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EDITOR'S NOTE:   The following statement in Auten's press release is apparently false.  I asked for proof of this statement and she has now admitted no such letter exists.

"I have a letter where Yolanda admits they where untrustworthy but, had no choice but to pay them she need an arena."

She is claiming she has no letter, but was merely quoting the BV that Yolanda told me she had no choice but to use these bloggers because she needed an arena.  That is true - she did tell me that the day I caught her taking down Erin Garcia's sign.

As to Juan Montoya being paid - that is no secret - everyone in town knows it - and again business is business.  If fools are willing to pay him - better for him.  It is legal.  But it can be used as evidence of malice.

As to Jim Barton the BV has alleged he has sought ads, but he seemed to deny this as not being serious about seeking ads.   But the BV has not claimed Barton took money from Begum to defame anyone.  Barton's issue was simple - he like so many in Brownsville view Ernie Hernandez as dirty - so he went with the first thing willing to go against Ernie without thinking for one second - "is Yolanda Begum any better?  No one faults him for his opinion of Ernie Hernandez - the fault is in not considering whether or not he is supporting someone just as questionable in character for no better reason than they are not Ernie Hernandez.

This editor's note is important because it points out a falsehood in  a press release.  It does not change the underlying story about Alex Begum - the documents tell that story - the court order and his letter.

Original Post

This story has been reported elsewhere, but without insight or analysis. When she could not get Cheezemeh to provide a written article she came to the BV.

I have been waiting for a copy of the order.  I must admit, my memory these days is getting worse so I would forget to get a copy every day when I would go to the court house.  She finally sent me one.

Here is the deal - Yolanda Begum's campaign was so vile and evil, she took me from never in a million years would I vote for Erin Garcia because of her connections to the politiqueras, to voting for Erin Garcia.  Yolanda Begum told me she had no choice but to go to the blogs which endlessly defamed Erin Garcia and Josefina Auten, because Erin had Cheezemeh.  It was a pathetic excuse for not refusing to denounce the endless vulgarities her minions put out against Erin Garcia and Josefina Auten.

Now that Erin is on the bench - she will prove herself as competent and fair or unjust. Her actions as a judge should be the only variable which guides the voters in the next election.

Yolanda Begum accused Erin Garcia's campaign of taking down her signs.  But yet there was no proof.  I personally caught Yolanda Begum taking down Erin Garcia's campaign sign at 4 Corners.

These two pukes, Alex and Yolanda Begum, believed through intimidation, defamation, and vile attacks on Erin Garcia they could win the election.  Well election day proved them wrong.  They say Erin won on the politiquera vote.  Yolanda Begum also had a lot of mail ballot votes.  I am certain an investigation of those votes would not have been a clean as Yolanda would want you to believe.


Just days before getting his butt kicked in court by a pro se, semi-literate person here is the illiterate letter he sent to Josephina Auten.  At times it is incoherent.  It was not spelled checked.  And at all levels unethical.  I hope Josephina follows through and takes him to the State Bar.

When political  candidates try to use the courts to silence political dissent, they should be for ever branded "tyrant."  This city should remember until her death, Tyrant Yolanda Begum's actions. 

It is inconceivable to me that any blogger could defend Begums's actions in trying to silence dissent.  But here is the problem - Erin Garcia is Ernie's daughter so  for the bloggers free speech and civil discourse was to be abandoned.  I remain convinced Begum's bloggers, who Josephina claims she is about to sue, cost her the election.  Like I said the bloggers forced me to vote for Erin Garcia.  Yolanda Begum turned my stomach unlike any other political candidate I have every observed in my 55 years.  What she did through the bloggers was to keep voters home.  I am certain many people who could not vote for Erin Garcia simply chose to not vote.  This is why Yolanda Begum lost the election.


Someone with no command over the English language kicked his butt in court.

Here are Josefina Canales' own words:

"Attorney Alex Begum loses his lawsuit against a non Attorney private person.

Josefina Canales represented herself against Mr. Begum in court In May of 2012; Yolanda Begum began her campaign for Justice of the Peace.

She was my Ex Mother-in-law from my marriage in the 90′s to Michael Begum Jr.

After Mike’s death in 2009, I became the main caretaker of our two sons one of which is physically disabled and needs 24/7 care.

When I heard about Yolanda in the news, I messaged her through a private message on Facebook about a case regarding the estate of my Ex husband that may concern my children.

Instead of providing the help and guidance I needed, she began her new campaign of destroying my character.

Through the use of online blogging, my name and morality as been in constant attack by Yolanda and her son, Attorney Alex Begum.

I was described as an extortionist, a whore, an abandoner of my children, and overall a bad person.
After the publication of those blogs hit Google search by my online business with their bogus lawsuit, I could not find work without being passed Judgment.

I was then sued by the dastardly duo for extortion and defamation after her loss in becoming justice of the Peace.
I defended myself in court pro se as no lawyer in Brownsville would attempt to go against Alex Begum.

Although I was inexperienced and bullied by his threats through email, I remained confident.

I knew they had no proof and the verdict to dismiss the case justified it.

Me, a mother of three children and having zero experience to being a lawyer, fought for myself against the big shot lawyer and won.

I will now report Alex Begum to the State Bar for his malicious tactics in court, and my children and I have consulted with an Attorney here in Houston, TX.

She will be filing a lawsuit for Defamation, libel, and sander against Yolanda Begum, Alex Begum, and the two bloggers Juan Montoya from El Rrun Rrun and Jim Barton from Mister Mean blog.

They were paid to write untruths about me.

I have a letter where Yolanda admits they where untrustworthy but, had no choice but to pay them she need an arena.

Erin had Brownsville Cheezmeh.

Then publishing pictures of me with the title Extortionist daily in their blogs for thousands of readers to read.

I will send you links to their bloggers publications.

My message here is that the people of Brownsville can once again feel that justice can be served now that Mr. Begum’s judge buddies are not on the bench to rule in his favor.

I respectfully ask that you write this story and send a message that finds courage to fight back and never give up.

Thank you,


The BV is simply reporting the story and not commenting on the merits of her claims.  We all know Montoya defames for money, but I have never heard of Barton taking money. 

The story here is, Begum tried to use the courts to silence dissent - any blogger unwilling to denounce such a tactic is not much of a blogger.  Blogging does not give anyone the right to defame another.  Yolanda made the mistake of focusing in on the filth in the campaign instead of her qualifications- Oh I forget - she had no qualifications.

My regular readers know I want Texas law changed to require all JP's have a law licence or at least a masters in something. 

It is certainly any one's right to sue for defamation.  On balance I think holding bloggers accountable for defamation makes the Internet better.  But what you see in Begum's letter is not merely wanting to hold Josefina accountable - he was demanding she sign an agreement to never speak about Yolanda again.

The moment Alex Begum put that request in writing he lost all credibility that the lawsuit was about defamation.  And as the judge has noted - he had no evidence to support Begum's claims.


Anonymous said...

How sad.....this guy writes like an un-educated bloke.
Heaven help his clients!!!! Forgot!!!!!
He probably relies on crooked judges and lawyers to side with him.

Good for you Miss Josefina!!!!
You don't bow to bullies like these.
That family sounds like they feel so entitled as if they are blue bloods------los taqueches!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Because I am not comfortable with part of the above statement I want to issue a qualifier.

"He probably relies on crooked judges and lawyers to side with him."

Cameron county courts at one time were referred to as the cesspool of Texas. The law was actually changed to deal with the problem. It use to be that if a case occurred in Dallas it could be filed in Cameron county if the business had business contacts in Cameron county. (This means doing business in Cameron county)

Lawyers looked for any reason possible to file in Cameron county.

All plaintiff's lawyers for years relied on the corruption of the Cameron county judges to make their money. It is not unique to one lawyer.

Every judge knew it meant compaign money - nothing had to be done under the table - throught a series of Supreme Court decisions, changes in the law, and now prosecution of Limas and Villalobos things are turning.

Plaintiff's lawyers are finally now having to win on the merits. There are still some judges playing the game - but their time is short.

But I want to be clear - all plaintiff's lawyers in Cameron county relied on a corrupt system to make money - fingers cannot be pointed to any one attorney.

The fact is attorneys who never asked for anything would get favorable rulings because that is just the way it was. The judges wanted to send a message to the insurance companies - they could not win in Cameron county - so even honest attorneys benefitted from the system.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, if you always get copies of law suits, why don't you get the copy of a previous extortion law suit on josefina plus her other records

BobbyWC said...

People like you seem to think I sit around the pool all day reading - your comment tells me nothing about these suits - where they were filed or who the parties are - but yet I somehow am to go out and get them.

Assuming she does file a law suit, it will not be litigated on this blog. I will publish the lawsuit - if gameplaying occurs during the lawsuit I may cover that - but that is about it

This story is about an unethical lawyer and his mother trying to silence political dissent - that is why it is here

If you carefully read the story you will note - she had to send me the Order before I would consider the story. I did not know about Alex's stupid letter - that was a bonus which gave the story greater context.

I am not here to spend my days digging up garbage related to endless family disputes.

If you think it is so important - you seem to know about all of these lawsuits - go get them and post them to the internet- oh now as always that is someone else's job.

Bobby WC