Saturday, March 23, 2013


Unless you have lived in the Southmost area or visited it on a Friday through Sunday night you have no way of knowing how alive it is. It starts on Friday night as the people light up the grills with mesquite. You will slowly begin to hear the music, and then the roasting of meats, peppers, and corn.

The weekends in Southmost are an endless party of cooking, and music.  Southmost is many old families of multiple generations which make for tight families.

If I could take the smell of the cooking and put it on the Internet along with the music and pictures of the cooking, people all over the US would be thinking - these people know how to enjoy life.  Why?  Because they do.

While we are enjoying some of the best weather in the country and our outdoor cooking, Chicago, NY, Washington, Philly and many more cities are waiting for the moment they can leave their homes again to enjoy the outside, and swim in their cold lakes or Atlantic.  I can tell you, the gulf in December is warmer than the North Atlantic off NY in August.

Oh, Keaton is doing better - the medicine is starting to work.  Other than to wake me to take her out at 3 am to do her business, she slept all night without a complaint. 

Tonight, while I am no longer technically in the Southmost area friends will come over for fajitas, rib eyes, roasted corn, jalapenos roasted  with feta cheese, grilled platano macho, and refried beans done in chorizo.  The music should be good and the pool just right.  A Makers Mark or three should make for a good night, unless someone brings Shiner Bock or Negra Modelo- then my choice will be beer.  

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Excellent choice of beer!