Sunday, April 7, 2013


Upon learning of Duardy and Cata la Rata working on the set of the "Walking Dead," the CDC decided to invite them to speak to a group of medical students on the issue of obesity, veterinary care, and special needs children in education.

Before heading out to their meeting at the CDC, the producer approached Duardy about a love interest, now that Cata is no long an option - you know that banger over fish and chips issue. Apparently, Cata recommended Patty Wagon Laidman and Carlito Quincinilla.  After reviewing nude shots of the two Duardy chose Patty Wagon Laidman over Carlito Quincinilla as his love interest.  Duardy appears to prefer white meat.  When asked why Laidman, Duardy responded “my book sales are not going so well so I really need a sugar daddy.  Plus I was told Laidman is good with trash so I thought we would be a perfect match”

Cata said :"our schools are doing fine in providing an education to special needs children, just look at Duardy - a world-renowned smut writer and expert on obesity, and veterinary care."

A medical student asked Duardy about his medical theory on obesity "Duardy you stated that all fat people are fat because they do not exercise and overeat - how do you account for the fact there has never been a scientific study to prove your theory, and the overwhelming science related to metabolism and a host of diseases which account for obesity?"  Duardy "must I suffer questions from lads who think science is real?

Another medical student chimes in and asks the name of this great veterinarian giving him advice on a dog the vet has never scene, examined or who has had access to the dog's MRI or medical records.  Medical Student:  "How can a competent veterinarian under these facts possibly have a competent opinion of Keaton?"  Duardy "So not having examined me you are saying the voices in my head are not real - oh dear lad, with that kind of attitude you will never succeed as a doctor."

After Duardy and Cata left the stage Dr. Sigmund Freudenhauser stated to his colleagues - do you think our medical students obtained enough information for a case study of extreme narcissism and psychosis? Dr. Carl Junglear chimed in and said in the field of education alone these medical students will be able to write an endless number of dissertations.


This was written several weeks ago - but I decided to not publish it.  But I think it now fits - with the exception of the veterinarian paragraph it is the original post.

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