to Peter Piper and win a million tickets to win a plastic soldier toy.

Anonymous said...

So it's ok if they pay taxes? Some do. I agree nobody wants the cartels here. I don't believe they are. They might be, and if they are then they should be stopped. I don't like anyone telling me not to act, think, believe a certain way. It's gotten out of hand obviously! But it's still a state misdemeanor crime! Cascos, Saenz and Barrera should appeal to the state to not issue lic. anymore. You can't paint everyone in that industry with a wide brush. It's not fair. So Bingos will see their respective business increase which is where a lot of this pressure has come from. ELITIST GAMBLING. I have a lic. so I should be able to entertain people in these type of setting not anyone else. FASCIST PIG!