Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Barton's rendition about the incident regarding Yolanda Begum's taking down of Erin Garcia's is false, includes a knowing lie, and confirms Begum was taking the law into her own hands, which is a crime - hence "Best to let Sleeping Dogs Lie."

According to Barton's rendition of the law if I believe he has stolen from me I  can simply go to his home and use self help and take back my property without calling the police.  Of course this is not the law - even if we assume Erin Garcia's campaign wronged Begum when it comes to the sign, it was not for Begum to take the law into her own hands.  It was for her to call the police.  Begum is exactly the person you never want as a judge - self help people like Begum believe they are above the law.

Now the facts - we know Begum lied to Barton about the facts because I have told this story since day one the same exact way.  Begum knows I never went into the Exxon - I would never - ever - shop an Exxon - period.  So Begum knows Barton is lying - but this is Yolanda Begum - use bloggers to post her lies.  She has no honor and never will.  She has yet to learn her lesson.

Like I said from day one - it was a Monday.  I was heading home and stuck at the light on 4 Corners.  I saw Begum and a man taking down Erin Garcia's sign.  I just watched as the light was red.  I wasn't exactly sure what was happening until I saw Begum and the man throw Erin Garcia's sign down on the lawn after removing it from the polls.  They had no replacement polls for a new sign.  They then proceeded to put up Begum's sign.  This is when the light turned green - I turned south on International and pulled into the Exxon station and confronted her about her actions.  Even the man with her repeatedly told Yolanda they should have called the police -

Again Jim Boy - it is a crime for people to self help and take the law into their own hands - all you did with your post was verify for everyone Yolanda Begum believed she is above the law and can take the law into her own hands.

She finally had the man put Erin Garcia's sign back up.

Using snide remarks does not add credibility to a story, it only verifies the author is lying.

Further, if my intent was to just print lies about Yolanda Begum the other day when I learned Auten lied in her press release about a letter from Begum verifying statements about Montoya and Barton, I would have let the lie stand once I found out it was a lie.  I did not - I immediately notified my readers that Auten was less than truthful in her press release.  Yolanda Begum was the beneficiary of my addendum to the original story.

Barton was not there - so he has zero knowledge of the facts.  Begum knows I never went into the Exxon, but allows the lie to stand because she is Yolanda Begum.  Her acts versus mine in terms of how I handled the Auten misrepresentation speaks volumes about who I am and who Yolanda Begum is - a liar and a damn proud liar she be.


Anonymous said...

"Begum knows I never went into the Exxon" preceded by "I turned south on International and pulled into the Exxon station"
I am confused.

BobbyWC said...

You're not confused - you are playing a game no one will buy - Barton is suggesting I went into the Exxon store - you know that - I am saying I did not go into the store - I just pulled into the park lot - this is clear - but when you have no response you have to turn to deception

Bobby WC