Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Regardless of who wins this race, Brownsville is screwed. We have two very paranoid individuals running for this seat. We have all read about and seen John's own posts. His vacuous soul has gotten the better of him. Letty is just out there in far, far, far, left field in a new universe all to her own.

Her paranoia is almost all too surreal to be believable. My basic rule is, if a candidate is endorsed by BUC, they are bad for Brownsville. BUC cares about itself and is as corrupted as the worse of any politicians in Brownsville. They will support bankrupting the poorest of the poor to get what they want. They serve no one but their wallets - and shame on any one who seeks their endorsement. I do view their page and the following is from Letty Garzoria - her paranoia and nonsense is coming through very clear.

In November I called the police out to the Central Library because the moronic sign holders of the candidates were in the street and driveway.  I nearly hit one - obviously the "nurse" Letty Garzoria believes it is better to run over people than have the police monitor the situation.  She seems to think that by regulating these sign holders it is only her sign holders being impacted.  Proof - none - all sign holders are being kept in check.  But Letty would rather just have them run down by drivers - because that would make for a freer election.

From Letty:

"A little bullying? And a whole lot of cops and SURPRIZE! another inspector from a city department who stood watch over the crowd for about an hour protecting the green space? It would seem that this election is somewhat? Crucial to Tony? Why so manipulativ...e? Elections should be free of manipulations , harassments, and biases! I thought Mr. DAVIES was on the job? Or did he take an early vacation with pay? That protective blind eye , very popular in Cameron County!!!"

Letty is not being allowed to act like a lunatic so she attacks Chris Davis - you know what Letty if you find safety gets in the way of a fair election, then it is time you recommit yourself to Bedlam.

Letty appears to be actually accusing the elections office of engineering a conspiracy to insure her supporters cannot vote.  How the elections office knows who her supporters are - well maybe the voices in her head can tell us that one. 

This poor district having to choose between two very disturbed people.

From Letty:

"Wow! The first day of early voting filled with hostilty , snide remarks, three dissatisfied candidates, an objection why I would not take a picture with a candidate's mother, interrogating the photographer/ no pix and wanting specifics and details about the photograher and all of that drama because she was a friend of mine years ago @ the hospital, police cars showing up to harrass one of my suppo...rters and threaten him with a little jail time? The air thick with hostility and disappointment/with a trickel of voters! The cherry on top of the cake: I went to vote and they could not find my correct add. in the system and deemed that I would have to vote provisional? I have only lived in that house for the past 35 years! Silly me I had to put that to rest , I have my voter card number memorized! Another voter friend came up to me with a paper from the elections service and stated to me that they could not find his address in the system and he had to vote provisional also! Coincidence/Or engineered bias?"

What is really sad is, the idiots at BUC are not smart enough to see just how paranoid Letty is coming across.  If they were smart they would have deleted her comments.

Yes, Letty, Chris Davis called everyone in the  district to find out how they would vote and then rigged the computers to make sure your voters could not vote.  God save Brownsville from either Villarreal or Garzoria.

This is well beyond too surreal to be real.


Monday, April 29, 2013


I am working on the Pink Ape story, but seem to be more  tired than usual.  Even at bingo the old ladies were watching my cards.  They kept on asking what was wrong - just tired I guess.  Who knows - getting old is an adventure.  I joke with my doctor that I have so many bumps on my body you can read my life story in braille just by rubbing your hand on my body.  The reality is, in the time it took to diagnose the andropause the damage was done.  The hormone replacement therapy may be helping, but it is not reversing the damage.


I will be covering it. I might cover the first day of jury selection to get a sense of where the lawyers are going with the case, but then not return until the day of trial.  My plan is to cover every day of trial from beginning to end.  The BV will be updated throughout the day with summaries of the trial and links to relevant information.  Although I must say even though I know Judge Hanen will order the jurors to not watch the news, or read the paper or blogs during the trial they will. The BV will be very careful not to include information outside the testimony.  This case needs to be decided on the merits of the admissible evidence - nothing more and nothing less.

I posted the following to the Herald.  Emma is clueless on the difference between federal and state court.  Her lack of knowledge of the legal system is going to limit the Herald's coverage of the Villalobos trial big  time.  This is sad because this verdict will go national.

"No Emma, "but initial responses usually consist of a general denial of the allegations with demand for proof." This is federal court. The defendants must either admit or deny each separate allegation. If they deny an allegation which is easily verifiable, there are consequences. This is why the Herald really needs to have a lawyer at the Villalobos trial - these kind of mistakes cannot happen. The Herald has a chance to report on a story which will make national headlines and it has no one on staff qualified to report on the trial."


Tonight at bingo I asked a man who always votes on day one if he voted.  He said no, but that he would get to it.  This man is a huge supporter of Tony Martinez.  Without me asking who he was voting for he said Letty and Uresti.  I said you know Tony is against them.  He said he did not care. He is tired of all the problems at city hall and wants new people.

I wonder just how many people are thinking this way.

This election seems wide open - it is any one's guess.  I never would have predicted the number of signs Uresti has all over town.  Someone is giving him money - and good for him.

I believe in the permanent putsch. [I chose putsch over purge for a reason - the mood of the community and country]  It would not be a bad thing if all incumbents lost if for no other reason than to say - "don't get too comfy in your elected office."  Such a result in the long run could be good for Brownsville.  So maybe if Letty, Uresti and Rosales win, things will not get better in the short run, but the impact of their election on the process could prove good for Brownsville in the long run.  This alone should be enough for people to vote for Letty, Uresti and Rosales.

The reality in the short run, I do not see things getting better  for Brownsville regardless of who wins - but maybe we should be thinking long run.  Also Rosales could prove a voice of strong dissent against Martinez,  who knows?  Rosales may be able to form a new alliance which moves the city away from the train wreck it is currently heading for.


The owner of Lui Lui Moving Services reads the BV.  By chance someone knew his secretary and asked if he would move a young lady who was the victim of domestic abuse.  Based on my personal guarantee, Mr. Cabrera agreed to move this young lady and to wait for payment from the state through the Crime Victims Assistance Program.  I will tell you they are slow to pay. I ended up paying $100 a month until the other day when the state finally paid.  Mr. Cabrera was very generous about the situation.  He was very happy with my two payments as evidence of good faith.  He has now been paid in full.

There are good people out there and Luis Cabrera is one of them.  Now, I do not know if he would wait  again now that he knows it takes a long time to get paid.  But his deed was good.  He knew I would honor my personal guarantee.

My thanks to Mr. Cabrera for his good deed. Oh, and the family said his service was very professional.  They were very happy with his entire moving crew

Click for his web page


“On April 11, 2013, an additional attempt was made by District Public Information Office to contact Mr. Cervantes. The call was unanswered, therefore, the District representative left a voice message for Mr. Cervantes to pick up the documentation, and there has been no return call.”

These are the words of Leandra Ortiz, staff counsel to BISD.

This morning I am informing Carl Montoya of this story.  According to Leandra Ortiz on April 11, 2013, BISD called me to retrieve the Pink Ape documents.  It did  not occur to me that the Open Records Request I filed on the BISD employee who may be illegally using PO's, was filed on the afternoon of April 11, 2013.  So think about this, why would I not ask for the Pink Ape documents on the 11th while filing the PO's open records request on the 11th.  The  request was filed after 4 p.m.  The call never happened.  Also, do not forget the request is  file marked by BISD as to when received.

But an interesting development has occurred.  Last night at 10:36 pm, my cell phone showed voice mails.  Within those voice mails was a voice mail telling me the Pink Ape documents were available.  Based on what is said in the voice mail, it would appear the message was left on the 11th of April.  So this morning I checked my bill again - there are no calls from BISD on the 11th.  The voice mail does not indicate when it was left - in terms of the message itself saying the date and time.

Again, I reviewed my bill for the month and there are no entries for voice mail retrievals other than last night.  It lasted 3 minutes.  TMobile updates in real time all incoming and outgoing calls.  For example, I called a Luis Cabrera this morning at 9:23 am to let him know the money provided by the state to move a domestic abuse victim had been received and that I was putting the check in the mail.

I am forwarding these printouts to Carl Montoya.  There is a game going on and it is not going to end well.

Further on Pink Ape the contract it is not going well.  Pink Ape connections are complaining a high level manager is trying to cancel the Pink Ape contract and move it to Hacher.  I have no idea if the story is true.  But I can tell you the high level person is supposedly one of Presas-Garcia's best friends.  Is treachery afoot at BISD?  At a minimum Pink Ape is trying to embarass BISD.

I will provide the State Bar the new phone documents.  It will be for them to decide what they mean.   So a message was left - but think about it - why would I be at BISD on the 11th in the afternoon and not retrieve the Pink Ape documents if I had been called and told they were ready.  Trust me, when I am there everyone knows it - my voice carries throughout the building.  Everyone in that particular office knows my name, face, and voice.


This weekend my source at the vender made it clear BISD is lying about no PO's used by this employee.  The vender is adament about their claims.

When I faced the same issue with the COB, Pete Gonzales called me and asked if I would give the COB time to investigate my claims before releasing the records.  I said yes.  In the end two COB employees were arrested and fired for stealing through COB credit cards.  This is the difference between Pete Gonzales and Carl Montoya- Pete ran to fix the problem - Carl is doing everything possible to obstruct the process.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have always been cautious about commenting on John Villarreal. I cannot complain about people always promoting their accomplishments as being con artists, and then complain when an elected official never speaks of his accomplishments. Yes George W. Bush was a disaster as president, but until the other day when praised by both former presidents Carter and Clinton for his works in African in the past and ongoing, I had no idea he was so involved in these important issues.

But what really has bothered me about John Villarreal is his vacuous soul.   His eyes are empty.  I have no idea what his problem is, but when he does speak he sounds like a fool.  Maybe this is why he never answers emails, or answers questions.

I never take as true what I read about anyone on the other blogs.  I know better.  But this latest event concerning the EMS workers from PI was John's own words.  His post on Cheezemeh only reaffirmed for me his soul is empty.  And for the record, Erasmos lies when he says he never deletes posts by his candidates.  He regularly deleted Linda Gill's nonsense. 


No matter what happens on election day Brownsville will not be better off.  I know a man who is a big Tony Martinez fan voting for Belleperche because in a Herald article Bellepercher clearly stated he favors the smoking ban.  I  told this man - "you know Tony wants you to vote for Portillo."  He said "Portillo is wrong about the smoking ban and he will not vote for her."  Women tend to be more in tune with healthcare issues - it is possible Portillo's position on the smoking ban may have cost her a lot of the blind Latina votes.

Gowen/Uresti or Villarreal/Garzoria are a disaster no matter how you look at it.  But a lot of people will vote for Uresti and Garzoria on a single issue - to stop Tony Martinez.  Both also have an army of walkers to help get out the message. 

You know I could have ignored Gowen's ties to Martinez had she just done more to use her position to educate the people of Brownsville about, HIV, Hep C, overuse of antibiotics and other important healthcare issues.  Uresti will be no better than Gowen, but at least Tony Martinez will have one less guaranteed vote if Uresti wins.

Leo Rosales owns the ad war in the race between Portillo, Rosales,  Belleperche, and Sarkis.  No one is even close to Rosales when it comes to ad time.  As far as I can tell only Sarkis has gone negative.  This no longer works.  Anti Obama  forces spent millions in negative ads in two separate elections - what did they get for their money?   Nothing.

To be honest I have no idea where this election is headed.  You have  three variables driving this election - the anti Tony Martinez message - the smoking ban - those for and those against, and the  blind female Latina vote - to the extent the Latina vote is aware of the anti Tony Martinez message and the views of Portillo on the smoking ban, Portillo may not benefit from the blind Latina vote.  It may not be blind enough for Portillo to gain that advantage.

The good news is  early voting will include some 60-65% of the votes.  Chris Davis has promised to publish the results of early voting and the mail ballots at 7:01 p.m election night.  If the early voter turn out is as expected, by 7:02 we may be able to call all three races.

People lets avoid election day confusion.  If you intend to vote, vote early.  Also, encourage your friends and family to vote early.

I have not decided yet if I am going to tell the story told to me by la llorana - but I can say Keaton is happy. Above is Keaton watching patiently as Bela opens her Christmas gifts. This particular gift was a crayola desk which she uses to learn her letters, numbers, and colors. I love this picture because it shows just how close Keaton and Bela were. You can see how Keaton is right there just watching Bela.  We have yet to tell Bela about Keaton - although I had been preparing her for a few weeks.  She knew Keaton was sick and taking lots of medicines. 
Bela loved to take the cinnamon sticks I have in my kitchen and rub them on Keaton and then smell her.  Keaton would sit there patient and allow Bela to make her smell like cinnamon. 
You see Buster in the background in my chair.  A chair I never use because Buster owns it.  Most people do not know, but short hair dogs shed more than long haired dogs.  Short haired dogs are genetically programmed to lose their hair so as to keep it short.  It may be terrible to say, but I can now remove the furniture covers.  Buster rarely sheds.
The box you see is Keaton's cremains.  As you can see they do a nice job.   The picture with Bela, Keaton and Buster, and the one of Keaton in front of the pool will go in the box.  Bogie's has the same thing - pictures of him and Missy in his box.  They are just beautiful boxes.  Most people have no idea what is in them. 
In time they will all go with me when I am cremated.  Together we all will be buried at sea during a 21 gun salute.  Of course the ceremony will involve a large number of veterans - but how many dogs get to be part of a 21 gun salute from a navy ship?
Buster and I are adjusting - I just have to get through telling Bela.  Once I am done with that, the worst will be behind me.


The problem with words is, they have very little meaning outside of the context in which they are used, and outside the understanding of the word by its speaker. Perspective comes from experience - whether lived or read. Words are used in context of the perspective, both historical and experiential, of the speaker.

It came to me that other than relatives, I know no one under age 40.  This does not include friends' kids - with whom I have very little connection.   If we go fishing I am good for baiting the hook or cooking - but  discussion - yea they are too busy pretending adults are so far out of the loop of reality their time would be wasted in a conversation.  So I really know very little about people under 40, other than what I might hear from a news talking head or a Hollywood type doing an interview.  A poll or two may also give me some insight into those under 40.

I watch a movie or TV show and hear a reference and laugh - but people under 40 -and in particular under 30 have no connection to the reference.  For me this is fine - my generation is moving on while the new generation is defining the here and now. 

Such is life - We do not have an oldies station.  This is amazing given we are a retirement community.

I have lived an incredibly privileged life.  I did not learn Shakespeare's wit in a high school classroom having his works read aloud in a dry monotone voice.   I learned about his wit in live theater in Manhattan.  The same goes for ballet, opera and Broadway.  Trust me, road shows can be a disaster.  I will never forget I went to go see Evita as a  road show in San Francisco.  I saw the original cast on Broadway.  One person in the group saw the original cast in London.  The third person had never seen Evita.  The other girl and I were horrified just how bad it was, but the audience gave them a standing ovation.  The acting was so bad they laughed when they were to cry and cried when they were to laugh. 

Again - words - privilege is not money - its is about exposure to diversity.  I have travelled the world.  The early years after daddy died in 63' were hard and poor - but mom got an education and we all learned to work.  Nicaragua was an easy vacation - the flight from Miami to Managua was free - my great uncle was the owner's barber.  All we needed to do was earn enough to get to Miami and a few dollars to spend.  In Nicaragua I learned the joy of travelling on buses with pigs and chickens. 

When I came of age I travelled - I never feared the bus, or riding in the baggage car of a train to save money.  In some countries the baggage car is considered second or third class.

I do miss the days when I would say I am going on vacation and just buy a plane ticket to somewhere.  Back then you did not have to book in advance for a good price.  I would get to the country I chose and ask the taxi driver to take me to a clean youth hostel.  This is what I mean by privilege.  I have met the world.

Until you have walked the streets of Manhattan as a New Yorker you do not know Manhattan.  If you listen carefully you will hear 200+ languages.  You will smell the food of 200+ countries.  This is privilege - and for a lot or poor kids - they live it every day.

I hate when I hear people say some small community does not have culture.  I looked up the definition of culture and saw the term "intellectual achievements."  What the hell is that? - is it an intellectual achievement that in the US we hook our elderly up to machines and pump them with morphine so as to extend their life?  I think not.  Intellectual achievement is the indigenous tribe which knows when it is time and they use local poisons to help their elderly go into a permanent sleep and  finally be allowed to be at peace.

Culture is merely who we are.  When I was in Peru a British couple kept on noting my desire to eat only true local food when in the Andes was going to end me up in the hospital.  While in Lima I hated the fact almost every where you went was Italian of Chinese food.   We would be in a small Andean village and I would run (yea I'm laughing too)  down an alley based on  a smell.  I would not even ask what it was.  If it smelled good I ate it.  For the man living in the village cooking in a small  brick oven and living in a small home outback this is his culture.  And you know what - it was beautiful.  It defined him as a human being.  He is part of the mosaic which is humanity.  I can tell you until you see the entire mosaic, you have not seen the extraordinary beauty which is God's creation. 

I have written many times, I love the sounds and smells of Southmost on the weekends.  You can be a billionaire in New York and never experience such an important part of the human mosaic - culture.  So much for being a billionaire.  Money is funny - it tends to keep people away from people.  New York has its culture - but it is its culture - and not culture as a concept.  If your life is limited to the culture of cities like New York - you have missed out on culture, and in fact live a very sheltered life.

The sad part of when I travel is how tourists like to see the outside world as if they are in a zoo looking at animals in cages.  They fear walking among the locals or eating their food.  I will never forget the day I drank the purple corn beer in the Andes.  The locals drink it but not the tourists.  How can you say you experienced the Andes and its people if you have not drank their beer? 

The locals saw me as a curiosity because they were not use to tourists drinking down the purple corn beer - my tour group was just waiting for me to collapse and be rushed to the hospital.

Again words have no meaning without the perspective of  both the historical and experiential life of the speaker. So when I say I have lived a privileged life - I am not talking money.  I am talking about having experienced culture - true culture.  Or said another way - the people of the world.  Even in the small corner of an alley restaurant rarely if ever seen by a tourist.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


The above people are the type people who visit the unofficial nude beach on SPI - 10 miles past access 6.  What a beautiful day for throwing a football around on the beach nude or just sitting around with friends and talking mindless nothings.


This morning we read again - water shortage - Brownsville initiates conservation.  Had we built the weir dam we would not be talking about water conservation.  From the time Tony Martinez announced for mayor I asked - "what is your water policy?"  He had none then and has none now.

This is simple people - you borrow money when it is cheap - not five years from now when interest rates are high and Brownsville has been turned into a brown  dirt desert.  But this is Brownsville where finding 4 intelligent people to vote the right way is a mathematical impossibility.

Further, Kentucky, to replace tobacco, has now legalized the growing of hemp.  Both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House have recognized the importance of hemp,  They introduced the 2013 Hemp Act in both the Senate and House. The Texas delegation remains silent on the issue. 

But true to form Texas is complaining about too much federal intervention and not being able to fish the gulf empty while also complaining the federal government is not doing enough to solve our water problems.  There are things Texas can do - but our politicians celebrate their ignorance as a birth  right.

The solution is simple - build the weir dam, and legalize the growing of hemp as a substitute crop to cotton which uses 50% more water.


The tail end of Boca Chica is the natural location for a clothing option beach.  It is going to happen one way or the other, but only after Cameron county spends a fortune on attorneys fees to stop it.  Within the next 2 years the Supreme Court will rule on the issue in a case coming out of California.  San Francisco abolished its law which made the entire city clothing optional.  Those who support clothing optional sued.  San Francisco actually came up with a good compromise - they designated times and places when clothing optional would be legal.  The US Supreme Court will uphold San Francisco's law stating a complete ban without some accommodation is unconstitutional.  They will then go on to state San Francisco's law is constitutional because it provides for accommodations when nudist can exercise their free right of association.

It is sad how much money in tourism dollars Brownsville and Cameron county will loose until forced by the courts to do the right thing.

The same can be said for gay marriage.  This issue is won- but I will bet the farm Texas will be the last state to comply with the Supreme Court ruling - and then only  after spending millions of dollars to stop what is inevitable.

Friday, April 26, 2013

8th Annual Victims Resource Expo April 26

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, Cameron County Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc. and Brownsville Police Department will host its 8th Annual Victims Resource Expo April 26 at H-E-B in Brownsville.

The Expo’s purpose is to provide community awareness on the agencies that directly service victims of violent crime. Crime Victims’ Rights Week is April 21-27, and organizations nationwide are working together to assist victims with overcoming challenges after experiencing a violent crime.

The District Attorney’s Office has a Crime Victims Assistance Program that provides services to all victims of violent crime. The program is an integral component in the criminal justice process. Since its inception in 1999, more than 10,000 victims of violent crime have been provided with direct services. “Our goal is to help victims become survivors,” District Attorney Luis V. Saenz said.

Numerous agencies are participating in the Expo that includes giveaways, door prizes and informational booths for the public. A special wreath ceremony will take place where family members of victims commemorate the loss of their loved one. Families will display wreaths they created to reflect information about the victim.

This year’s theme – New Challenges, New Solutions – reflects the increasingly complex mission of victim advocates today. Advocates face emerging challenges that include changing demographics, immigration, human trafficking, terrorism and the use of technology to commit crimes.

The free Expo takes place from 4:30-6:30 p.m. April 26 at the H-E-B located at 2950 Southmost Road.

For more information, call the Crime Victims Assistance Program at (956) 544-0849. -



Texas Assistant Attorney General Jonathan White is prosecuting the Margarita Ozuna case. I have not checked the file in a few days so things may have changed. Who will actually try the case will be the result of discussions between Mr. White and DA Saenz. Jonathan White tried and won the Medrano case in Dallas. The sitting JP lost to Medrano. Luis Sepulveda claimed Medrano won on the politquera vote.  In the end Medrano was convicted and removed from office. 

The goal was never the politiqueras.  The problem is, just because a political candidate pays politiqueras to work their campaign does not mean they ordered or knew the politiquera's work would include the illegal harvesting of ballots.  Only the politiquera himself/herself can provide the prosecutor actual evidence of the candidate's awareness of the illegal conduct. 

The latter is normally done through discussions with the defendant's counsel.  Here is the problem - Masso - I can tell my readers with certainty that the AG's office is interested in Masso, Lucio, Linda Salazar and a few others. 

The AG's office can only talk to Margarita Ozuna by and through Masso.   By Masso running to her defense he effectively blocked Margarita Ozuna from negotiating a plea deal which could include immunity.  Unfortunately, without money to hire counsel outside Cameron county Margarita Ozuna will never see that immunity deal.

Margarita Ozuna will needlessly do some jail time. But what choice does she have? - she will never even be made aware of her options.  With a target of the investigation being her attorney, there is no way Masso will ever open any door which allows Margarita Ozuna to speak the truth in exchange for immunity.

If I am to believe what may happen in the Villalobos trial, Masso's role as Ozuna's counsel may come to an unceremonious end sooner than later.   Villalobos is not going to jail without taking down everyone in his path.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


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Judge Hanen has ordered that all prospective jurors who failed to appear be picked up and brought before the US Magistrate Judge.  Our system does not work without juries.  I am glad to see Judge Hanen is sending a strong message on the issue.

In Dallas I was picked twice for two different felony cases.  After we were sworn, we were asked to wait in the jury room, only to be later told the defendant took the plea bargain.  This is not unusual.

 I would love to serve on a jury.  I am the perfect juror because I am the guy who will follow the directions to the tee.  In fact during jury selection the first time the judge asked me why I refer to the defendant as Mr. So and So.  I said because that is his name.  Other jurors would refer to the defendant as the defendant.  I find that unfair.  Being accused does not make you guilty.  I personally believe a good jury views the parties as equals neither of whom have done anything wrong, until the evidence is in, and then you decide.  It does not matter whether it is a civil or criminal case.

Lawyers tend to like people like me on the jury because they know I will keep things tight during deliberations.  Just the evidence as permitted by the court - nothing else. 

For me, and I have said this many times, justice is about the process and not the result.  Yes, many times the result will be wrong - but if you review the record you will find the process was corrupted.


Election time is here. Early voting starts Monday. I do not ask my readers to vote any particular way. All I can say is look to your personal values. The BV has published the web pages of the candidates to the extent they existed.

I have been listening to the ceremony at the George W. Bush library. To a president they agree, one party ruling everything is never good. People from both parties must work across the isle if things are to get done. For me, regardless of how I feel for anyone, it does not serve Brownsville to have a majority of 4 ruling the COB, or BISD. The old 4 at BISD were bad, and the new 4 at BISD are bad - although Tuesday's meeting was so lovey-dovey it was just down right weird.

One good thing about this election is, the only candidate who has made a cornerstone of his campaign going negative has been Martin Sarkis. If he does not make it to the run-offs it will send a strong message - going negative does not work. Maybe this message will lead to better candidates in the future. In the at large race I will be voting for Roberto Uresti - not because I support him - but simply to send a message Tony Martinez having a secure set of 4 votes is not good for Brownsville or any political entity. I have no say in the other 2 elections.


People need to remember that because of redistricting, their voting place and precinct may have changed.  The best way to avoid any confusion is to simply vote early.  You can vote at any of the early voting places regardless of your precinct.



I will finish this story in the morning.  On Thursday or Friday I expect to deliver my affidavit to DA Saenz and the AG verifying BISD lied about an open records request along with the names of the witnesses who will verify the documents BISD claims do not exist actually exist.

The request involves allegations of a BISD employee using BISD PO's to purchase equipment for his own business dealings.  An employee at the vendor has verified the claim.  An administrator who at one time supervised the employee has also verified the existence of the documents.

On Wednesday I went to BISD to pick-up the Pink Ape documents.  I rejected them on Tuesday because they were trying to charge me for one black page after another.  I am forwarding the package to the AG to compare what I was eventually given, to what they authorized.  The pictures which were blacked out were one bus after another.  Once someone puts an ad on a bus how can they claim trade secret.  I am asking for this review by the AG based on two variables - one, the fact I was able to document for them I never received the call BISD claims I received.  My phone bill proves that.  And two, a letter I received yesterday which again verifies they are lying about when I submitted a request.  My request is file marked with a date - which is different from the date they claim I made the request.  Clearly Carl Montoya is happy with his staff lying in open  records requests.


In any normal professional setting Leandra Ortiz's comment to me would result in disciplinary action.  But this is BISD - she will probably be offered a raise by Carl Montoya.  I was called on Tuesday by a BISD employee to pick up 2 open Records Requests.  When I got to BISD maybe about 4:30 or so I asked for the packages.  I was then told there was in fact only one package.  I reviewed the package and rejected it because I was not going to pay for one black page after another.

Leandra Otiz was called to discuss the matter with me.  I told her I was called by a BISD employee earlier in the afternoon to pick up two Open Records Requests.  She asked me who called.  I have a new cell phone I am still learning.

I went to the log and started scrolling and was having a hard time finding the numbers from Tuesday.  Her comment to me was "I guest your phone records are not as accurate as you said."  Given I have a State Bar complaint against her on the issue of lying about a phone call which my phone records shows never happened, the comment was uncalled for.  It also showed just how unprofessional she is.

I did locate the number and called it.  The phone rang in the office of the person who is being blamed for all of the mistakes.

Carl Montoya was made aware of the incident.  I am certain he will take no action.  No professional organization would ever tolerate such a snot nose comment by their attorney.  But this is BISD - where getting a job such as staff counsel requires someone the Board can rely on to lie, steal, cheat and act like a snot nose punk.  I am sure she was tested for these traits before she was hired.

I am working on the Pink Ape Documents.  It will take several days to upload.  It is not just the pictures - it is some financials which show how much money Hacher makes for their clients.  No such similar data was submitted by Pink Ape.  By Monday I will have that story ready.


This morning I spoke with the BISD employee who is being blamed for the non-existent phone call and the one who called me and told me there were two Open Record Requests to retrieve.  She told me that she has been instructed to not speak with me because of my decision to go back to the AG.  She did say what she meant by a second bill for the Open Records Request was a $.10 bill for the letter generated by BISD telling me "Enclosed please find."  Does anyone believe that BISD is charging for letters addressed to the person the letter is going to?  If this is the case then no letter from BISD can go out until the intended receiver pays $.10 a page for the letter being sent to them.  This is nonsense and only further proves BISD is violating the law and withholding documents.

Yesterday I was given a letter that no documents were available in response to my request concerning the PO's tied to an employee who may be stealing from BISD.  There were two problems with the letter.  One, the letter stated I made the request on April 12, 2013.  I have a file marked copy of my request and it is marked April 11, 2013.  The letter is dated April 22, 2013.  Remember, when I went to BISD on the 23rd I was told there was nothing for me to pick up related to the request, although an employee called me earlier in the day informing me the request was ready.

The letter dated the 22nd was given to me on the 24th.  So not only is the letter back dated, but more importantly the author lies about the day I made the request.  You cannot keep on lying to the AG and expect them to believe you.


Tomorrow I will submit an affidavit to DA Saenz in the matter of the employee.  It will only prove how stupid Carl Montoya and his staff counsel Leandra Ortiz really are.  All Saenz has to do to prove BISD is lying about the results of an open records request is to send his investigator to the vendor to ask, does BISD employee John Doe purchase items for BISD here at your business?  My inside source just this past weekend verified John Doe uses PO's.  She also states John Doe brags about money he makes on the side using the items he buys using BISD PO's. 

Carl Montoya has all of the information. 

I want to be clear, maybe the source at the vendor has a personal score to settle with this employee and is lying about the side business.  But what is not a lie is John Doe uses PO's, I have verified this from an inside source.  Further, the employee at the vendor is stating John Doe uses BISD PO's.

BISD has claimed there are no such PO'.s.



Susan Mills a tenured professor at UTB has sued Juliet Garcia for violating her due process rights.  In  what is a rookie mistake her attorney Dennis Sanchez (picture on right) lost round one.  What is clear to me is, he thought he was in state court where you can wing it and hope for the best.  Federal judges tend to actually care about the law and are actually normally quite strict - unless they have a political agenda for a case.  Dennis Sanchez sought a TRO against Ms. Mills' termination.  This is a rookie mistake which no seasoned attorney with TRO knowledge in federal court would have ever attempted - but he did - and he lost - he lost big time.
Click for Order Denying TRO

If I were Ms. Mills I would be seeking new counsel about now.  This was really a bad rookie mistake - the kind of mistake which would get you an "F" in a law school class.

The good news for Ms. Mills is, if the facts as alleged are true, she will win.  What the lawsuit and documents show is, Juliet Garcia ordered the process ignored in favor of what she wanted.  This lawsuit will cost UT and Ms. Mills will win.  But solid lawsuits are lost all of the time because of incompetent counsel.

Round one in this lawsuit indicates she retained a lawyer with very little to no knowledge of the process in federal  court when it comes to TRO's.  Judge Hanen's order is pretty basic. 

For the lawsuit - click here.

If UT lawyers do their job, they will settle immediately.  This lawsuit could force the UT to terminate Juliet Garcia.  Of course I have no way of knowing if the alleged facts are true.  But if they are true Ms. Mills has a slam-dunk lawsuit.  As such, UT should immediately terminated Juliet Garcia for such blatant disregard for the law and due process.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Barton's rendition about the incident regarding Yolanda Begum's taking down of Erin Garcia's is false, includes a knowing lie, and confirms Begum was taking the law into her own hands, which is a crime - hence "Best to let Sleeping Dogs Lie."

According to Barton's rendition of the law if I believe he has stolen from me I  can simply go to his home and use self help and take back my property without calling the police.  Of course this is not the law - even if we assume Erin Garcia's campaign wronged Begum when it comes to the sign, it was not for Begum to take the law into her own hands.  It was for her to call the police.  Begum is exactly the person you never want as a judge - self help people like Begum believe they are above the law.

Now the facts - we know Begum lied to Barton about the facts because I have told this story since day one the same exact way.  Begum knows I never went into the Exxon - I would never - ever - shop an Exxon - period.  So Begum knows Barton is lying - but this is Yolanda Begum - use bloggers to post her lies.  She has no honor and never will.  She has yet to learn her lesson.

Like I said from day one - it was a Monday.  I was heading home and stuck at the light on 4 Corners.  I saw Begum and a man taking down Erin Garcia's sign.  I just watched as the light was red.  I wasn't exactly sure what was happening until I saw Begum and the man throw Erin Garcia's sign down on the lawn after removing it from the polls.  They had no replacement polls for a new sign.  They then proceeded to put up Begum's sign.  This is when the light turned green - I turned south on International and pulled into the Exxon station and confronted her about her actions.  Even the man with her repeatedly told Yolanda they should have called the police -

Again Jim Boy - it is a crime for people to self help and take the law into their own hands - all you did with your post was verify for everyone Yolanda Begum believed she is above the law and can take the law into her own hands.

She finally had the man put Erin Garcia's sign back up.

Using snide remarks does not add credibility to a story, it only verifies the author is lying.

Further, if my intent was to just print lies about Yolanda Begum the other day when I learned Auten lied in her press release about a letter from Begum verifying statements about Montoya and Barton, I would have let the lie stand once I found out it was a lie.  I did not - I immediately notified my readers that Auten was less than truthful in her press release.  Yolanda Begum was the beneficiary of my addendum to the original story.

Barton was not there - so he has zero knowledge of the facts.  Begum knows I never went into the Exxon, but allows the lie to stand because she is Yolanda Begum.  Her acts versus mine in terms of how I handled the Auten misrepresentation speaks volumes about who I am and who Yolanda Begum is - a liar and a damn proud liar she be.

I am just getting in - I have so many documents I am processing from BISD, the courts. I need to handle all this - so nothing new from BV today - besides a rainy day if perfect for cleaning the garage

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It should be about 8:00 p.m before the regular meeting gets underway - they have a lot of presentations.

I can only hope the regular meeting will start by 7:30 - there  are a lot of presentations.

If you do not have access to the meeting on your TV go here - my back is killing me so I will watch it in bed on my laptop.



Longoria is asking about other uses - what is also known as 800 Series - it deals with transfers of funds.

Longoria is now asking for supplies and materials - Longoria is asking if there is hefty balances why are teachers buying there own supplies.  Admin is stating the money is available to the campuses but does not know why it is not being used - it is being looked into.




The family wants to know if the board is interested in some of the animals and then they would negotiate.  - Passed unanimously

They are now talking about a program used to help at risk students.  The district has been using the program for some 25 years.  The district wants to upgrade the to the current program.  Approved  unanimously

They are all being very nice - they must all be on Valium.


Longoria asked for presentation - $171 million in debt - $71 million in interest debt - the refinancing will save about $12 million - A new rate of  2.8 and 2.2 % rate drop from the current rate of 5%.  the goal is to lower rates and save money. The district will save $12 million estimate - the estimated cost will be about $800,000 in costs - I am confused - the bond guy was confusing and unclear.

Presas-Garcia is trying to stop the process - she cannot seem to understand that it is a refinancing - they have been told the rates will be lowered with a major savings

The entire transaction will be $1.2 million in costs with $7 million in positive savings.  The CFO was a lot clearer in explaining it.

Powers is stressing all that matters is how much BISD is saving and not how much the vendors are making. Savings is savings - nothing is guaranteed. Presas-Garcia wants it stopped it and cannot seem to understand the savings. She wants a guarantee no tax increase.

Savings is savings - it has nothing to do with whether or not taxes will go up. CFO Garcia is stressing that BISD needs to get its bonds in order to get a better rating for BISD.

CFO Garcia is saying there will be a 6% savings or more. The refinance will not fix the bond problems, but to do nothing will make it worse. New counsel has indicated the 6% savings has been guaranteed in writing.

Escobedo is asking that a local bond counsel be hired.  Andrews Kurth (Houston) is being recommended as Bond counsel - senior underwriter should be Citi.  Depending on other bonds different banks are being recommended.

Passes Unanimously


Powers - what was cost of the recount? - it costs under $5,500 - the increase is for additional employees hired to run the election.  Longoria wanted to know why there were more ballots - Saavedra pointed out it was a national election so more people were expected to vote.  Also because of the national election there were more polling places added.

They are in executive session.

During executive session staff from Morningside put on a play with a take on the Wizard of Oz.  The script actually had the staff calling the kids who do not do well on tests sissys.  I can tell you in Dallas, Houston or SA - such a script would have brought hell down on the staff.  It blows my mind they still do not know.


BISD agreed to transfer 3 buildings to Cameron County

Ernie Hernandez appeared and stated one building would be for a veterans office, one for the elections office, and the big one not sure.  Carlos Cascos had stated that one building would be demolished for a parking lot - maybe BISD did not transfer all of the buildings originally looked into.



Stapleton has been hired to appeal the Auten case lost by Yolanda Begum's son, Alex to an illiterate pro se. Recap - according to Stapleton, Free Speech allows perverts to view child pornography on line, but it does not include political speech against political candidates.

As I have said a million times, if you have the money I can find you a million lawyers to sue God for making you stupid.

If we remember in an act of desperation Stapleton tried to implicate Charlie Atkinson in a conspiracy against his client Bob Hedrick, the child porn convict.  The problem was, any idiot could have looked at the time line and seen his argument was pure BS.

Stapleton got in a spitting match with convict Marc Rosenthal over a Mexican national client and lost.  He could produce no evidence to support his claims, and Judge Morgan sent him packing.

You go girl - first hire an illiterate son, then hire the man who claims the First Amendment includes the right to view child pornography.

Do you have an ounce of honor in your body Yolanda?  Remember, Yolanda wanted to be a judge - caught taking down her opponent's signs, and now hiring Ed Stapleton - the lawyer advocate for viewing child pornography.  This is one very sick family

Monday, April 22, 2013



"On April 19, 2013, Leandra Costilla Ortiz, Staff Attorney for Brownsville ISD lied to the Open Records Section of the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Texas. In the attached letter, 2nd paragraph she states “On April 11, 2013, an additional attempt was made by District Public Information Office to contact Mr. Cervantes. The call was unanswered, therefore, the District representative left a voice message for Mr. Cervantes to pick up the documentation, and there has been no return call.” "

The above is from the State Bar complaint I am putting in Tuesday's mail, along with a formal criminal complaint for lying to the Attorney General for the State of Texas.

Leandra for lack of a better term is an idiot.  Cell phone bills record all incoming calls.  In my State Bar complaint, complaint to the AG open records section, criminal enforcement section of the AG, DA Saenz, and the FBI, I am including my phone bill which shows on April 11 I had two calls from Dallas, exchanged several calls with my nephew, and had one call with my brother-in-law.

Why did Leandra lie - Pink Ape was a rigged contract.  Both Leandra and Montoya fear for their jobs.  Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra have either directly or indirectly worked their campaigns with Rodrigo Moreno, the owner of Pink Ape.  Leandra and Montoya know that if I am given access to the documents it will be easier for me to prove the rigged contract.  My readers will be able to compare the color portfolio submitted by Hacher to the illiterate letter written by Pink Ape's front man Juan Antonio Villalobos.

I have a technology person at BISD prepared to testify that he was forced to waste his time for several days explaining to Rodrigo Moreno technology issues at BISD.  Moreno has no  contract on this issue with BISD.  Why is he being given access to this sensitive information?  Answer, another rigged contract is on its way.  My source will work with law enforcement.

BISD was ordered to turn over the Pink Ape documents.  When they refused I asked the AG's office to bring an enforcement action.  BISD responded by having Leandra Ortiz point blank lie to the AG about offering me the documents.  My phone bill tells the truth.


Yes, I am laughing too - Montoya does not shake the excess urine from his penis without first consulting Escobedo and Presas-Garcia as to how many times he can shake it.

There is no dispute here - my phone records prove she lied.  When your staff counsel lies to the AG, and you do not suspend her, you are telling the AG and FBI you are part of a conspiracy.  I can assure you Carl Montoya is too stupid to understand how deep he is in this mess.


Each of these three are now part of the Healthsmart investigation.  BISD will get that money back through a civil forfeiture action brought by the DOJ.  Each of these three Board Members have willfully worked with Escobedo to not bring the matter back to the agenda until Escobedo gets what he wants.  At this point justice mandates all 7 Board Members be indicted.

Will any Board Member demand Montoya explain Leandra Otiz's actions?  No, because to a Board Member and Montoya it has become an open criminal enterprise of 8.


I hate how the self-loathing Mexican Americans in this country think that by bad mouthing Mexico it makes them better. Mexico is making strides forward. While Texas and other border states ignored the dangers related to antibiotics and super-bugs, Mexico passed a law which effectively stopped US Americans from crossing over into Mexico to buy antibiotics without first having to see a Mexican doctor.

In 77' I made my first of many trips to Mexico city. I love Mexico city. I existed the airport and immediately went back in to find out what time the flight the next morning was to Managua, Nicargua - my game plan was to spend a month before going on to Managua. I could not breath. I caught a hotel for the night and left the next morning.

By 1980, I was able to spend 30 days in Mexico city studying its art, and anthropology. I stayed in a youth hostel. This was the time I was kicked out of Leo Trotsky's home for sitting in the chair he was in when he was killed.

Today Mexico city has done wonders with it air.

"Mexico City recorded only eight days with air quality considered "good" in 1992. That compares with 248 "good" air days in 2012, reflecting the success of initiatives to relocate industry, kick clunkers off the capital's streets, encourage cleaner technologies, and expand public transit and cycling options. "Mexico City is still perceived as one of the most contaminated [cities] in the world, but nowadays there are cities ... that have worse contamination," says Roberto Muñoz, a biologist teaching at the Ibero-American University."

If you cannot have fun in Mexico city, you cannot have fun.  A friend wants me to go with him by bus, but he has a Mexican passport and I do not.  I am not sure I an ready to trust the bus.



Based on a bogus post by a reader wanting to put out obvious lies about the BV, I checked to see who has been reading the BV today - DOJ reads BV Article of Federal Judge Hanen

"Potomac, Maryland, United States
IP Address: Us Dept Of Justice ( [Label IP Address]
Referring URL:
Visit Page:


The Herald had an article about the jury questionnaire at its proposed stage. In the federal system the judge typically asks the jury pool the questions which eventually leads to a jury of 12. The judge, and attorneys will work on the questionnaire. One key question involves the parties and witnesses. The Herald reported a large number of possible witnesses. So I assumed this draft jury questionnaire was already posted on Pacer. It was not.

But exhibit lists are posted. You can learn a lot from exhibits lists.

On exhibit list 1 - item 26 - - Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a Private Warning to former Judge Abel Limas for his conduct. You get it now? - this is why judiciary sucks and is so corrupt. The Commission on Judicial Conduct makes our judges look honorable when in fact they are criminals. Until the state dumps the current Commission on Judicial Conduct and insures competent people are appointed to oversee judicial conduct, the corruption will never end.

As you read this list you will see a whose who of lawyers being record in conversations with former Judge Abel Limas. The mere desire of the US Attorney using these transcript calls does not mean the attorneys referenced have done anything wrong - in fact the transcript may show the attorney refusing to act on Judge Limas’ requests. For example item 279 has former Judge Limas speaking with Emma Perez Treviño

Items 199 and 200 should be interesting - phone records of Judge David S. Gonzales the III and David Mattingly

Items 257 and 258 should prove interesting - Transcript calls between Limas and DA Saenz

Item 271 Transcript call between former Judge Abel Limas and Trey Martinez

Items 287 and 288 - Transcript between Eddie Treviño and Limas


Here is exhibit list 2. I have to attend to Keaton so I have no time to review this.


To anyone making a comment, reference which list you are looking at and the item number - which supports your comment - otherwise your comment will not be approved. If it is a general comment on the process then you need not reference the item number or which witness list contains the information.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " GETTING TO THE FACTS AND A ROUND-UP FROM WEEKEND ...":

Homeland is looking for foreigners that are bribing public officials.To allow them to do so is dangerous ,If these public officials are already on the take they can willingly choose to commit more heinous crimes and or they open themselves up to being blackmailed into doing so.If you have ever been to some of the game rooms in La feria you would see that there are some very shady Middle Eastern looking types.Should we allow them to launder their money here ? And/ or make money to buy weapons that can be used against us here and/or our military overseas?Or pretend they are only smuggling in dope when it could be a dirty bomb.? To allow foreigners to bribe our public officials can open up a very big can of worms...

Posted by Anonymous to BROWNSVILLE VOICE at April 21, 2013 at 9:33 PM
I think this reader's summary deserves a special post.  It is right on the money.  Thanks for the comment.  The BV is at its best when the readers bring quality comments to the BV

Keaton passed this morning.  Her last couple of weeks were good - she played - destroyed my glasses, hid sneakers - everything she would normally do.  After her blood work showed she had no side effects from the medication, the vet asked that I give it a few more days before putting her down.  By Friday she was already back to the same problems of being disoriented.  I agreed to wait and see if a new medication to help her sleep would make a difference.  We did not know if her actions were the tumor or fatigue.  She was sleeping all day, so I did not see it as fatigue.

The new medicine is normally used to calm dogs during storms.  Keaton got a good solid 9 hour sleep her two last nights.  But she simply could not walk.  I would carry her outside to do her business.  She would walk a couple of feet and fall.  I knew come Monday morning it was time.

A few hours ago she closed her eyes and passed.  I am relieved.  It was hard knowing she was going to have to wait until Monday while being powerless to relieve her suffering.

I am also glad it happened in the home.  I knew something was wrong because Buster became very sad and was just looking at me in a weird way.  I went to check on Keaton in the bedroom and she was gone.  Buster and I sat with her for a while.  I have Keaton wrapped in a sheet in another part of the house.  Buster is just sleeping.  The cremation process has already been arranged.  I will handle this in the morning.  To be cautious I have the AC at 65. 

Keaton was nearly 11 and led a good life.  I am glad I spent the money to make her last few weeks more like the good times when she was mischievous.  She is now at peace.  While I am sad, I am happy she is finally at peace.  It was a formality when this would happen.  We k new the medicine was to make her comfortable and not to  cure her.  I will always keep the glasses she scratched big time the other day when she stole them and dropped them in the pool.  She loved putting my glasses in the pool.

The first signs came about Tuesday last.  But I was not sure if it was the fatigue or the tumor - but the reality is she slept all day during the heat of the day - her sleep patterns were just reversed.   The signs were small.  There was nothing anyone could do - we were at maximum dosage on the medications.

On Friday after her blood work showed no side effects, the neurologist put her on the new medication to help her sleep.  I am happy she got two good nights of sleep.

You know - dogs sometimes just know it is time.  This morning I noted to a friend that it was weird how Buster was trying to cuddle with Keaton and rubbing her nose and caressing her face with her face.  I guess both Buster and Keaton knew - it was time.

Anyway - I am grateful Keaton is at peace.  Her remains will be placed next to Bogie's in my closet, along with her collar and some pictures.  Bogie' sister disappeared 6 months shy of 18 years old.  She was a rat terrier mix.  She was nearly blind and could barely walk - but boy she knew to go out and do her business and still knew how to play.  I keep her pictures with Bogie's.  If I outlive Buster her remains will go next to Keaton's and Bogie's.  In the end their remains will be cremated with mine and we shall all be buried at sea during a Navy ceremony.

Click here for Navy program

Because I do not believe in death, I am  certain Keaton is somewhere playing in field.  I believe the soul is eternal.  I know she is at peace and happy.  She was loyal and a joy.  She like her sister Buster made my life so much more fulfilling. 

Dogs are the best - but I tell people - unless you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on their healthcare - do not get a dog.  I had Keaton for like 2-3 days when I spent $1,800 for parvo.  She was 8 weeks old.

I guess in the end, I can say I am happy for Keaton - she is at peace and her soul is in a better place.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


"Inmate Lehmberg refused pat search. Inmate Lehmberg refused several directives to stop kicking the cell," an Isolation Cell Record said. "In an attempt to protect Inmate Lehmberg from harming herself, deputies placed Lehmberg in the Emergency Restraint Chair." Deputies kept her restrained for almost two hours while they obtained a search warrant to draw her blood. A separate test result also released Friday showed her blood alcohol level was .239, almost four times the legal limit. "

Source:  My San Antonio

People like to say Cameron County is the cesspool of Texas when it comes to the legal system.  They are wrong.  While Austin can mask itself in bars for drunks,  and lots of mobile food vans and street festivals the truth remains the truth.  Its school district is a disaster - no right minded person would enroll their child in Austin ISD.  Yes, their dropout rate is improving - but the problems persist.

Former Travis county district attorney Ronnie Earle, gave new meaning to corrupt.  He had very little use for the law.  The old Houston Post ran a series of articles wherein Earle asked Lloyd Williams' lawyer to have Williams sign an affidavit implicating Clayton Williams in drug related money laundering.  This is the cause behind the famous scene of Clayton Williams refusal to shake hands with Ann Richards.

"The Republican nominee for governor, upset that his opponent linked him with a Federal investigation into drug-money laundering, called her a liar to her face today and refused to shake hands"

Source: NYT

My inside knowledge of the events and the meeting Ronnie Earle had with William's lawyer, Van McFarland, comes from the fact I worked at McFarland and Associates at the time.

When a little misunderstanding over the misuse of $100,000 by Travis county to help Ann Richards beat Clayton Williams became known to Kay Baily Hutchison's husband Ronnie Earle forced Judge Onion to order a jury to acquit KBH.

Now remember KBH was indicted for actions taken as an elected official for Texas. On the day of trial the elected DA Ronnie Earle took the case away from the assigned DA, he announced ready and picked a jury - after the jury was seated Judge Onion ordered Ronnie Earle to call his first witness - Ronnie Earle refused to call any witnesses at which point Judge Onion ordered the jury to find KBH not guilty - he (Judge Onion) later stated that in his entire career he had never seen anything like it. The Quorum Report provided KBH husband documents which showed Earle's office had used some 100k to help Ann Richards in her campaign against Clayton Williams - KBH husband took these documents to Earle and as they say the rest is history.

I have in my home the documents which KBH husband faxed to my home. He was seeking my advice as to their meaning. I had previously contacted KBH over previous unethical conduct by Earle in the case against Lloyd Williams

The story was never investigated because as a woman KBH was an untouchable

Anyone can go to the archives of the Austin American Statesman and see the real story -

From the AP

"After the judge seated a jury, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle refused to open his case. The jurors were instructed to find Hutchison innocent and the panel acquitted her less than an hour after they were sworn in."

This is the real Austin - Austin is the seat of corruption in Texas.  It has nothing to do with Mexico.  It has to do with the arrogance which comes from living in Austin.  Austin will always be Austin - they can think they are better than everyone else, but the reality is - everything nice is a facade for an underbelly of stench and disease infected whores.