Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I think back how my teachers would tell my mother I would never learn to read. I knew enough to know my teachers were idiots. Teachers then as now teach as if all children fit into cubbyholes. In graduate school I coined the phrase "cubbyholes are for extra underwear and tissues, not children." Of course I had a few good teachers - but for the most if you could not learn the way they taught - you could not learn. Everyone who knows me knows, I am always reading a book.

My goal this summer - which I will define as April through August is 20 books. I am a slow reader - but persistent. It takes a lot of focus and energy for me to read and comprehend, but I do it. I love to read There is nothing like a novel which mixes history with fiction. "The Columbus Affair" is  the creation of a Jewish Knights Templar which has kept secret the location of the Treasures of the Second Jewish Temple taken and hidden while the Romans destroyed the temple.

As some of my previous posts have indicated Columbus may very well have been a converso (a secret Jew).  It is clear the trip was financed by Jewish merchants, and his only translator on the trip was Jewish.

The Jewish equivalent of a Knights Templar is a Levite.  The tale is Columbus hid the Temple treasures somewhere in Jamaica - which does have a very interesting Jewish history. The current Levite tasked with protecting the treasure is not even Jewish - he converted to Christianity for his wife.  Events change his life and he reluctantly goes on a journey in search of some unknown object - to eventually learn the truth.

The author adds an extra chapter at the end of the book which takes you chapter by chapter as to what is fact and what is fiction.

If you love these kind of books, you will love this book.

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