Monday, April 15, 2013


The notion that corruption is unique to Cameron county is a reflection of the level of ignorance which comes from living isolated from reality and the rest of the world.  According to the self-loathing Latinos in Brownsville who blame Mexico for our corruption all of the corruption which occurs elsewhere in the country is a lie put out by the homosexual communists who control the news media or the result Anglo politicians travelling to Cancun for lessons in public corruption.

Cameron county through its isolation made it easy for the federal and state governments to ignore what has been happening in terms of the corruption.  That isolation is now slowly going away - in part because for statewide election purposes we matter.  Further the Internet puts Brownsville all over the world all day every day.

In the last year we have seen big changes in how corruption is being handled.  The feds took down a judge, several lawyers, and other associated people.  We now wait for the trial of Villalobos.  The very idea the FBI  was finally willing to do its part in Cameron county is a good thing.

But it did not end with the feds.  After reviewing the trial transcript in the Hernandez/Pena election contest I sent to the criminal section of the Texas AG's office an indictment finally came.  We now have the AG doing the job of the DA, and the FBI doing the job of the DA.

It does not end there.  Homeland Security saw Cameron county was a joke when it came to the issue of the 8-Liners.  Yes in the last few months many of the 8-Liners were closed on health code violations.  But they would only reopen the next day. 

Homeland security sees it as a public corruption issue and money laundering issue.  I can assure you they did not start the investigation 18 months ago because old people were losing their social security checks at these places.

As noted, the business brings in $350 million dollars a year to Cameron county.  That is enough money to get the drug cartels to war with one another over control.  It was not long ago in cities all over the US gangs warred over control of such things.  In  fact as I type gangs in major US cities are warring over control of all sorts of criminal activity in their community.  So the question becomes, do we wait for the cartels to war with each other or end the business now?

You cannot be an elected official in Cameron county and think the 8 years of neglect by Villalobos will continue.  There is a sense of empowerment things  can change.  This is a good message for the people. 

Tonight the City of Brownsville will in all likelihood vote a moratorium on the 8-Liners.  This is good.  It is movement in the right direction.

DA Saenz is not going to act in a way which causes the  feds and state to keep him out of the loop the way they kept Villalobos out of the loop.  Politics is what it is - being seen as cooperating with the feds and state is how you get reelected. Saenz left office last time tainted.  Word is he wants to leave this time as having turned Cameron county around as to the corruption.

Will everyone get prosecuted?  No - deals are cut - even the feds cut  deals - it is how you get information.  The biggest issue at the Villalobos trial will be the number of people who have been offered deals.  This is how it works all over the US.

DA Saenz inherited a nightmare. He needs to clean house of the unethical and incompetent DA's.  It is not an easy task.  You cannot simply lose all of your DA's.  It will be a process.  It is up to the defense counsel though to bring the problems to his attention.  It is also up to DA Saenz to ask a prosecutor who just lost a case which should have been a slam dunk - how?  But you cannot clean up a mess over night which took 8 years to create.

One thing I do expect is for DA Saenz to fire every single Assistant DA who changed a plea bargain at Villalobos request wherein Villalobos received a kick-back, as alleged.  This information will come out during the Villalobos trial.

DA's change plea bargains all of the time.  Sometimes low level Assistant DA's seem to think that by being a hard ass they are being effective - they are not.  This is when good DA's come in and changes the plea bargain. 

In fact in Texas, some criminal cases are sent for mediation.  We know from  experience, at times, that the victims are not demanding as hard of a sentence as the DA is offering.  Criminal cases are complex, especially in domestic abuse cases.  You have a woman who is afraid to testify and would be happy with a lessor sentence to avoid testifying.  This is not necessarily good.  These woman need to learn to stand up for themselves.  But sometimes there are good reasons for a lessor sentence - like not wanting to leave her children without a father for 10 years (here we are clearly dealing with a felony case with multiple priors).  Sometimes keeping some one in jail long enough to force them to complete their GED, get job training, and anger management will do more to help the family than simply dumping the guy in jail.   All of these type issues come out in mediation.

My bigger point is, DA's sometimes change plea bargains because they realize the low level DA is being an ass for no reason.  Sometimes mediation in criminal matters is helpful because it could bring a settlement without the horror of trial for the victim, and in fact healing for the victim.  DA's who have training in criminal mediation are better DA's.  They understand it is about more than saying I put some guy in jail.  It is about justice.


Spell check just came up and the 2 words I knew were wrong were wrong.  I do not know about other people but my IE is basically not working - it goes down mid-sentence as I type - I just had a new operating system installed but it  did not help.  There are no viruses.  It just may be time for a new computer- except I am having the same problem on my laptop.

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