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Think what the pic says - "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living." - the essence of politics

Of note Portillo took out a local ad during the show, but for her jewelry store and not her campaign - hey but it still got her name out there to all of the fans - a smart move I would say.  It helps the campaign, but paid for by the business.  I guess she is now officially a Tony Martinez walker as the dead are called on the show.

I have told my regular readers I watch the show for its social science implications.  The story lines are amazing and scripts top of the line.  The walkers/zombies are actually only a vehicle for the real story - the building of a new civilization.

This season had two primary groups -  Rick's group held up in a fortified prison (original group since season one) and a fortified town headed by a man known as the Governor.  He is a real bad guy.

The Governor has  declared war on Rick's group basically for no reason other than you are under the Governor's control or you die.  In the opening scene tonight a close friend of the Governor, but not a bad guy is being beaten for betraying the Governor and trying to bring peace between the two groups.  This docile man says to the Governor, "what would your daughter think of you if she could see you now?"  The Governor responded "she would fear me, but she would still be alive had I been this way when this whole  thing started." 

This is key to understanding politicians.  Apparently the Governor at one point was a good man - but his response to the walkers is - you either kill or be killed - including the living.  This is a telling statement, because it shows what the man has become because of how the new world changed his life and caused the death of his wife and daughter.

Rick who heads the other group has a son, Carl - maybe 12-13.  Early in this season he had to kill his mother as she was turning-  That was hard to watch.  She had just given birth to his sister.  By this point he had already killed several walkers or people about to turn.

Tonight Carl along with his baby sister and an older man are in the woods watching as his father and their group entrap the Governor as they attack the prison.  A 17-18 year old boy comes running their way with  a gun.  He was running from the slaughter at the prison.  The kid was clearly forced into the battle by the Governor against his will.  He was putting down his gun when Carl killed him in cold blood. 

His father Rick questions him later about the incident and Carl says "how many people have you not killed that you should have killed, including the Governor, who have killed people in our group?"  paraphrase.  He is basically repeating what the Governor said - the new world is kill or be killed. It was chilling.

There is a clear parallel between how Carl and the Governor have responded to how the events have impacted their lives.  Carl and the Governor find killing a lot easier than the other characters.  Rick his father is always trying to find balance.  Sometimes his decisions are good and sometime they are bad. 

We can imagine this is how Kingdoms were built - the one son who tried to lead with compassion in battle with the son who seeks to kill everyone he perceives as a challenger.  Is this not real life. Cain and Abel

Is this not real politics?

Is this not the politiquera system?

In Cameron county you either pay to play in the politiquera system or take your chances on losing?  The politiquera system is no different than the virus which causes the walkers.  The community is forced to respond to the virus.  You either buy into it or role the dice on losing the election.  Very few in this county are clean when it comes to mail ballots. 

Politics is what it is - you kill or be killed.  Sometimes we get lucky and get a politician who will not play and they actually win.  It is really up to us as voters to always vote against these machines which are working for their own survival and not the best interest of the community.

More on this and the Ozuna indictment in Monday's  regular post.


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