Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Part of the problem begins with Robert Hatcher of Hatcher Media Advertising. They are the company which lost the contract. I gave him my word I would not discuss our private conversation unless he played games.  This guy had no problem lying to the Texas Attorney General, or at least misleading him.  Everyone seeking to do business with Harcher Media Advertising needs to know if he will lie to or at least mislead the Texas Attorney General, he cannot be trusted to do business with public entities.

In December while in NY BISD's in house counsel called me and asked if I would agree to amend my Open Records request related to Royston Rayzor to not include certain financial information.  I said no problem.  BISD notified the AG of my agreement and the information I wanted was released.

Based on this when BISD objected to releasing any information, even pictures which appear on Hatcher's own web page, I called Robert Hatcher and told him of my experience in the Royston Rayzor case.  I asked him if there was any information he was concerned with which he wanted to keep confidential.  He mentioned his private financial information.  I said no problem I will notify BISD of my waiver of interest in such information.  I asked anything else.  He said let me get back with you because he was not sure what he wanted to do.  He knew I agreed to not seek his financial information.  All I wanted was the portfolio his company submitted.

He then filed a complaint with the AG asking that he be protected from disclosing his financial information.  He knew I agreed to waive this part of the request.  I will be filing an affidavit with the AG outlining he knew I did not want this information and that his appeal was fraudulent and  a waste of the AG's time and BISD resources.

Here is his web page:

Here is a copy of the key pages from the AG findings.  They found I am not entitled to the financial information - something Hatcher knew I did not want.  They then found I am entitled to everything else.  I have informed BISD I want all pictures in color.  I will pay the additional fees for color copies.  I can only hope BISD will not turn this into a major legal battle.

Here are the AG  findings

The only reason I  can think that Robert Hatcher agreed to be party to this con job is to gain favor with BISD once they realize Pink Ape cannot produce as they promised.  Again - every public entity needs to know this is how Robert Hatcher of Hatcher Media Advertising does business.  The taxpayers deserve better.

Rodrigo Moreno is the true owner of Pink Ape - he had Juan Antonio Villalobos submit the bid.  If my readers remember the letter was in an incoherent English.  Rodrigo Moreno has worked on the campaigns of Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria.  He also worked with Carlos Quintanilla to get the Fly Frontera deal.

I am securing the bids done by Pink Ape with Cameron county.  I am certain I can prove that contract was also rigged. 

The entire package once BISD releases the color portfolio will go to the criminal section of the Texas AG.  I was successful in the Margarita Ozuna case, and I will be successful in this case.  It will be up to the AG if Robert Hatcher's statements to the AG raise a criminal question.  But I am certain that once the criminal section of the AG's office reviews the two bids, they will know the contract was rigged.


I believe it was last summer that I did an article wherein a sub-sub contractor lost a contract after BISD ordered the  contractor to give the contract to Enrique Escobedo's brother.  A month or so later to keep the original winner of the contract quiet he was given a contract by BISD to keep him from filing a complaint.  I need to include that information with the criminal complaint to the AG in Austin.  It shows the pattern used by BISD - I will be watching for any small contracts being awarded to Hatcher from here on out.
Does anyone remember the name of the sub sub contractor so I can pull up the story.


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Ck your archives for BISD. CIRCLE INDUSTRIES was the one they dropped for Escobed's brother.

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Hi! Bobby :) are you thinking about Circle Industries?

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Sorry for the later approval of the posts - thanks guys for the info

My doctor told me today my prostate is still perfect but my hips are shot - we are waiting on the x-ray results to confirm the diagnosis - I think she said inflamation in the outer bursa sack - something to that effect

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