Saturday, April 27, 2013


The above people are the type people who visit the unofficial nude beach on SPI - 10 miles past access 6.  What a beautiful day for throwing a football around on the beach nude or just sitting around with friends and talking mindless nothings.


This morning we read again - water shortage - Brownsville initiates conservation.  Had we built the weir dam we would not be talking about water conservation.  From the time Tony Martinez announced for mayor I asked - "what is your water policy?"  He had none then and has none now.

This is simple people - you borrow money when it is cheap - not five years from now when interest rates are high and Brownsville has been turned into a brown  dirt desert.  But this is Brownsville where finding 4 intelligent people to vote the right way is a mathematical impossibility.

Further, Kentucky, to replace tobacco, has now legalized the growing of hemp.  Both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House have recognized the importance of hemp,  They introduced the 2013 Hemp Act in both the Senate and House. The Texas delegation remains silent on the issue. 

But true to form Texas is complaining about too much federal intervention and not being able to fish the gulf empty while also complaining the federal government is not doing enough to solve our water problems.  There are things Texas can do - but our politicians celebrate their ignorance as a birth  right.

The solution is simple - build the weir dam, and legalize the growing of hemp as a substitute crop to cotton which uses 50% more water.


The tail end of Boca Chica is the natural location for a clothing option beach.  It is going to happen one way or the other, but only after Cameron county spends a fortune on attorneys fees to stop it.  Within the next 2 years the Supreme Court will rule on the issue in a case coming out of California.  San Francisco abolished its law which made the entire city clothing optional.  Those who support clothing optional sued.  San Francisco actually came up with a good compromise - they designated times and places when clothing optional would be legal.  The US Supreme Court will uphold San Francisco's law stating a complete ban without some accommodation is unconstitutional.  They will then go on to state San Francisco's law is constitutional because it provides for accommodations when nudist can exercise their free right of association.

It is sad how much money in tourism dollars Brownsville and Cameron county will loose until forced by the courts to do the right thing.

The same can be said for gay marriage.  This issue is won- but I will bet the farm Texas will be the last state to comply with the Supreme Court ruling - and then only  after spending millions of dollars to stop what is inevitable.

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Anonymous said...

From the pictures I have seen you have plenty of water today. I know it doesn't help much but better than where I live. We need a large heavy rain with run off.