Friday, April 5, 2013


I just finished "The Templar Legacy."  It far surpasses the "Da Vinci Code" in every way.  Here is a general review:  Click.  I hate we do not have a book store where I can browse for authors whose books might interest me.  I actually found another book by this author at CVS and researched his books and decided to start here.  I have other authors I am exploring for my summer reads.  Tomorrow after mowing the lawn, I will start with another author.

This book caught my attention because I found out it gets into a theory I always have believed.  Joshua (aka Jesus) died on the cross and was never resurrected.  I find the entire Christian belief to be based on a lack of faith in the power of Joshua's words.

When we think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we think of  his "I Have a Dream" speech or we should judge one another based on the content of their character.  The essence of Dr. King is as much alive today as it was when he walked among us.

This is my great divide with Christianity - Christians need mysticism to believe in Joshua - this is not faith - it is holding on to old ideas which were part of an uneducated fearful population.  It hints of paganism. 

The book is obviously fiction:  From the book - we are to believe Simon (St. Peter) is the author of this passage.

"I finally knew that loving as he loved will allow anyone to know the lord.  Doing as he did will allow us all to know the Lord.  Living as he lived is the way to salvation.  God had come  from heaven to dwell within the man Jesus and through his deeds and words the Lord became known.  The message was clear.  Care for the needy, comfort the distressed, befriend the rejected."

A key character in the book interprets the passage which is actually quite longer as follows:  "Just the testimony by a simple fisherman of how he'd borne witness to a great man, one whose good works and kind words lived on after his death, enough to inspire him to continue the cause." 

When you read the  entire passages what is being said is the resurrection is in us carrying out the words and deeds of Joshua.  There was no resurrection as taught by the church.  The church then and now lacked the faith to believe men and women could follow a message of kindness and love.  So the church banned the gospels which told the entire story and created a Bible which is replete with contradictions.  It then created pagan ritualism to entice an ignorant people to follow based on claims of mysticism and miracles instead of the message.

Is it any wonder the message is dead?  This is one reason I have always loved the Jesuits.  They live the message alongside with the mysticism as opposed to other groups which just use confession as a way to avoid living the message.

Ask yourself, if tomorrow it was proven Joshua never rose from the dead and that his bones were just buried in a common grave, would you abandon your faith?  If the answer is yes, then you never had faith in his words, only the mysticism.  If you need the mysticism to believe in Joshua then you do not believe in Joshua.

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