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The same Kimberly Montoya attacked for working with Otis Powers on the SAVEBISD PAC called me and stated she works for Sarkis.  Is it not amazing how one day Montoya can destroy someone and then the next day after the check clears, be able to work with that same person.  She complained I had no right to write about her boss. She is completely unaware we live in the US where Freedom of Speech exists.  She actually stated that the the county records which show a Martin Sarkis filed for divorce against a Gloria Sarkis are falsified by the county.  She appeared to be making the same claims about the bankruptcy.  My phone number is not common to the world - to call me Sarkis has to have gotten it for her. 

I cannot wait to read Montoya's rendition of the phone call.

Sarkis is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can have a fool call me to silence free political speech.  This call from Kimberly was just plain stupid.  You know why Otis Powers chose Kimberly to head the SAVEBISD PAC - they needed another Mary Rey - a front.

In response to Kimberly's moronic call I am posting the docket sheet from the divorce proceedings and foreclosure.  I am also posting the marriage certificate.  Notice the names on the marriage certificate - Martin Manual Sarkis and Gloria Eneida Perez.  Compare these names to the docket sheets posted.  But accordiing to Kimberly these are all falsified documents filed with the county.

Click for Marriage License

Click for Court Documents

And again, maybe there is more than one Martin M Sarkis and Gloria E Sarkis in Cameron county.


I'm shocked, someone backed by Montoya based on payments has filed for bankruptcy - 2008 - now of course it  could be a completely different Martin and Gloria Sarkis.  Sarkis in incredibly unethical.  He made the decision to pay Montoya for lies about Rosales residence.  The county documents prove the entire story was a lie.  You see guys this is how con artists work - you make false claims against your opponent, as a distraction from your own failures.  This is how I knew if I investigated Sarkis I would find things not so shiny or nice.  It is called the pokers tell

See key bankruptcy documents, including initial dismissal because of Sarkis failure to comply with the rules and court orders.  Documents  Another Carlos Quintanilla.  2008 is not yesterday - this man has no idea how to live within his means or manage a budget

I can assure you this will not appear at Cheezmeh - that check has also now cleared.  Erasmos was encouraging David Belleperche to worship his page and make campaign posts.  Why did it take Erasmos so long to tell people Sarkis is his friend?  You do not vote based on friendship, you  vote based on qualifications.  Only a con artist could be friends with Martin Sarkis.

I am going to begin with a caveat.  The data in Cameron county computers is not 100% reliable. So I am reporting based on what I have found, but that does not mean other things do not exist which simply have never been uploaded.   The bankruptcy documents are  different.  I paid for those but that bill will be under $10, and a bankruptcy is important when deciding whether or not you want to trust someone to run your city.

I am providing two web links tied to his campaign. One is run on Facebook by his wife.

http://www.facebook.com/gloria.sarkis.5  (This makes Gloria a part of the campaign)

The second appears to be a more official Facebook page for the campaign.


I previously provided by readers insights to David Belleperche and Rosario Rosales, his opponents. More to come in the future on Debbie Portillo if she ever starts to campaign.

I am going to begin with a caveat which I will also end with.  The data in Cameron county computers is not 100% reliable.  So I am reporting based on what I have found, but that does not mean other things do not exist which simply have never been uploaded.

When you run the name Gloria Sarkis you get a long list of lawsuits against Martin Sarkis or Martin Sarkis aka Sarquis, divorce filed by Martin (later dropped) foreclosure (uncertain of final result), tax suits and on and on.  The docket sheet indicates the final result of the  foreclosure, but because I do not trust such entries I will not repeat it.  I did not look at the file.

Sometimes you can access current documents through the county computers on the second floor of the Administration building.  In the case of Martin Sarkis/Sarquis, all I was able to access is docket sheets, which are computer entries of document filings and judicial notes.  I could not see any actual documents.

To be honest I really do not have enough interest in this story to pay the clerk some $40 to pull all of the files and see what is in the filed documents.   I have no direct dog in this fight.  My interest is indirect in that the vote of all commissioners impact the entire city and not just their district.

My goal was to determine when Sarkis put in for a legal name change.  I could find no document or filing in Cameron county wherein Sarkis changed his name from Sarquis.

A long time ago on Ellis Island immigration officials would change the spelling on people's names for any number of reasons.  This no longer happens.  It is possible Sarkis changed his name while still living in Mexico.  I do not know.  Only Martin knows the answer to that question.

But there is no doubt based on lawsuits filed against him, people suing him had reason to believe he was still doing business under the name Sarquis after he moved to the US.  There is one condemnation suit under the name of Martin Sarquis, but without pulling the file I have no way of knowing if it is the same Martin Sarquis.

But based solely on the foreclosure proceedings and endless tax suits, is this man really who we want making major financial decisions which will impact Brownsville?


I formally informed the city secretary and Chris Davis of my concerns that Martin Sarkis legal name may in fact still be Martin Sarquis.  Now I can assure you, as Tony Martinez's boy, Mark Sossi will not be asking Martin Sarkis to produce a document showing wherein he legally changed his name.  Mark Sossi knows if he were to make such a demand he could find himself without a job.

As to Chris Davis, I am not sure he has any jurisdiction over the matter.   In this case the COB is really just a client and he must comply with the client's wishes. 

The Herald will report nothing about any of this.  Martin Sarkis is Tony's boy, that makes him off limits.  I can assure you in Dallas, the endless lawsuits and bankruptcy and possible name problems would be front page headlines. 

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BobbyWC said...

Using someone's obit which proves nothing is just low - real low and demonstrated desperation

FACT: Court Documents show is being sued as Martin Sarkis aka Sarquis - a spelling in an obit proves nothing and does not negate this fact

Just low - real low to use a dead person's obit

Bobby WC