Sunday, April 7, 2013


Guys, this is not even funny at any level. He must be a the point of losing his mind. A friend called me to check out his latest post. He claims Keaton is dead and supports same with a picture I took of Keaton asleep in the car on the trip back from Sugarland. Above is Dr. Sessums prescription for the Xanax dated April 4, days after my return from Sugarland. His mind is so far gone it would not occur to him I can post pictures of the prescription receipt or the bottles.

Because he cannot produce any proof for anything he says he continues to revert to homophobia, speaking pride in engaging in water sports on his enemies, and antisemitism.

"Historians note that only the heart of a Jew is ten-times colder than the heart of a murderous Nazi."

Duardy's long history of being anti-Jewish is well documented.   The contributors at the failed on line magazine he tried to start were horrified when I copied them all of his anti-Jewish and homophobic statements.

As the prescription shows Dr. Sessums prescribed the Xanax just like I said.  It is to calm Keaton and help her sleep.

Who is Dr. Sessums?  Click  Now Duardy how about posting the credentials of your great veterinarian.  We all know that will not happen.  He does not exist

He claims to have an unnamed photographer stating the photos are old.  When you read the post he attempts to deceive you into believing it may be Brad Doherty.  If you read the post carefully he is not saying Brad Doherty is the source - it is an old con trick - someone reads its fast and fails to realize what it really says.

"A photographer we know has looked at the photos posted on Bobby's blog and has declared they are older than what Bobby affirms. How he can tell that I don't know, but the eye of a photographer, says local lensman Brad Doherty, is gold."

So now what we have is a conspiracy with CVS to fabricate prescription receipts at my request.

I cannot imagine the amount of suffering happening in Duardy's brain - he has spent a beautiful Sunday obsessing over this - his goal is to discredit me but all he has done is convince Brownsville he has completely and totally lost his mind.

My day - a little yard work - brisket at the Nights of Columbus fundraiser, shopping for a pink dress for Bela, a swim, fish for dinner.  Oh, the first time I watched the "Young Philadelphians." Finally, I yelled at Keaton for getting in the trash.  She knows I have been easier about the rules so she made a go for it - she got a good yelling and went outside to sit on her outside bed - which is where she is now - taking in the cool air.

People you need to stop posting nasty comments on his blog - it has obviously put him in a state of complete psychotic meltdown.  At this point it is not funny - if he has any one living in his shack with him, I cannot imagine how bad their day has been dealing with his tirade.

And for the record - but facts do not matter to Duardy- I am not Jewish - my family history is the family which brought the first Baptist church to Rhode Island.  Valentine Wightman   My line is from his father George - My father had us raised as Christian Scientists.  I am now an independent student of Joshua (aka Jesus).

The Neptune Society has been guiding families in cremation for decades.  My uncle Mike had his ashes spread in an old upside down volcano which in Nicaragua they call a laguna.  My cousin made the trip and spread her fathers ashes in the laguna where he learned to swim.  Every year thousands of vets are buried at sea with their ashes being dumped in the North Atlantic by the Navy during a special ceremony.   This is a common practice in the US.  But according to Duardy our US Navy is now an extension of Nazi Germany for its support of this practice.

My dog Bogie's ashes are in a nice Cedar box which will be place in my cardboard cremation coffin when I am cremated along with Keatons and Busters, assuming I outlive them.  We will all be buried at sea by the Navy along with thousands of other vets on the same day.

According to Duardy smart people wait for the impending death to occur before they make the arrangements and cruel people make the arrangements in advance.  The cremation place in Los Fresnos comes highly recommended.  It is done in specialized equipment by licenced professionals.  Like I said I need to visit the place first.  I am not going to be driving around Texas with Keaton at the last minute looking for a place.  If Los Fresnos is not a professional place, I will next look to McAllen - hence why you plan in advance.

I have a funerary affidavit with someone designated to carry out my wishes.  Everything is funded.  Why would I leave that burden to a family member when I can plan it all out in advance including payment.

But according to Duardy this is what Nazi's do - plan the funeral in advance.

Again I cannot imagine the level of psychosis he is undergoing at this moment to feel compelled to claim he has evidence Keaton has died when it is so easy for me through prescription receipts to show otherwise.

People he is not being mean - he is just psychotic.  Leave him be and stop posting negative comments - you are only causing him great pain and that is just  down right cruel.


Anonymous said...

(People he is not being mean - he is just psychotic. Leave him be and stop posting negative comments) If they still had them, he'd be a prime candidate for an insane asylum. And he makes fun of Keaton needing surgery. LOL!

Anonymous said...

And you rise to the bait once again.

BobbyWC said...

No, as my regular readers know I normally let him fester until he goes way over the edge - I know that ignoring him only makes his anger worse - hence I normally wait

It is Sunday when I do not normally post much - but I am serious about telling people to stop defending me and Keaton on his page - it has clearly causes some make mental health problems for him

I posted the proof so people can see just how far over the edge he has gone - I simply want people to stop defending Keaton or me - it is making him worse

That is the sole reason for the response

Apparently me thanking him for the $60,000 I made when he ran from service like a pussy did not go over well with him.

he is not going away - my fear is what happens when he reaches a point of complete psychosis -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

(he is not going away - my fear is what happens when he reaches a point of complete psychosis -) Bobby back to Dordy's car, old Jim Barton called it a puddle jumper the other day. And it became obvious that Dordy saw RED. Ja,ja,ja,ja,ja!!!

Anonymous said...

You should invite him fishing out at boca chica so you guys can make good.

Anonymous said...

Well I finally read that blog at my friend's house. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Pura m-----!!!!!!!!

Bobby, PLEASE stop feeding the troll. You are stooping too low and we, your readers, don't like it. Let the other bloggers write for shock value because that is the only reason some people read their trash.

I have never read such nonsense spiced with so much anger and angst. Delusional comes to mind.

The comments that support him have a very suspicious voice... almost as if they were written by the same person.

PLEASE continue doing what you do well and that is keeping us informed with facts and not silly nonsense.

Keaton will get well and she will live for a long time because she has a caring daddy.

Don't feed the troll....!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

I agree with everything you said, but I also believe it is important this type medical information get on the internet and that people locally learn there is a place they can to go for help.

While I am trying to pass on information, this imp spends every day of his life demeaning people - this is his entire existence.

I have never posted anything personal about any family member, his daughter, or his dead mother. I would never consider creating pictures of him around his mother's grave with vulgar captions - things like this are off limits.

If he has a problem with me, man up and deal with me - but if he insists in bringing in family members it may be time for me to respond and we can begin with his mother.

He obviously thinks this is acceptable because he had no complaints when Mchale went after my long dead mother - but then I get Mchale like Duardy suffers great bouts of depression.

I am working on two stories - I am not sure about one of them - I am sure about the facts - but I am not sure if it would be helpful to post the story.

Until this morning in court I did not realize how emotionally exhausted I am - Keaton is the least of the problems - she is fine - while it is true tomorrow morning I could wake up and find her disoriented and have to put her down - it is equally true the medicine to reduce the size of the tumor could keep her around another year - it is a day by day situation.

Her medicine though means going to the bathroom every two hours - rather than go in the house she wakes me up - I take her out - I hug her and say good girl.

I am very sleep deprived. this is my biggest problem.

But I also manage some of the affairs of some family members with dementia - it is hard to deal with the regular phone calls and then an hour later get another one with the family member having no recollection of the previous call.

Dementia is a curse of a disease - It is hard when you know you are nearly 2000 miles away and they are accusing you of doing things like stealing from their room. An hour later they will have no memory of the conversation.

I do not know how families do it - it is real, real hard

Anyway - I will decide later tonight if the story I am working on will be published - I am waiting on a few phone calls -

But know this - Keaton is doing very well - she is asleep with her sister - that is what 11 year old dogs do - they seem to be most active from about 5 p.m. to midnight - Keaton and I will play ball at 10 - this tires her which makes her fall asleep real fast - well until it is bathroom time - the fact she wakes me tells me just how functional her brain is - again she is doing quite well

Bobby WC