Monday, March 18, 2013

55 Ripple Creek Cir, Brownsville, TX 78521

I got up early this morning and worked for about 3 hours.  I then took care of some business at the Social Security Office for a friend and then went to the court house.  The Sarkis story is ready to go - but that is for tomorrow.  Hey Martin - just pay Montoya a couple of hundred dollars to take control of the narrative and print the story first.  It is coming out one way or the other.  Why not take control of the narrative.  On that note on the corner of 802 and 77 there are two signs. Rosales and Sarkis - where or where is Portillo? - that is  right she is not running because Sarkis is Tony Martinez's boy.

This morning on Morning Joe (MSNBC) they had a story about how exercise in the middle of the day will help the children learn better.  So rather than go back to work, I took an hour and half reading, tanning and swimming.  The water is just right - after 45 minutes of tanning I can assure you a cool swim of 10 laps really feels good.

I am now back to work for a few hours before Bingo.  When I am done with the landscaping of the pool area I will do a new picture.  This is from when the house was for sale.  I removed most of the plants  from around  the pool and replaced the wood chips with lava rock.  Next is some pavers.  The plants on the right are still there but now as tall as the house.  I may do some yellow tulipans in large Mexican pots.  I just do not want any root systems crawling towards the wall of the pool.

Back to work after a tuna sandwich.

 Brownsville - the best weather in the US

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Nice pool area!