Monday, April 29, 2013


I am working on the Pink Ape story, but seem to be more  tired than usual.  Even at bingo the old ladies were watching my cards.  They kept on asking what was wrong - just tired I guess.  Who knows - getting old is an adventure.  I joke with my doctor that I have so many bumps on my body you can read my life story in braille just by rubbing your hand on my body.  The reality is, in the time it took to diagnose the andropause the damage was done.  The hormone replacement therapy may be helping, but it is not reversing the damage.


I will be covering it. I might cover the first day of jury selection to get a sense of where the lawyers are going with the case, but then not return until the day of trial.  My plan is to cover every day of trial from beginning to end.  The BV will be updated throughout the day with summaries of the trial and links to relevant information.  Although I must say even though I know Judge Hanen will order the jurors to not watch the news, or read the paper or blogs during the trial they will. The BV will be very careful not to include information outside the testimony.  This case needs to be decided on the merits of the admissible evidence - nothing more and nothing less.

I posted the following to the Herald.  Emma is clueless on the difference between federal and state court.  Her lack of knowledge of the legal system is going to limit the Herald's coverage of the Villalobos trial big  time.  This is sad because this verdict will go national.

"No Emma, "but initial responses usually consist of a general denial of the allegations with demand for proof." This is federal court. The defendants must either admit or deny each separate allegation. If they deny an allegation which is easily verifiable, there are consequences. This is why the Herald really needs to have a lawyer at the Villalobos trial - these kind of mistakes cannot happen. The Herald has a chance to report on a story which will make national headlines and it has no one on staff qualified to report on the trial."


Tonight at bingo I asked a man who always votes on day one if he voted.  He said no, but that he would get to it.  This man is a huge supporter of Tony Martinez.  Without me asking who he was voting for he said Letty and Uresti.  I said you know Tony is against them.  He said he did not care. He is tired of all the problems at city hall and wants new people.

I wonder just how many people are thinking this way.

This election seems wide open - it is any one's guess.  I never would have predicted the number of signs Uresti has all over town.  Someone is giving him money - and good for him.

I believe in the permanent putsch. [I chose putsch over purge for a reason - the mood of the community and country]  It would not be a bad thing if all incumbents lost if for no other reason than to say - "don't get too comfy in your elected office."  Such a result in the long run could be good for Brownsville.  So maybe if Letty, Uresti and Rosales win, things will not get better in the short run, but the impact of their election on the process could prove good for Brownsville in the long run.  This alone should be enough for people to vote for Letty, Uresti and Rosales.

The reality in the short run, I do not see things getting better  for Brownsville regardless of who wins - but maybe we should be thinking long run.  Also Rosales could prove a voice of strong dissent against Martinez,  who knows?  Rosales may be able to form a new alliance which moves the city away from the train wreck it is currently heading for.


Anonymous said...

Quick question,what if any affect will the (retired) FBI agents Miles and i forgot the other guys name testimonies have on Villalobos case?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea - until I hear their testimony and see the jury's reaction - I have no idea

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are covering the trial. However, if I could offer one suggestion it would be to cover it via twitter. I can't understate that enough. I've followed several high profile federal criminal trials recently (roger Clemens,John Edwards etc) and imo the best coverage has come through twitter. The medium lends itself better to the kind of real time reporting that is needed in trial coverage. If you've never used it before, it's easy to pick up. You can tweet via your smart phone or your computer/ laptop. Emma Perez Trevino has covered the trials via twitter @staremmapt, but, as you say, her legal acumen and trial reporting are lacking. Hope you consider this as I am very interested in following the trial.

BobbyWC said...

Twitter is limited to 144 characters - is not updating the blog every 5-10 minutes with more complete posts better?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I doubt you will be able to watch the jury selection because there is likely not going to be any space in the courtroom for observers. you might want to contact Judge Hanen's ofice for advice on viewing the voire dire.

Aditionally, ulike in state court the voire dire is conducted by the judge and will likely not result in any memorable stories.

BobbyWC said...

I have already been cleared by Judge Hanen - also you are correct about Judge Hanen asking the questions, but I have tried many a federal case - The attorneys always get to submit questions to the judge for asking of the jury.

Some of Judge Hanen's questions will be from the attorneys and those questions can be telling about trial strategy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Anony is right: Twitter trumps blog updates for coverage like you're attempting. Who wants to endlessly refresh a blog page, hoping for more info? With Twitter, it just appears on any device.

Yeah, it's 140-character limit is daunting, but hey! Brevity is the soul of wit. Rise to the occasion.

BobbyWC said...

I am still working out the logistics - but here is the deal - people who want tweets can read them on the herald and people who want more complete testimony coverage can read it on the BV. I have read Emma's tweets - they are way too limiting - at times they have no context - for the most part they were not worth my time.

Also I do not expect people to be refreshing the page every 5-10 minutes - people will be at work - I suspect most reader will check back every so often when the boss is not looking.

My bigger issue is I have to see how it works running it through my cell phone - if I am unhappy with the speed, I may have to make the $400 investment through T-Mbile - they require a one year contract. $400 is a lot for something I will use only two weeks and then never again.

Does anyone know how the TMobile device compares to Time Warner (speed wise) - maybe I should just cancel Time Warner and switch to TMobile

Bobby WC