Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If you read their online article it is so filled with non-information it blows your mind


How can they possibly say they do not know what election it was from when the date in the indictment shows the event occurred during a primary run-off in 2010? 

Again, something is up and Daniel Cavasos is running cover for someone.  The Herald has the name of the Texas AG who worked on the case.  They know the Texas AG worked the case.  They simply lie in the article - but why?

The same goes for Duardy the Imp - the BV posted the indictment and the court transcript which forms the basis of the indictment, but yet Duardy repeatedly lied in his posts that no one knew who had been indicted.  He simply could not print that as a journalist my sources at the AG's office had no problem providing me the indictment - so he simply did what he always does - just lies - throws out endless 5 year old insults and claims only people who know where the comma goes are journalists.  This is his refuge - he cannot do research - he cannot get his facts straight and he has no sources.  Since he cannot function as as journalist he is forced to defame people and just outright fabricate stories.

The full story is out there - but what he sees is - his style of journalism is the same as Daniel Cavasos - so he has to claim there is no story.  The AG who prosecuted the Dallas case got a conviction of the candidate who hired the politqueras and had the candidate removed from office.  In the minds of anyone but a petty imp, this is a story.  It is also a story that we have a newspaper not running the story and then finally in desperation after being forced to acknowledge the story simply lies to its readers about what it knows.

Again, the Indictment which only the BV was able to acquire, and the court transcript which verifies what is in the indictment - again another BV exclusive at the time the story broke according to Duardy the imp is not journalism.  According to Duardy the imp - none of this is journalism - he cannot refute the facts so he hangs on to a mistake between "their" and "its"  - how sad.

For the record, if you catch his initial posts there are almost always grammatical mistakes - the BV does not make an issue of it because - true journalism is about the substance of the article and not the placement of the comma - but then all Duardy knows is the proper placement of the comma - well at least after several edits.

 See Indictment


The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.


In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73. The indictment is based on the testimony of Ricardo Liceaga.
  A journalist has sources.  My work for veterans which the imp always mocks has gained me enough of a reputation that yesterday a navy Commander spent 45 minutes with me on the phone to work on the issue of burial at sea for veterans.  Cameron county gets an A+ (meaning Judge Cascos and his staff and other county employees) for helping me to compile important data.   According to Duardy when I do the story it will not be journalism because getting the attention of a navy Commander is no big deal and being addressed as a reliable source on the issue is of no consequence.  I can assure Duardy to veterans - it means everything - but then according to Duardy the imp we are just whiners who need to man up.


Anonymous said...

What level of cooperation (if any) did our new elections administrator provide to the investigation which led to this indictment? I'm afraid I know the answer already, but I'll defer until my question is answered definitively.

BobbyWC said...

First of all the criminal complaint was filed before Chris Davis took office - further no cooperation was needed - it you read the indictment it basically tracks the testimony of the witness. The AG took the testimony and used it as a basis for the indictment - this was a clean and simple case.

While I cannot prove it - but experience teaches me otherwise - the Texas AG sent an investigator to meet with the witness to assess his credibility and realiability once the trial comes.

Again I cannot think of how or why Chris Davis would be involved since the trial transcript was in the AG's hands with the criminal complaint long before Ortiz even resigned. The transcript of the trial is verified and in the hands of both Pena and Hernandez - very little work was needed to bring this case.

It is very clean

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that they just read you post today and then decided to post something which they got from you earlier posts. They have done nothing but copy from you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the only JOURNALIST in this forsaken town, do not listen to that guy that works at a trailer park, nobody knows him, I wasted my time reading his blog when Maclovio O'Malley was beating the crap out of him, I know for sure that the only time his blog was visited by people not named Duardy was when he was in a war with Maclovio, and then Frias Msrtinez or whatever his name is started crying and called his old buddy McHale and asked for his help. He is not at your same level, he takes stories from the real Journalist like you and starts babbling on his blog.
And keep up the good fight Mr. Cervantes, please don't sell your soul like Mr. Montoya, Mr. McHale and the other guy Meanmister.

A grateful citizen.

BobbyWC said...

My readers need to check out the Imps response to this post - again - he cannot respond to the facts so he turns to homophobic terminology - do we wonder why he does not write for a newspaper?

A lot of people ask me to engage him so he will have a tirade - they enjoy the tirades - well go read his latest and enjoy - soon I may charge for this service of encouraging his tirades

BobbyWC said...

I have to reject your comment because I do not comment on if people have been fired from a job unless I have direct proof - it is just a standard of mine

But on your greater point I think you are correct - this is why his worse tirades are when I address his lack of journalism skills - it brings him back to a bad experience in some editor's office so he has a melt down when I go to that issue.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Who in the world is Duardy????????
Pray tell!
Never heard of him....any way when people get desparate they start nit=picking the grammar issue....very transparent and shallow.

Let's see:
Blogger A....Erasmo was mean to my candidates.....I want my mommy!
Blogger B...Erasmo was mean to my candidates.....I want my mommy!
Blogger c....Never mind....too filthy to say anything worthwhile....even his wife has a disclaimer ready when she is asked who her husband is....YIKES!!!!!

You are the only one that backs up your writings with written evidence....that is why many of us turn to your blog to get the REAL facts.

Be yourself and don't worry about the haters......haters WILL hate...that's what they do best.


BobbyWC said...

The world population is just over 7 billion - yea I can I find enough people who like me to keep me happy


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I have to admit you have his number, out of all the bloggers you have proven to have the most "balls". He made Jerry Mchale take down a picture of him that he did not like using intimidation, and it looks like he is doing the same to Mean MIster Brownsville. He has met his match with you....keep it up!

BobbyWC said...

I have stared down the FBI, DOJ, federal judges, state judges, the State Bar - no one moves me - but you know what - people in each of the organizations know that on my own on ocassion I have said - you know what I made a mistake "I'm sorry."

I will never forget the face of the judge who looked confused after I shook his hand after we lost a DWI trial. It was his 1st jury trial as a new judge. My client was guilty, but she wanted a trial. The DA had an easy case but tried to play games anyway - the judge ruled against the DA almost every time - we lost because there was clear evidence she was driving in circles the wrong way at 3 in the morning.

The judge asked why I said thank you for a fair trial even though we lost. I said because justice one because of his fairness.

This is why I am so hard - because many Dallas judges knew they could look me in the face and say - are you sure and if I had doubt as to the law I never lied to the judge. Among the honest judges when I held my ground I won because they knew I would agree with them when I was wrong and take the heat from my client

Bobby WC